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If you feel this image is in violation of our Terms of Service, please use the following form to have it manually reviewed by a staff member. If you could provide a link back to this site, it would be great even though it's not a must. A Minneapolis Star Tribune story earlier this week about zodiac signs quoting Minneapolis astronomer Paul Kunkle saying (correctly) that when astrologers say the sun is in Pisces, it isn’t.
Precession causes Earth’s axis to trace out a circle against the backdrop of stars in the span of 26,000 years. At the same time that the pole star is slowly shifting, precession also causes a shift in the background constellations against which the sun appears to move. Precession not only shifts the pole star, but also makes the sun appear to drift westward against the background constellations along its yearly path called the ecliptic. Below is a listing of new dates when the sun’s in your sign based upon its true location in the sky. Based on modern constellation boundaries, the sun now officially spends nearly three weeks a year in Ophiuchus, more than twice as long as it does in neighboring Scorpius. How do the reports that the axis of the earth has been shifted a couple inches by recent earthquakes affect all this? Very interesting – as an extremely amateur astrologer I have always wondered what the current consensus is on this subject and how it is exactly astrology has altered itself according to a changing sky over that last few thousand years.
Better shift the area of Ophiuchus [visible stars theta, 44, 45, 36 (or 6402), 36 (or 6401), omicron, 43, 24, 26, (6308), rho & (4694)], redesignate as Scorpio including the line of Ecliptic.
And I agree Ophiuchus is just a distraction, due to the boundary definitions of astronomers, apparently in 1922.
Unique and ready-to-use with any cheap web hosting. You can download the first one here and second one here. Kunkle also mentioned that the sun spends more time in the constellation Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer than in the neighboring traditional zodiac constellation Scorpius.
Earth’s axis slowly wobbles or precesses over a period of 26,000 years due to the combined gravitational tugging of the sun and moon.

You can see that 2000 years of precession has moved the sun’s mid-January position from Capricornus to Sagittarius. As a result, the sign you were born under is only correct for a limited period of time, maybe 1000 years, give or take.
Should astrologers update the zodiac every 500 years or so to keep the sun in its rightful place? The earthquakes are an occasional and a minor blip compared to the steady, if slow, cycle of precession. The socks and shirts I can replace, but I’m not driving all the way to Ross in Denver to find a new aluminum water bottle.
It is needed for the sake of elegance and to preserve the ancient format (else why should we name stars as Greek and Roman?). Changes in the sun’s position in the zodiac as well as Ophiuchus becoming a member of the zodiac are recognized and acknowledged in astronomy. I had questioned my astrologer friends about this difference for years, and never got a clear answer. Astrologers love the planet pluto too, dancing many degrees off the ecliptic, and smaller than our moon. Maybe I’ll have to add astrological Zodiac boundaries to my astronomy software so I can translate more efficiently!
You have to understand that is basically where the stars and planets are positioned in certain time frames.
Your sign is determined by which of the 12 constellations the sun was in on the date of your birth. The sun started crossing Ophiuchus in 1930 when the International Astronomical Union officially fixed the current constellation boundaries. For me, it doesn’t matter either way since the positions of the sun, moon and planets have no bearing on either my personality or fate. Now if the Earth got whacked by large asteroid, that could make a significant difference in rotation rate and even the tilt of the axis.

I am asking because I am wondering if this might be a partial explanation of the change in surface temperatures? You will find that many of astrologers will make a chart and it will stay a lot about who you are and why you are who you are.
To be fair then, shouldn’t Ophiuchus be brought into the zodiacal fold as the 13th sign? As its spin rate drops, the axis of the top describes a little circle (wobble) in the air before eventually tipping over. In doing so, they included a nondescript chunk of sky below the constellation’s main outline within the official border.
Eugene Delporte when he did this boundary drawing should have paid attention to this aspect.
As for the horoscope chart, you will find that the wheel is separated into twelve parts and it has many symbols drawn on it to represent things like the planets and the stars. The Earth’s axis describes a similar circle in the sky with a period of 26,000 years. The sun travels through this bit of celestial real estate in late November-early December en route from Scorpius to Sagittarius. Since the pole star is determined by where our axis points, it follows that we see a variety of different pole stars during that long cycle.
Due to the cyclic nature of precession, Polaris will regain its North Star title in 28,000 A.D.

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