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Taurus symbol of the bull Sun Sign Zodiac in Astrology is wood burned into the oak rune – disk for everlasting beauty, and in accordance with true tribal tradition. Includes 34" leather strap that is loose, allowing you to tie to a length that is comfortable. Finished with linseed oil, an oil used for over four thousand years due to its protective yet natural properties. In essence “going tribal” is in its own right a level of spiritual and social exploration, and humankind attempt to go back to more natural methods of existence.
No return or refund on personalized or custom items Please contact us before returning any item. Each necklace is hand made in the USA and attached to a card (in a sealed polypropylene bag) that contains unique and fun information about each zodiac sign. Micha Design jewelry can be found in boutiques all over the states as well as at large retail chains such as Nordstrom’s, Free People and Bloomingdale trunk shows.

Final product will vary from picture as each piece is individual and no two are exactly alike.
Our tribal necklaces are created in the time honored fashion of the ancient tribes, by wood burning the symbol into a natural piece of wood and strung with real suede leather. Notably tribal goods and patterns have appeared throughout recent societies, a sort of resurgence of a primitive cultures drive and connection to ancient times. They may be unconventional at times but balance that with their excitement and ability to go out of their way to help others.
The wood disks are cut from natural branches, to embody the symbols our subcultures have come to know as tribal. It is the application of simple symbols that represent: instinct, drive, and motivations that prompts one to use the symbols of tribal motifs. The Pendant, the Main Master Piece, is beautifully crafted from Silver Tone Metal with Ram pictured on the front, its graphic version on the back, and sign names and symbols engraving on the side of the Pendant.

In the honor of the great tribes of human existence, which include Viking, Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian, Gaul’s, Celts, Tartars, etc., we create our natural Tribal Necklaces. Tribal, which will be probably argued by sociologists that say the world is still flat, is a culture to its own. The tribal subculture parallels other social movements like gothic, beatnik, and anarchy in a similar attempt to be seen as part of the team. All twelve Zodiac Sign Necklaces of this design are available on our website.LIBRA is balance, harmony, and love of beauty seeking self-completion.

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