Zodiac signs meaning pros and cons

The week of May 16th begins with the Moon in Libra Sextile Retrograde Mars in Sagittarius (Monday, May 16, 8:54 pm). Our web site offers many ways to make choosing from among our authentic, gifted Advisors easy, and fun. Psychic wisdom can be applied to all areas of your life, from love and relationships, to work and money, to destiny and spirit. If you have recently become serious with a man that you think might be "The One," you might want to get to know more about his astrological sign before you move forward.
Review Types of Psychic Readings and Types of Psychics for valuable information on the most important psychic specialties and types of readings. Daily articles written by our Advisors and staff cover important issues from an empowering, psychic perspective. Understanding where your significant other lies on the zodiac chart can help you strengthen your relationship.Leo, which is represented with the lion, is one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac. You may also find it helpful to read about ways to get a psychic reading, so you can pick the communication channel (eg telephone, online) that's most comfortable for you. Read, comment, learn, share – Psychic Source is your Psychic reSource for insight, inspiration and wisdom! Individuals who were born between July 23 and August 22 are Leos - each bold and brave in their own ways. You can benefit from being around a Leo by gaining more motivation and determination.However, these individuals also constantly seek approval. Feeling any sense of failure can hurt the self-esteem of a Leo, so it's important that you watch what you say around your loved one.Even if your sign is not a perfect match when it comes to compatibility on the zodiac chart, you can make your relationship work by honing in on these key Leo characteristics. Furthermore, by seeking a psychic reading as a couple, you can discover how to strengthen your bond and work through any areas of strife.

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