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Ever wonder why you never see, a€?Taurus, you will cease to be your household’s primary breadwinner after falling down a flight of stairs around lunchtimea€? in your daily horoscope? Whenever astrology doesn’t correspond nicely with occupation, personality, marriage, divorce, suicide, the wearing of gaudy jewelery (OK, we made that last one up), psychics complain that focusing solely on sun signs grossly underestimates underlying complexity, like trying to drive after 8 beers. That being said, we did notice in our research a scant number of Libra serial killers, and more born earlier in the year and that got us thinking, what if serial killers aren’t randomly distributed among the Planets of the Zodiac? Killer capsule: Pittsburgh-born sadist, rapist and multiple murderer, currently on death row.
Killer Capsule: The a€?Toy Box Killera€™, so named because of the $100,000 torture chamber he built in his house. In a move that shocked many, Ted Bundy (who did not in any way inspire Al Bundy from Married with Children) blamed the root of his psychopathy on soft core porn, which, if this is the really the case, means late night TV can be blamed for more than just impulse buys. The troubled loner who was repeatedly expelled from various schools, proves that there are indeed different styles of learning. Killer Capsule: Killer Clown John Wayne Gacy did more damage to his profession from a PR standpoint, than would-be lawyer Ted Bundy did to his (people have been disgusted and terrified of lawyers since the signing of the Magna Carta). That Murdoch could be a cannibal clown on the side while running one of the most powerful media enterprises on the planet, would be a marvel in multitasking and not wholly out of character.
The clown suit was considerably sharper than the uni Gacy would’ve sported as a KFC manager in Iowa.
Thanks for pointing out that John Wayne Gacy shares a birthday with everyone I think is attractive. This information helped me quickly research this particular subject, which greatly helped me achieve, with great ease, a creative effect which I’m quite pleased with.
My aunt told us morbid stories as a kid, which made me love The Bible as well as serial killer books.

I would say a good indication for Gacy’s evil tendancies are evidenced by a saturn, mars and pluto conjunct caput agol in a tight sextile with the sun and moon. I am a GEMINI and I have multiple personalities DOES THAT MAKE ME BIANCHI……BIG NO! As much as we'd like to believe that love is a matter of the heart, it's in fact very much a matter of the brain. You will find out when we have new articles, blog posts as well as when new things are added to existing pages. Looking for astrology sign compatibility information?Want information about astrology sign compatibility? Download the best wallpapers, photos and pictures for your desktop for free only here a couple of clicks! Focusing only on the positive allows astrologers to hedge their bets, put clients in a good mood (without spiking their herbal tea) and ensure selective thinkinga€”remembering the favorable and ignoring everything else. Threw one victim off a cliff after strangling her (in retrospect probably the most effective order of operations) and used a coat hanger and ice picks for commission of heinous crimes usually reserved for Godfathers I, II and III.
Sentenced to an astounding 224 years in prison for torture and the kind of sexual sadism that makes the back pages of the Village Voice look like an ad for a Mormon social. Ray used whips, chains, pulleys, straps, clamps, leg spreader bars, and surgical blades and saws in his New Mexico torture chamber. Like a guy parking illegally in a handicapped spot, he used crutches to evoke sympathy, and then slammed crowbars off the heads of unsuspecting good Samaritans. With his buddy Leonard Lake (a good friend helps you move, a great friend helps you move a body) he murdered an unknown number of men, women and children at his rural California home that was equipped with a fortified bunker creepily employed as a holding cell. Day after day millions of people on the planet find themselves caught up in a spiralling fountain of infatuation and romance.

The researchers found that: a€?The strong similarities predicted by astrology were simply not therea€?. This all took place in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, the name of which apparently derives from the television game show, so its suitability as a name for a serial killer’s stomping ground was coincidental. Also you see the saturn-mars conjunction opposing caput agol in Bundy’s chart, not to mentiom venus rx scorpio. Just about everyone dreams of finding a loving and compatible partner ~ and keeping that love.No wonder then that the phenomenon of love has become the subject of extensive study by philosophers, psychologists, anthropologists and biologists. Scott Peck explains in his best-selling book, The Road Less Travelled, that this sense of merging into one as we fall in love is a kind of psychological trick to get us to make a commitment. He says, 'The essence of the phenomenon of falling in love is a sudden collapse of a section of an individual's ego boundaries, permitting one to merge his or her identity with that of another person.
The Gift of Being in LoveBut more than any psychological trick, falling in love is a blessing.
Want to know what makes Taurus fall in love?Continue reading "How to attract Taurus astrology sign people"Aries astrology sign - How to attract AriesFind out how to attract an Aries astrology sign.Want to know what attracts Aries? In his book, Path to Love, Deepak Chopra says, 'Love's gift is to strip away a lifetime of imprints in the psyche that condition us to believe in separateness, returning us to the reality that we were born in, which contains only love.'There is no doubt that love is a real and transformative state of being if approached in the right way.
It is one of the highest states of human endeavours and for most, the ultimate source of happiness.

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