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The files can be easily modified and adapted to meet your specific requirements, then saved and used again at a later stage. All templates downloadable below are in US letter paper format (as used in the USA, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines and some South American countries). DISCLAIMER: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data on this site, the owner cannot accept responsibility for any mistakes which may occur. The coming year is likely to be a very tough year, demanding blood toil, tears and sweat from your sign.
Financial problems that you are facing could be reduced as you are able to figure out ways of getting the required funds together.
The month of January is likely to be a tough one where there will be an increase in the anger and you will become more temperamental.
The month of February almost continues on the same note and you will go from one office to the other, one place to another to get your work rolling. The month of March is likely to find you a bit more resigned to whatever is happening around you.
The month of May could be full of trials and tribulations for you as issues on almost all fronts are likely to crop up and test your patience. The month of June comes as a breather for you where you are relaxed and relieved as things start to fall in place, bit by bit. The month of July also is an average month, but considering what you have gone through, an average month is definitely better than a bad one. There will be a lot of respite flowing in the month of November as you find yourself rid of old debts. The coming year will present you with opportunity for exploring and even starting up a side business or an avenue other than your mainstream profession. There could be more than one push at the same or in different directions and the latter one is likely to succeed.
There is some familial responsibility that you have been shouldering with courage, single-handedly over the last year.
Individuals who are single and wish to get married will have favourable time ahead of July 2009.
You could be planning to give your dreams a concrete shape in the month of July by starting a new venture. The month of august sees an expansion in your work but there will be depletion in your savings. Work is stable in the month of December but you will find that rivals are growing stronger and are trying to connive against you. Get more information about Indian astrology, free astrology, vedic horoscope, astrologer on that post.
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Above i have explained review about cancer yearly horoscope 2014 according to indian astrology will help you to find the best price. Copyright © 2015 World Economic News, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Jupiter will be in retrograde motion from beginning of 2014 to March 6, 2014 and again from December 8, 2014 till year end.
The first half of the year could be very frustrating time that tests your patience and questions the very idea and essence of your being.
In many cases, you could be looking for a suitable opportunity, where things progress and hope shows for a bit and yet the opportunity seems to slip out of hand.
There is fear of not being able to keep up your commitments, of letting down loved ones, fear of loss of face. Do not trust people easily, especially if the financial returns they are promising are too good to be true. You should absolutely avoid dabbling in stocks till Saturn rolls over into the sign of Scorpio (this prediction for individuals actually takes in account a lot of personal horoscope details). With adverse transits of two major heavyweights, the Pisces may find it extremely hard to keep a grip over the events of life and subsequently one’s emotions. Make sure that you continue sharing ideas, information and feelings with your significant other to avoid this. The first half of the year, (typically till Jupiter is in Gemini) is quite favourable, where professional advancement is concerned.
There is also the likelihood of being applauded on a public forum or receiving an award, public acknowledgement and fame. Things may change somewhat towards mid-year when bickering and arguments on trivial matters vitiate the domestic environment.
The Aquarius individual may be in a state of discomfort, primarily due to high levels of engagement with negative thoughts. It transits 4th to your natal moon in the sign of Cancer from June 18, 2014 till the year end. The year 2014 appears to be a time of mixed results for your sign where relatively better events and outcomes are concentrated in the first half of the year.
It's likely to be a very average year as far as the professional life of Aries is concerned.
All calendars are blank, printable, editable, macro-free and may be used free of charge for non-commercial use, provided that the Calendarpedia logo, the copyright notice and the disclaimer ("Data provided 'as is' without warranty") are not removed. For templates in A4 paper format (the international standard paper size used in all other parts of the world) please see Calendarpedia's UK edition.
Data is provided 'as is' without warranty and is subject to error and change without notice. Jupiter transits through Capricorn - 6th to your sign and Saturn transits through Leo, which is your own sign.

