Zodiac signs libra 2012

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Download the best wallpapers, photos and pictures for your desktop for free only here a couple of clicks! Using sun signs provides a trendy New Age type look that will help you make very fun and unique cards and crafts for very fun and unique friends and family.

Your gift recipient might be highly interested in Astrology or they might simply be the kind of person who would enjoy the New Age look of their sun sign on a birthday card or on a crafty birthday gift. Use these astrology symbols to make birthday cards or to personalize a variety of homemade gifts.
Make greeting cards with zodiac birthday symbols drawn or sewn on the front (such as the Gemini Zodiac Symbol Card above). Use polymer clay to make a zodiac symbol art charm or even a homemade magnet (see below for polymer clay art charm tutorials).

For those on the cusp, you can plug in the birth date and year here to determine the correct sun sign (or just ask them, a lot of people know their sign). Another personalized idea for a hand made birthday card features the age of the birthday boy or girl, using our handy card making template and simple craft supplies you probably already have on hand.

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