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ARIES (March 21-April 19): Don't limit what you can do because you are afraid to make a move. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Don't take chances if they might create a negative influence on your personal or professional status. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Making a personal change that will boost your morale or bring you greater confidence will brighten your day. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Stick close to home and avoid interaction with anyone who may put a hold on your plans. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Give yourself more time to rethink your strategy before you share it with others.
ARIES (March 21-April 19): Focus on the people you love most and help them overcome any obstacles they face. Scorpio is a fixed water or icy sign, the eighth sign of the zodiac and is rising at your birth. As the old saying goes "still waters run deep" and you could be likened to having the power to wear rocks away, or at least reshape them, given enough time. You need approval and the emotional part of your nature is the most significant area of your life, even though you don't often verbalise it. Your home is indeed your castle and you like it tidy, orderly and a place to which you can retreat. Tenacity is one of your strengths and when you decide to do something, it takes a lot to talk you out of the project (even if someone has the gall to try). You are sensual by nature and with your alluring magnetism draw people to you from all walks of life, whether it is social or professional. You are well aware of your power and can manipulate anyone who comes within your orb, and you love it. You can be single minded and this may be mistaken as being insensitive to the needs of others. Determination is yet another of your keywords, but you are quite prepared to share your successes with the people you take care of whether family or friends.
You have a ruthless streak in your character and won't give in until the job is done and the enemy totally vanquished, even if you have to patiently wait until the appropriate time to seek revenge. You are not afraid of the dark, even though you aspire to the light and all pleasure becomes part of your domain and your sensual appetites need to be fulfilled. It is interesting that a Scorpio can be equally as successful as a saint or a sinner and will stop at nothing to achieve their aims, whichever way they decide to go.
Scorpio has three totems that describe its nature - the scorpion, the lizard and the phoenix. Your appearance will be well proportioned, a strong body, muscular with a broad face and a majestic commanding look. If you were born in the period between October 24th and November the 1st you fall over the area of the zodiac that is jointly ruled by both Libra and Scorpio.
These star signs are ruled by Venus and Mars and Pluto, which gives you the traits of both signs of Libra and Scorpio.
The intensity of Scorpio is somewhat balanced by the sign of Libra and makes you even more attractive and pleasing to others, especially the opposite sex. You love excitement and the pleasure seeking aspect of your nature combined with the social skills of Libra make you a social butterfly that can attract loads of friends, both in your social life and your professional arena as well.
The best and worst traits of both star signs will be exhibited by you and you have a great deal of determination, powerful self - control and excellent psychic and intuitive abilities as well. You have extraordinary intelligence and insight into human nature but your sharp tongue and straight forward opinions make you sometimes feared by others as you don't mince words when you offer your critique on other personal or social and political issues.
Some people feel that you have an extraordinarily big ego, and you probably agree, but this doesn't worry you in the least. If you happen to be born between the 15th and the 22nd of November, you will partake of both traits of Scorpio and those of Sagittarius. Your intense Scorpio traits are finely balanced by the easygoing, magnanimous spirit of Sagittarius. You are an emotionally deep person and, coupled with the Sagittarian honesty and generosity you are the type of person that people trust easily and will open their hearts to. Born between the 24th October and 2nd November you are an intensely sensual character but you do have noble aspirations. Being born between the 3rd and 11th November makes you more idealistic and spiritual by nature. If you were born between the 12th and 22nd November you are one of the more sensitive types of Scorpio as you have strong lunar vibrations. The Scorpio man appears to be an enigma, not just to the world at large, but also to himself!
From birth, Scorpio men have evolved instinctive responses, preferring to rely on their gut rather than worldly logic.
If you are a Scorpion male, you can be self-absorbed and have an obstinate ideology that you create and abide by.
While you remain an enigma for most, it is this mysteriousness that attracts others to you.
Scorpio, you have the ability to shine and succeed, but I'd like you to remember that professional triumph may not guarantee true happiness. Sexual expression forms the core of your personality and you have an insatiable yearning for passion, affection and attention.
