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GEMINI WITH CANCER ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYIf a big party has two crowds on opposite ends of the room and one is rapt while the other crowd is laughing it’s heads off, be sure the first one is being engaged by a Cancer crab and the other is being entertained by the more in your face Gemini! GEMINI WITH CAPRICORN ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThis is another relationship pattern where the normal or the pre-planned rarely ever works.
GEMINI WITH LIBRA ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYIt is really a marvel of nature watching two air signs pitch their wits against each other! GEMINI WITH SCORPIO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThis air-water mingling is governed by karmic zodiac pattern! GEMINI WITH TAURUS ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYIn this relationship, mutual understanding and a faint echo of soul memory are the order of the day! GEMINI WITH VIRGO ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYThese are two zodiac signs that are ruled by Mercury! TAURUS WITH LIBRA ZODIAC COMPATIBILITYIn the beginning Taurus is just as enchanted with Libra as any other zodiac of the wheel! Gemini is ahead of Taurus on the zodiac wheel and that means the Gemini soul has successfully completed all the challenges and learnt all the lessons that the house of Taurus has to offer! Libra is after all beautiful, mellow with a soft buttery whipped cream voice that is reminiscent of the tolling bells atop an atoll. The extraordinary Aquarius finds a mentally stimulating partner in the mercury ruled Gemini! This also means that the twins vaguely remember how uneasy the bull gets in any situation that demands an instant decision.
An Aquarius and a Taurus may read like the book of opposites.The water bearer can juggle peeking into the future, the pressing urgencies of today with the nostalgic reminiscences of yesterday to create this brilliant picture of destiny from which they alone can read and decipher! They also need to know they are being recognized for all the worthy qualities that they possess and the good they are doing to a particular venture. And in the beginning the fact that the twins frequently change their mind may seem like the open mindedness for which the water bearers are famous! Just a little bit clumsier!An archer is unflinchingly, unfailingly, uncompromisingly truthful. This is an opposed pattern and hence there are always difficulties in communication and the association isn’t always compatible.
On the other hand the bull though in no way less intelligent is more of a logical, tangible being.
These two zodiacs are that similar!They are indeed two of the most compatible sun signs from the whole medley!
The Libra is independent and knowledgeable and the Taurus finds it easy to wax eloquent with the Libra.
Sometimes it borders on the irreverent and the foolhardy!Add to that the influence of the bundle of energy and the larger than life personality that is the gas ball Jupiter and you can start to appreciate the challenges of a Taurus-Sagittarius association. Hence it follows that if of the same sex they might try to trample and sting each other to death.
This is because both halves of the equation tend to look things over with a magnifying glass, collect data, extrapolate and then deliberate before coming to a decision.
Aries forcefulness enchants the Gemini and the adroit wit and dazzling, intellect of the twins….steals the infant Arian heart! It has set ways and a very methodical lifestyle where there is no place for frivolity and indecision.
Because of their zodiac pattern they can sympathize with each other setting aside differences that may occasionally crop up.

