Zodiac signs cancer mood swings

In colour water marks are suitable precious stones and minerals green, blue-green and white shades. Emerald is a magic talisman strength, he gives courage, charges with energy and determination, drives away mental depression and melancholy. Aquamarine - his name was formed from two words aqua (water) and mare (sea), and by the color of this stone reflects all shades of water: sea-green, blue-green, blue-green. Aventurine helps to improve your emotional state and saves a joyful mood, so it is well suited unbalanced Cancers. Moonstone – friendly mascot for all Cancers, because this sign, as moonstone, manages whimsical and changeable Orb of night. It is not necessary to have a traditional necklaces, rings or pendants, you can buy keychain with healing stone, a rosary or a symbolic figure.
Fourth sign in the zodiac, Cancer is the symbol of protection, they are deeply emotional, tenacious, and intelligent. In any given situation, Cancers are generally the first people to express emotion a€“ the first to laugh and the first to tears. Loyalty and attachment, sentimentality and hanging on to the past, are all characteristics associated with Cancer. Dalai Lama XIV, George W Bush, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan, Mike Tyson, Pamela Anderson, President Nelson Mandela, Prince William, Princess Diana, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise. And Cancers born under the influence of the moon, subject mood swings, insecurity and dependence on opinions of others.
When this green stones will intensify anahata – chakra-love, inspiring human peace and joy, giving them positive emotions.
Cancers love to seem strong, but in fact they are sensitive, prone to soul-searching and pessimism.
The stones of this kind can be of different colors, but more often with pastel characteristic waxy luster: grey, milky-blue, milky yellow, milky pink, gray-green.
These colors are the most favorable for people who are in search of themselves and strive for self-improvement, because turquoise is the color of healing. Sometimes it is called solar stone for typical bright flickering, but in essence he is the stone which inspires optimism. Cancers are often looking for the opinions of others, hang on old ties, remain dependent on their parents and from the past. Before using every stone, and especially protective amulet, you need to wash in running water (sometimes in the water, add a little salt) – it helps to clean energy stone and set it up on your wave. A Cancerian will never run behind fame and publicity, but if he ever gets it, he definitely knows how to bask in the limelight. Water element adds to the character people of this sign sensitivity and emotionality, but their experiences they prefer to hide and hide under a thick shell of psychological protection. As a rule, these people find themselves in a creative and philosophical investigations, become poets, artists or scientists.

And, of course, talismans, which would reinforce the best quality and will open the talents of Cancers, drawn luck in creative work and love: the moonstone, turquoise, pearls, carnelian, ruby.
Balanced anahata helps people to open his heart, which is absolutely necessary Cancers, which can be difficult to show their feelings.
Emerald will help them to strengthen the will and strength of spirit, will give not only the internal balance, but the charm in the eyes of other people. Chalcedony affects the emotional sphere of a person, it is considered a stone of joy, drives away the sadness and sorrow, configures the positive mood, prevents outbreaks of anger.
First of all aquamarine affects the nervous system, cooling passion and relieves stress, helps in General control over his emotions.
The moon and the water gave Cancers sensitive and ability to reflect reality, and moonstone can strengthen their positive traits: romanticism, daydreaming, tenderness. The stone endows intuition and helps the creative insights, therefore, is not only an amulet, but talisman, he promotes concentration, fatigue and irritability. Then the stone is held in the hand, at the same time thinking of what you would like to receive from the assistant – your biofield come into contact, and after some time the stone will start to work. They are ruled by the moon and have water as their element, so their mood swings can be compared to the turbulence of the shifting tides. All turquoise represent the transition between the heart (green) and the throat (blue) chakra , which is responsible for expression.
In addition, aquamarine protects human rights in the way, especially his love travelers and sailors, he not only drives away the troubles on the road, but protects from damage, and the evil eye, protects friendship and true love. It symbolizes the strength, bravery and victory is well suited for business travellers and all those who own weakness interfering with achieving goals. It is believed that he literally attracts love, promotes mutual understanding, faithfulness and understanding. Having a cat’s eye, suspicious Cancers feel calmer, they can weaken excessive care and control for their loved ones.
In ancient times, the moon (the ruling planet of Cancer) was perceived as the Great Mother, which responsible for nurturing all life. Loving and sympathetic, Cancer is generous and kind to others but they do not make friends easily.
People born under Cancer are homebodies, and more interested in their home and family life. Cancerians are good prospects as business partners, as well as for romantic relationships and also friendships. Stone helps to believe in themselves and is especially valuable for women: with its help it is possible not only to protect themselves from negative traits, but to attract the attention of men and to strengthen a mental and physical strength to look after children. The healing properties of onyx associated with effects on the nervous system: it clears the person from the negative energies of fear, mistrust and apathy. This helps stone and for the development of creative abilities: awakens artistic talent and a gift for poetry.

While there is a decoration of the cat’s eye, its atmosphere is improving, there protection against outside influences that reigns in the family harmony and goodwill. Fiercely protective and nurturing, they are family-oriented and tend to be very protective of loved ones.
Cancerians have a lot of common sense, they are very wise and have a talent for making money.
They are quick and reliable and is capable of marketing their ideas with untiring devotion. The maximum effect of the stone appears in a full moon, so it should not wear constantly, and in the days when people most exposed to the influence of the moon, when he feels a sudden and inexplicable mood swings, loss of tone, for women it can be critical days. As the cat’s eye amulet protects from alcoholism and drug addiction, guards against theft, violence and robbery, prevents energy vampirism and the evil eye. The Moon controls the tides and all water on our Earth, it has strong effect on human emotions.
Since Cancerians can be quite gullible and eager to help, many unscrupulous people like to take advantage of them. Although they enjoy shopping but they are also thrifty and dislike wasting money on frivolous things. In such periods moonstone able to calm down and to harmonize the inner state, improve health. It is believed that this amulet is well suited to teenagers, making them balanced and protecting from negative external influences.
Cancerians are said to be more sensitive to the movemnt of the moon through the zodiac than other signs are. If compared to any other sign, Cancers also tend to be more patriotic, this is largely due to their strong emotional attachment to their birth place. Under the magical influence of the moonstone, you can develop your intuition and learn how to predict the future, see prophetic dreams. When threatened, the gentle Cancers can turn ferocious and show a surprising amount of emotional and physical strength. With their gentle and caring spirit, Cancerians are the ones to whom others turn with problems, worries, and life-choice concerns.
One of the varieties of moonstone - the white sea is a stone clairvoyants: he opens before their owners not only the secrets of the future, but the riddles of the past, therefore well suited to mystics, researchers, historians, and scholars.

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