Though you may appear reticent, the intensity and articulateness of your thoughts and ideas often leaves others flummoxed. You're a phenomenal storyteller, which stems from your intrinsic desire to make an indelible impact on people around you. Your over-possessiveness towards loved ones can often sour a relationship, especially if your partner doesn't reciprocate with the same intensity.
Often you may find yourself torn between the philosophical and sexual aspects of your personality, seeking expression through both.
Scorpio men have supremely agile minds and commit to memory even the most insignificant details, much to other people's surprise. You like to be excessive in countless ways and display an obvious gluttony, as well as an immoderate craving for sex.
The air of mystery you exude can be a magnetising force, though not for those who prefer uncomplicated and simple personalities. Scorpio women are the seductresses of the zodiac because they perpetually feel that the world fancies them. You respect other people's privacy and closely guard the secrets that loved ones confide in you. You also like to exhibit masculine qualities to prove that you're as powerful and threatening as a man.
With a remarkably precise psychic ability and a well-honed sixth sense, Scorpio women don't need to do in-depth research to understand a person or situation better. The Scorpio child is an old soul in a young body and one look into their eyes will tell you exactly that. Scorpio children love to be around adults, a part of the social and family environment that they are so much a part of. They have dreams of climbing mountains, being a great explorer and going where no man has been before and see no reason why they can't do it either.
The young Scorpio girl will be happy cooking, trying out new things to eat and be at Mum's elbow in the kitchen. The Scorpio child makes an excellent friend, is loyal and focused but does need to be the centre of attention in their peer group.

They are quick and intuitive learners and should be encouraged in subjects that naturally interest them; otherwise they will become bored and just work out the easiest way from A to B as it is not worth their effort to do anything else. Throughout their teen years it may be difficult to keep them on the straight and narrow as they have a natural predisposition to the darker aspects of life, including drugs, alcohol and other nefarious activities. A child born under the sign of Scorpio can be secretive, but must be respected for needing time alone and having their own space.
Scorpio happens to be the eternal lover of the zodiac, and this holds true for both men and women. Scorpios are charming and flirtatious in a very suave way, and when it comes to commitment, their devotedness is hard to beat.
Other water signs like Pisces and Cancer exhibit similar moodiness and can cope with your emotional shifts. Scorpios make great friends and usually enjoy a multitude of acquaintances that stimulate their intellectual and emotional inter- ests.
Superficial or lukewarm associations do not fascinate you as your soul beats for richer, deeper relationships.
Because you're a high achiever, Scorpio, you like to engage with people of similar calibre and self-worth.
The best way to foster a friendship with Scorpio is to engage them in outdoor activities, competitive sports or intrigue them with novel topics of interest.
Scorpios are extraordinarily loyal and dedicated as friends, but only if their care and commitment is reciprocated. Scorpios are exceptionally adept at portraying a composed exte- rior, even if they're erupting with fury within. And today is my twenty-sixth birthday, which makes me a Sagittarius (the hands-down best astrological sign to be).
People learn to fear what they don’t understand, and your cool aloofness may send some people running in the opposite direction. You have received some pretty bad press Scorpio and are probably the most misunderstood sign. Although you demand a lot of others you are no less demanding on yourself and when you give your heart to someone, and they in turn give theirs to you, you are the most loyal person.
The home is jealously guarded as this is your territory and reflects your personality, likes and dislikes.
You give it your all and will push the boundaries as far as needs be to achieve what you want, whether in business or personal life. You have a powerful and magnetic aura and cannot walk into a crowded room without being noticed, even before you say or do anything. However it is only because you want to be the best at what you do and there are no half-measures with a Scorpio, be it friendship, love, family life or profession.
Any obstacle or challenge that comes your way, whether naturally occurring or placed there by competitors, will only serve to make you prove you cannot be stopped once you have made your mind up. The scorpion is the most vengeful and dangerous aspect of your nature and if you're operating on that level you'll constantly seek to hurt others with your power. As already mentioned your eyes are your strong point and as the enigmatic planet Pluto rules a Scorpio, you're also fiery and aggressive.