Apparently the fish is an elusive creature slipping and sliding through the nooks and crannies of life and the twins are an eternal question mark hiding behind dreams, fancies and half-truths, so they must have something in common!
They are big bouncy balls of Jupiter energy and at the same time they can be quite the idealist shooting for the stars and scaling mountains of hope, joy and anticipation. This can make Gemini quite sympathetic which is otherwise a trait the twins do not have time for! They have too many problems in the present realm to bother with the vagueness of tomorrow and the passiveness of yesterday!
Its needs cloud the horizon of its perception and as soon as it wants something, it cries for mommy!Taurus is a little disdainful sometimes of all the shouting and bawling!
They can cook for each other, discuss finances in the driest terms and then call their mothers up for advice! One facet they show to the world and the other is who they truly are.The Taurus is quite guileless and hates hypocritical behavior or artifice!
But if they are of the opposite sex, the physical Taurus bull and the sexual Scorpio can have a passionate, quite thrilling union.But as soon as they step out of bed…the bickering or the dish throwing will continue. They are cautious and gentle people who enjoy solitude.A Taurus can sit for hours enjoying the mysteries of the Universe and the beauty of nature without uttering a single word. But here the traits that the bull and the virgin both share are passivity (they do not want to take the limelight all the time), caution and deliberation (courtesy the negative nature of their zodiac) and responsibility (owing to the fact that they are both Earth signs).However the Virgin can be quite obsessive at times. Even though the lion roars loud and projects an aura of self-assurance, it is not a cardinal sign like the ephemeral Virgo!
One must keep in mind that the evasive tactics of the Piscean “old soul” is an attempt to get away from scrutiny of any kind lest they make a mistake, forget a painfully learnt lesson and get stuck in the rut of multiple fish incarnations when salvation is so close at hand! Gemini might feel that Virgo is a fusty old fashioned prude and to the ever perfect Virgo, the twins are chaotic little children who just do not want to learn.
The eccentric Aquarius smoking pot and lolling about the community park working equations in its head is a rare sight for the bull. And on top of that a got has a dry droll sense of humor which allows them to be funny without losing their dignity! Just when the bull thinks it is falling in love they decide to go see a movie and that is when the trouble starts- will it be a ghost or a sci-fi? About their health, about the shower curtain and about the political inclinations of the party senator! To an infant, who thinks in terms of sight, smell and taste without any of the higher cognitive functions developing, the Gemini soul is like a Pandora’s box of sensations! Gemini head on!They also love photography and are frequently amateur or professional photographers!
Especially when you are on your way to the top!Destiny and prescience are words foreign to a Capricorn. They are two after all, ever changing, ever melding into each other to come up with some hitherto unseen facet of personality!How can something that awesome be disturbed or challenged by a passive scale??
Thus Pisces may love to lose itself in the magical gardens of mercurial fantasy that Gemini conjures up!
Genres matters you see.Will the gallery do or will they go common and have the normal seats? So when the clumsy Sag turns up with a stubbed toe, Taurus will be more than happy to soothe it, care for it and then plan on keeping it! A Taurus for the life of it can’t understand why someone apparently as sensible as the virgin can crib on and on about something.

They can spend the night exploring each other and the world is literally their oyster.This compatible relationship matures with time and can even make the Gemini twins mend their somewhat promiscuous ways! This will be a pleasant interlude for the laid back and passive (but karmically harassed) Pisces!Thus the onus to prolong the association should be taken up by the fish!
But where the Gemini intellect is used for pure pleasure and grabbing the limelight (remember they are the symbolic child and a child will seek attention!), Virgo brains are used for self and societal improvement.Virgo is the ideal partner, if you can overlook the cribbing and the earthy influence can teach the Gemini soul the important lesson of deliberation which it has to learn as a Cancer in its next life!
They are actually two people constantly playing tug of war with each other to possess and manifest in one physical body!
They will hardly ever cheat on one another and will gladly give in to the ridiculous demands of “no looking!”  A very compatible relationship that can thrive on mutual understanding and harmony! These two can empathize with each other and be a support system to reach the pinnacle of success.
So Gemini+Gemini= Four very bright, quick witted souls who see and do things quite differently!
In this case water (Cancer) and earth (Taurus) make mud all right….but the kind that can grow lotuses! This is why they are reluctant to be entrenched in a rut and seek constant movement and growth. Since they are the oldest of souls they are constantly struggling to maintain a balance between the spiritual (that so interests and intrigues them) and the material (which they just can’t seem to avoid!). On top of that a Libran is born with a strong sense of balance and if you have ever heard of chemistry you know that equilibrium is the basic tenet of creation! And in their company the normally easy going bull may learn to gird its loins and put that earthy determination and elephantine memory to scholastic use.
They are also sympathetic of why a Taurus can’t just throw caution to the finds and embrace life with wild abandon.
A bull is happy with it!But then comes the dreaminess and the penchant for causes and change. The Gemini twins on the other hand use their energy for one thing- limelight and self-gratification.
And the childishness of Gemini which is not tempered with the absolute pure innocence of an Aries, doesn’t sit well with a Scorpio either! Remember Griffin in MIB 3- He was a Libra all right, seeing multiple possible scenarios together.
It can teach the slippery little things commitment, toughen them up and give them the much needed boost of the practical and the tangible in their lives.Thus with a bull in tow, the fish can actually attain material success which it has slim chances of doing with another dreamy sign like say the Aquarius!
But if the relationship prospers, it can benefit both parties equally!The twins will do good to slow down and learn from the Scorpion how to commit to something with total dedication instead of doing everything half-way! It has a healthy respect for the balance of things and order in life and can’t abide by useless campaigns and lofty proclamations that are all floating in the air!
No matter how fragmented and impossible the haywire relationship seems, to the Gemini couple juggling four people (two for each twin) is definitely not a Herculean task and leads to a fun filled compatible interlude. But Gemini may be the winning party in this bargain- picking up the Saturn’s strength, patience and poise to become unbeatable!

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