If you want to purchase land or an asset by rendering payment in installments, it will be possible in near future.
You should try to postpone any plans that have been made for February and October as there are chances of discomfort and losses in this time through travel.
It is not as if you give up, but the anger begins to subside and you try and analyze things a bit more closely. Luck will favour you and there will be some new contract won, or a breakthrough, or support from the superiors for those employed in services.
There will be improvement in health and if you have been suffering from an ailment for long.
Jupiter transits through Capricorn - 7th to your sign and Saturn transits through Leo, 2nd to your sign. There is the blessing of Jupiter that endows you with increased physical attraction and pleasing personality also. You will need to be cautious and make sure that you do not over spend or invest beyond your means into this work. There will be stress in interpersonal relations and marriage may not be doing all that fine. There could be a change in the place of your work; you could be transferred or you could be thinking of changing the profession altogether. You could be meeting up with very influential people who also assist in taking your work to the next level. It’s a transition year that indicates movements into new opportunities and new life events, provided you must have made peace with the past and laid it to rest. Students may find themselves struggling in academics for most part of the year but will find some relief and hope as the year comes to a close.
You must give your best so that favourable time period can offer you the best possible outcomes.
You may end up lending money to someone in distress or may have to borrow to meet a sudden expenditure.
You will need to watch what you say as harshness of speech is likely to create damage to your interpersonal equations. This could be a time where eye related trouble, skin issues and respiratory ailments flair up. Things may become quite challenging towards November as Saturn starts moving 8th to your natal moon.
You will be under stress from almost every aspect and it may appear to you that nothing is going right - from professional misunderstandings, monetary losses, ill-health etc.
There could also be ailments stemming from imbalance of wind, low blood pressure and pain in the knees.
If you are starting a new innovation in you existing business, you can expect help to come by in the form of land grants, waivers, technical aid etc. Those individuals who are eligible and willing could tie the knot and the suitable time for this is from the month of May to July and then later in the month of September. There will be a disruption of routine, where you are not able to pay attention to your diet or sleep. There could be some notions that are essentially baseless yet they hold a sway over you and possess your mind. There will be increase in your self confidence and morale is also boosted considering the positive movement that registers. There will be excessive expenditure and if you have children, they could be doing quite a bit of spending too. There could be gain of money from different angles and you could be interested in starting a new venture. You will be able to tide over the social responsibilities but the financial situation will require more work. Reason for cheer is that you also feel physically fit and healthy - enough to take on challenges. There will be increased expenses but that is a very small price to pay for the reputation you earn.
But in this post i will explain Aries yearly horoscope 2014 according to indian astrology, indian astrology 2014, vedic astrology 2014, hindu astrology 2014, free astrology 2014, astrology 2014 more clearly than another blog.
There could be loss of job, struggle with unemployment, humiliation at the place of work or being brought to book for some reason or the other. There may be acute shortage of funds or fear of financial distress that leads to a lot of anxiety during this time. If you handle accounts or sensitive documentation, you will need to keep your complete attention in your work. There may be a property dispute or a property related deal that hangs like a sword over your neck. Stomach ulcers, digestion issues, and metabolic disorders are likely to affect your health. What you must remember though is that rewards will be in keeping with the efforts and the quality of the effort you put in.
Your advice and opinion is valued and you may even be invited to be a part of prestigious academic bodies or renowned forums. You may experience that the stress arises not so much out of the tasks assigned but more due to the interpersonal equations and dynamics throwing you in newer situations. This is also a time to be careful about legal matters and litigation, especially the ones that concern property. You could also be anxious about certain symptoms that remain without any proper ailment being diagnosed.
Contemplate your actions and decisions well as they will have significant ramifications for you in the next couple of years. The first half of the year is poised favourably and you should try to make the best in this phase and wrap up pending works in this period.

Also, if you have had a health issue previously it may resurface, so maintain a healthy life style and go for regular checkups.
If you find a mistake, or come across a problem of any kind (no matter how small), please do let us know.
Please contact us for commercial use of our calendars, suggestions and ideas for improvement, mistakes found in the calendars and any other concerns. There is also a possibility of skin inflammation and stomach ailments but they will be cured soon.
Students will have a tough time trying to concentrate in studies between January to May this year. There will be addition to the family or there will be quite a few guests to be entertained. Even though you find yourself in a bit of a spot financially, if you manage things wisely, you will be able to tide through. There will be visible enthusiasm and verve returning to you and you will find yourself brimming with confidence. You will be suitably rewarded for your hard work, with regard to a certain special project.
The domestic environment is likely to be highly unsettled, either due to the interference of a third individual, possibly a dominating member of the extended family or due to a number of insecurities. The Pisces individual is quite susceptible to depression and mental health aberrations and therefore needs to take adequate care on that count too. While there is development professionally, there may be residual grief, resentment, bitterness that continues from the past and that does not allow you to truly enjoy the current phase. It is quite likely that you, by yourself may be looking at enrolling for higher education or acquiring more relevant skills to your field of work. Personal challenges come to the fore and you may find yourself at the receiving end of scrutiny and criticism. There is a romance in the air definitely and you may feel the desire of having someone special in your life rather strongly.
You will have to muster up patience, balance and evenness of temperament to deal with this transit effectively. Aggression and irritability will need to be controlled if you want longevity of a relationship.
Get organized and plan ahead with these colorful, flexible multi-year calendars and planners! However, if you are looking at starting a new venture itself, there will be obstacles and its success is suspect. There will be help from the spiritual mentors and this gives you a lot of courage to go on. You could also have persistent headaches and problems in the facial region are also not ruled out. You need to keep building up on your spiritual reservoir and you will see yourself tide over any troubles.
You could be travelling within the city of residence much more than usual and this will affect your health. Make sure that you maintain healthy food habits or else some latent stomach ailment could surface causing you much trouble. You could be undertaking a pilgrimage and your interest in spirituality is likely to go up significantly. In case of discord or disagreement with a dear one, do not let your anger spill over to the other areas. The phase till June could be marked by extraordinary coldness in equation, almost seeming more like separateness, rather than togetherness. The first half will have pleasant experiences and events but you must stop being sceptical about everything and not chastise yourself for having a good time. The last two months of the year of the month could bring in additional delays in professional plans. Avoid giving larger proportions to trivial matters and accord importance to sleep and adequate rest. However, that food routine and availability of nutritious food is often obstructed in this phase.
You will have to do a lot of running around to get even the simplest of tasks accomplished. Do take this period simply as a lesson in life with an understanding that 'this too shall pass'. The good part is that your rivals will be defeated and your confidence will get a much required boost.
There is also the likelihood of some money coming in and easing your worries to a certain extent. A lot more relief flows in during the month of November when Saturn rolls over into the sign of Scorpio. Whatever the nature of events, isolating and withdrawing into your shell will not offer solution.
Issues with siblings arise but remember to give only as much attention and importance as is necessary. Take care to cash in on favourable time and not remain caught up in the hangover of setbacks and what has already passed by.
It may seem like a lonely period but that is the exact perfect time when you commune with God.

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