You have great people skills and a need to help others through your intuitive understanding. However, the social and superficial attributes of Libra are counteracted by the serious and philosophical characteristics of Scorpio. You have a charismatic personality and you expect to make some enemies on the way and aren't bothered as the huge number of friends you have as allies outdo the number of antagonists in the background. You're a strong lover of family and support the people you love, even sacrificing anything and everything to maintain their security. Some astrologists may disagree with these dates but in actual fact you'll find that there are in practice, characteristic traits of both signs to a greater or lesser degree that you will possess. Those of you born under this period of the zodiac are ruled by Mars, Pluto and Jupiter which is the ruler of Sagittarius. You have a brilliant sense of timing and can meet the right people at the right time who will help you get to where you're going. Even return will always be there to help others and are even considered somewhat of a teacher of sorts. Pleasure will be a focal point for you and in your earlier life you may spend a lot of time exploring the sexual part of your personality. You have a strong leaning towards understanding the meaning of life and delving deeply into the true nature of your being. Your challenge will be to bring your emotions under control and not be swayed by the events of life.
The power inherent in this star sign is tricky to fathom, and Scorpions reading this will probably under- stand what I'm talking about better than anyone else. They may take a sudden dislike to someone for no apparent reason, and no matter how hard you try, changing their opinion is not easy.
You can be uncompromising in your expectations, both of yourself and others, and you're forever trying to top the impractically high standards you set for yourself. Regardless of whether people grasp the real you, they burn with a desire to get up close and personal with you. Anyone seeking a romantic engagement with you must come to terms with your complex motivations. Nonetheless, you remain the undisputed people- charmer, forever enthralling people with the world you create and the words you use to paint it.
You are unable to share your loved ones and often blur the line between loyalty and control. On the one hand you fancy sexual intimacy and demonstrat- iveness, but on the other you yearn for spiritual awareness through meditation, self awareness and sacrifice.
Their temper can be explosive and merciless, and when a Scorpion strikes, it strikes to kill. You express yourself with your captivating body language, especially your eyes, which reveal the intricacy of your feelings and state of mind.
Throughout your childhood and early adult years you were probably exposed to a multitude of events that tested your resilience and convic- tion.
You can exhibit an intense pride in your abil- ities and ideology, and you can be fiercely independent by nature. You can mope for aeons over incon- sequential things, leaving others scratching their heads over the possible reasons for your moroseness. Even if you choose to listen instead of give advice, you can heal people by your presence alone. But in your quest to prove yourself, try to use your delicate feminine traits of charm, poise and seductiveness. They absorb information at an astonishing rate and have a deep understanding of the world way before they can even walk.
They are curious, adventurous and love nothing better than exploring and conquering their environment answering for themselves many questions to which they just have to have an answer. Inventions and other discoveries should be considered when buying the Scorpio child a gift or it will just stay in the corner and gather dust. Boys, being extremely competitive, will do well in sports that require tenacity and stamina. If being chosen as the leader is not forthcoming they will simply move onto another group who will grant them their rightful position (they think) as No. In this way they will develop more quickly in a positive way and love you all the more for it.

You're the iconic epitome of seduction, and once you choose to give your heart to someone, you love them to no end. Far from seeming like a routine, the essence of love is a transformative creative desire that inspires you to bond on an almost spiritual level.
You make a commitment only when you've assessed all angles and know exactly where you stand, and if you sense unresponsiveness on the other end, you waste no time in moving on. Scorpion lovers exhibit superlative sincerity and adoration, and they celebrate their lovers completely.
However, your opposite star, Taurus, which is an earth sign, can balance your extremes by mellowing your overall intensity. Contrary to the perception that you have a serious disposition, you have a knack for entertaining and storytelling. You possess acute insights and a refined intuition that enables you to perceive what is really going on. You prefer to indulge in a friendship only when you sense a similar inclination in the other person. You constantly seek inspiration from friends and lovers alike, and have no room for obtuse conversations or people. Getting them to connect with new friends and visiting unique places with cultural or intellectual relevance are sure ways to boost companionship. If they sense hostility or their enthusiasm is being taken for granted, they are quick to withdraw and redirect their passion elsewhere. You can live your entire life misinterpreting their silence and calm-headedness, hopelessly oblivious to their true feelings. I am always asking people I meet when their birthday is in order to decipher their sign without giving away that I am totally into astrology.
