Zodiac sign capricorn images

Description: Goat Fish Capricorn Symbol tattoo artwork in black and white depicting a fantasy sea creature with long goat's head ram horns, front legs, fury body and mermaid fish tail in feminine curvy lines or women. Keyword: Capricorn, black and white, fantasy, animal, goat, fish, mermaid, tattoo, drawing, stencil, printable, template, Zodiac, sign, idea, for women, feminine, design, astrology, Horoscope, symbol, large, art, for full body, upper back, breast, side, leg, thigh, sketch, half, sea, creature, birth month, December, January, fairy, furry, girly, fairytale, magical, tranformation, long horns, mountain, goat, beast, large, fins, tail, swimming, under, water.

Feeling very harmonious, high in spirit, uplifting, rising energy and transcending in the sky. We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright.

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