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The life of an 18 year old is so drama filled and complexly effortless now that everyone has a cell phone. Statistics claim that more people are not getting married for fear of divorce and further state that 50% of marriages end in divorce. According to a recent article on CNN, the head of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, Randall Coleman said that the bureau has seen a 53% increase in economic espionage cases. In the article, Bill Evanina, head of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, said, “Economic security is national security.” There is growing evidence of threats from several different nations, which is part of the concern from the government agencies. So many people are willing to donate – or sell – their old phones when the newest version arrives on their doorstep. The cellphone expert here at International Investigators knows that all he has to do is run a little sim card forensics and he can collect all sorts of data from that donated phone. That’s why when we read an article about a group of armed robbers on the rampage in the Cleveland area and saw how cell phone forensics were used to catch them we were not surprised.
Many times, our clients are flabbergasted after we conduct a very confidential TSCM sweep of their offices. It’s not uncommon for IT departments to be asked to monitor employee’s habits in surfing the Internet.
Most people think of International Investigators and our cell phone forensic lab as the gatherers of evidence and facts to prove crime or wrong doing.

The search and rescue efforts were spread out over a wide area covering miles and miles of mountains and valleys not easily accessible – and were turning up nothing. While bullying and harassing classmates has been a long-time problem, today’s technology is not only bringing situations into the light of day, but providing evidence that is admissible in court. That means that one out of every two people will find themselves in divorce court or one of two people will know someone that has gone through a divorce or going through a divorce. This is a situation where individuals who are familiar with the inner workings of a company or products are recruited by outside organizations. And it’s not just a jumble of code, no, it’s phone numbers, names, messages and personal information.
We have included cellular location evidence in our findings and used cellular tower triangulation, too. When TSCM services are combined with digital forensics, the findings catch them by surprise. Today with so much of the business world transacting business through the Internet, monitoring has been reduced to applying restrictions and developing Internet use policies. In fact, if you spend time in the UK or other European countries you will see them everywhere. Authorities routinely use CC TV recordings to identify robbers and submit images to the public for help in apprehending the perpetrators.

Yes, we do that, but we want to be certain that every person who loves anyone also realizes what else can be done with a cell phone and cell phone forensics.
Two adults and four children were missing for four days in rugged terrain and frigid temperatures. As professionals, all of us here at International Investigators know that the cell phone has become one of the most productive tools in the investigator’s toolbox. And that could be enough to bring your business, your marriage or your financial life down for good.
Of course, cell phone spying is a continuing issue and we do a lot of cell phone hack detection and removal of the mobile spy. We realize that makes some people feel uneasy, but there are two sides to surveillance equipment. Foul play is always on the table in these situations and parents, friends and siblings play out all the awful scenarios in their minds. Just prior to that incident, on a cold Valentine’s Day, he was lured out onto an icy lake and fell through.

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