Once you've managed to do what must be done, you should enjoy a little celebratory fun with the people you enjoy most.
Know in your heart what's important and make your choice based on what's best for yourself.
You show a cool aloof exterior to the world but underneath you have a scorching and passionate nature. People are attracted to you and as you are the strong silent type you possess something that makes it near impossible for others to ignore you. It's a well-known astrological fact that Scorpio's eyes can hypnotise, and this is a physical trait you possess.
If someone tries to corner you or put you in a difficult situation they'd better be prepared for your competitive nature to come to the fore. The lizard represents the class of scorpions who hide from life and never quite achieve the full measure of their power. You are a tireless worker and generally achieve great success after the middle part of your life.
You are constantly driving and advising others, friend or stranger alike, in the way they should best proceed in the midst of their life problems. You need to pay more attention to your physical needs as at times you overdo it and your health is prone to suffer. Their heightened sensitivity overrides mental reasoning, making it difficult to get close to them.
You're cautious in relationships, and while your younger years were full of friendships, with age you turn into a bit of a cynic.
Interestingly, even this kind of stress works in your favour as people are attracted to the complexities of your mind. You possess innate self-confidence, and the phrase 'Take me as I am or take a hike' sums up your life motto. Coupled with this are your own innate instinct, insight and reasoning, which you creatively exploit to steer ahead in life. These traits make you difficult to deal with, but this is cathartic for you because it makes you feel that you're in perfect control. Your aura exudes a therapeutic quality that attracts people who like to draw on your energy. Scorpio children are competitive beyond their years; love to be the best at what they attempt and No. Being the most 'sexual' sign of the zodiac, you possess innate vitality and enthusiasm and can be emotionally tumultuous in love, factors that must be borne in mind by your prospective lover. Irrespective of how much they invested in the relationship, they will find a way of getting back at you.
Allow your partner some breathing space and bestow on them the same independence that you demand from them.
You're unusually passionate and straightforward in relationships, and you can dissect a person's character and emotional needs. In fact, you entertain others with your past experiences, and you like to embellish the finer details to make the story even more fascinating. You like to play the healer and resolve as much as you can, which is why you're forever blessed with people in your life.
If someone fails to impress you, Scorpio, they need to go back to the drawing board to chalk out something valuable that will add meaning to their conversation (and relation- ship) with you. Scorpios are young at heart, and music, rock concerts and similar events are avenues you could explore with them.
I wish everyone would wear one of these necklaces so I could simply scan the room and find a Gemini for a good conversation, a Capricorn for some professional connections, or a Libra for my next fling. Both Mars (aggression) and Pluto (magnetic forces) rule the sign of Scorpio, so the battling energy of Mars and the hidden depths of Pluto will influence you.
They often seek self-destructive outlets such as drugs or even criminal activities to fulfil their obsessive needs. Though you're a man who cares little about others' perceptions, at times you should mellow out and toe the line, even if you have differences of opinion. With your clear and evolved intuition, you can offer reasonable solutions without intellectualising.
Even if you are in a devoted relationship, you're constantly probing to see whether or not you've maintained your 'edge'.
Consider yourself fortunate if you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, and ensure that you honour their commitment just as they do. Unfortunately, you'll just have to deal with these darker elements of your Scorpio ex-lover.
Such is the perplexing nature of Scorpio's wrath it fumes without giving you an inkling of what is going on. Your eyes are the perfect tool for communication and express the whole range of your complex and changeable emotional states.
If you aspire to the best scorpion character then you'll be represented by the phoenix that is seen rising out of the ashes. Allow your partner to be a part of your life; reach out to them and show that you believe in them.
However, once your intentions are clear, your friends are forever looked after and well supported. What you demand of others you also demand of yourself, and when you give your heart to someone, there are definitely no half- measures.

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