Zodiac signs funny pictures

Supposedly, Dreams Reflect Our Hidden Fears And Secret Desires, All Clamoring For Attention.
Best Work Quote by Thomas Friedman – The Hidden Hand of the Market will never Work without a Hidden Fist. Nail Art is our new obsession and who doesn’t love reading their star sign on a daily basis?
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It adds a certain cosmic feel to your look… it’s perfect for late summer nights and even a summer solstice party. I’ve had so many comments from people about this zodiac nail art when I wear it – awesome! That's why we're here 365 days a year finding and posting funny pictures, funny videos, funny cats doing their cat things and other random humor for your viewing pleasure.
I am so glad to be a Pisces hence the blog name, I am Pisces, I am totally gonna do this tonight if I don’t fall asleep, went to one to many Asian Markets today.

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