Zodiac lucky lottery numbers

A Leo, Sandra certainly has the lion’s heart and the loving motherly nurturer vibe down pat. He's a Life Path 7 which doesn't take advice well from others, prefering to do things their way or the highway. His best form of expression is through the arts because he's got an unbalanced verbal self-expression number.
ContactLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. With double whammy 6’s on her chart, she carries the “nesting” energy as the 6 can see the bigger picture and therefore brings comfort through seeing the entire spectrum of possiblities (think of the 6 as the Mother Teresa of numbers).

The good news is that she also has all three of the physical plane numbers to help create a solid footing and act as a grounding rod for all that excess creative, yet perfectionistic energy on the mind plane.
No surprise that she skipped the whole traditional family thing and adopted a child on her own. His emotions, thoughts and personality flow best through music or many other expressive artforms. As an accomplished performer, there's no doubt his career path would lead to fame and fortune. He's also missing all three of the soul plane numbers, which forms the Arrow of Hypersensivity that so many of the great performers possess.

Harry is actually under extremely high change energy right now, leading to a shift in career upcoming somewhere in his early to mid-fifties.
She’s married to her work but 8’s are also known to be work-a-holics with frequent relationships troubles from the desire to fiercely guard their independence.

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