Yearly horoscope 2013 capricorn in hindi

Rahu transiting the 10 th house, you will gain through profession by hard work and may receive recognition or award of the same type or may become leader of the mass at work place this transit brings in your way prosperity and success in undertakings through new employment opportunities. Increased work load and less time to spend with the family can case problems in the family front if you are not able to balance the two areas resulting irritations, family disputes and unhappy atmosphere, ill health to spouse and family members are also the things to be expected leading to increased expenditure A kind of a lonely and trouble some period. This is not a good period for the health of the elderly relatives in the family or parents. Each of us is people with different personalities and with several positive features in it, as well as negative. Aquarius is recognized as the idealist of the Zodiac and this is due to the influence that its plane, Uranus, and its element, Air, have on it. The sign of Aquarius is one of the most interesting ones and, if you want to know their behavior, here you will be able to do so.
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Garrulous Mercury departs your cozy fourth house, and blasts into your fifth house of glam and romance until May 29. Though financially rewarding, you will find that the new income opportunities unfolded are physically demanding and tiresome with less opportunity to relax and enjoy the life. Increased expenditure anxiety and stress can result in quick anger leading to difficulties with friends or neighbors.

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