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Sometimes, when tasks and schedules get overwhelming, it’s helpful to make a to-do list to make things feel more manageable and focused. Cut through the chaos by following these 10 tips, and you’ll start seeing better behavior from your kids and you can start creating a happier, more peaceful home. Nationally recognized parenting expert Amy McCready is the Founder of Positive Parenting Solutions and the best selling author of The “Me, Me, Me” Epidemic - A Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Capable, Grateful Kids in an Over-Entitled World and If I Have to Tell You One More Time…The Revolutionary Program That Gets Your Kids to Listen Without Nagging, Reminding or Yelling. It might seem a bit odd to talk about snow play for kids when the spring has just started, but here in Belgium the weather keeps surprising us, so who knows what’s to come next. Beginning of last week we had once again a good amount of snow so I was determined to have some snow play with my kids before the snow was gone. Next I threw in some toys from a role-play cooking & baking set and the kids got immediately started!
After about half an hour the snow was getting quite wet and sticky, so I removed the tools and went out to get a second round of snow. Tough after while Victoria had enough of the cars and wanted to do some more cooking, and that quickly turned into a fight, so I had to split up the box and give each a side to play. Inviting the snow inside your house might seem like a very messy thing to do, but I was surprised that it ended up very ok. I used a very big box so they had sufficient playing space and with a floor of tiles the drops of melted snow were easily cleaned. In the evening, after the kids went to sleep I turned the rice box into another kids activity: a Duplo construction site.
This is what they found out when they woke up: a Duplo construction site ready to be played with! The kids played quite a long time with it and as long as the  box stayed on the high table, there was no mess – just some rice here and there, nothing major.
But then I felt (too) safe with this kids activity and had the brilliant idea to put the box with rice on the floor and lose sight of it.
According to Lukas his hair-clip-monster was hungry and was busy eating all the rice from the box! In the end it was quite funny and rice is very easy to clean, so 2 min after the incident all rice traces were gone. Next on the activity list, she started grabbing the small decorative objects and tossing them from one hand to the other and back. Baby fine motor skills: Babies get to exercise gripping and holding stuff and coordinating both hands to handle small objects. Sensory development: This sensory activity provides babies with a rich tactile experience which is great for developing their senses. Support baby curiosity and desire for investigation due to the different objects mixed and hidden in the rice treasure box. That was so fun that Elena also came to investigate our crafts work and to be part of the fun! If you love doing crafts with cardboard boxes as much as I do, be sure to check out our creative section!
She is two and a half times as tall and almost 6 times as heavy compared to the day when she pushed herself into this big world.
Seriously, heavy questions like this, this must mean that 5-year old princesses are big girls, right?
But then again, when she is crying tears of joy on the floor as I tickle her or when she cuddles up to me on the couch for a long hug, I can only think of how this princess in my arms is still a little girl.
This is still one of the crafts activities for kids that I have done in 2012, but hadn’t found the time yet to share.
We are still getting accommodated to taking pictures with the new camera we got ourselves for Christmas. A felt Christmas tree is the perfect answer when you have small kids and few space in the house. Not having a Christmas Tree seems to be not done, but I am not yet quite ready to invite a piece of forest in my living room.
Lots of felt: A large piece of green for the tree and lots of small pieces in different colors for the balls and the star. Some days before I had already prepared with Victoria loads of felt Christmas balls for our felt Christmas tree for kids. Now that your felt Christmas tree for kids is standing, invite the kids to help you decorate it. You don’t need any glue for putting the felt balls on the felt Christmas tree for kids- they stick because of static electricity. On top this felt Christmas tree does not take too much space, makes no mess and can be used over and over again!
Cooperation and playing together: This is one of the few times so far that Elena could join her older brother an sister in the play. For alternative easy Christmas crafts for kids, check our toilet rolls Christmas tree and this simple Christmas tree from paper. If you are looking for some easy Christmas crafts for kids, check out this easy to make Christmas tree. For tour first easy Christmas crafts project, I drew a triangle on a white cardboard, and Victoria cut it out- she handles the scissors quite well, so if you think your toddler is less handy, then you might want to do the cutting of this easy Christmas crafts project for kids.Then we folded the base, to give it stability,  and made some extra cuts in the side of the our Christmas tree.
For our second Christmas tree, I followed the same process as before with a small modification. And then she experienced some more with different colors and models … This is an easy Christmas crafts project for kids that is helping them practice their fin motor skills.
I hope you are as convinced as I am that this is an easy Christmas crafts project for kids.
If you’re looking for some Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls, then check out this easy to make toilet paper Christmas tree. After painting the inside and outside of the toilet paper rolls, we had to let them dry for a day before we could finalize this great craft with toilet paper rolls.
Luckily, after some discussion and a bit of creative thinking, we reached a compromise and decided to  have a toilet paper Christmas tree that changes color, depending on the side you look at. Cool right? It’s one of the easiest crafts with toilet paper rolls that you can do for Christmas with the kids.
I like toilet paper rolls because there are many things you can do with them. We did a car out of toilet paper rolls and we also did a plane out of toilet paper rolls,! How do you play with toilet paper rolls?
With Christmas coming closer, 3 kids in the house and lots of toys to test, I’m often asked how I manage the Christmas presents.
Between 0-6m babies are not yet mobile so the best toys for them are the ones that offer visual and tactile stimulation. All the toys featured below are either toys we have ourselves and love, or toys that got recommended to us by friends and family. Freddy the firefly (1) and Jacques the peacock (2) from Lamaze: The big eyes and strong colors work great on babies. Fisher-Price Turtle Shape Sorter (4) Among all the sorting toys out there, I particularly like this one because it is robust, simple (only 4 blocks) and most blocks have a rattle. Skwish (7) and Winkel (8)from Manhattan Toys are light and great rattling toys for little hands to hold and perfect to take along also as they can be easily packed in a baby bag. Ladybird from Lamaze (9) was the favorite toy of one of our friend’s baby when she as 3-4 months old.
Other great stacking toys are blocks and depending of the day my kids would rather play with soft blocks (12)) or wooden blocks (13).
Sophie the Giraffe (14) and the Panda Bend and Squeak from Lamaze (15)are both amazing toys that are making a sound as soon as they are gently squeezed. Cart with blocks (16): Having something like this was very nice when my kids got interested in standing up (around 9 months) as they had something to hold on to. In my previous posts, I already talked about making sure you are well prepared and I shared several tricks you can use once at the supermarket to avoid trouble with your toddlers.
The concept is fairly simple: Instead of writing down a shopping list for myself, I make a shopping list for the kids. In the supermarket, I get them each a trolley or a cart or so, this way they have something in their hands and they don’t start running. On the shopping list I also note the quantities we need, so then we check to be sure we take the right amount. Every time they find an item and put it in the shopping cart, they circle it off on their shopping list.
The nice thing when they are two is that they keep each other motivated and they discuss on what to take and who takes it. Result of our kids shopping game: A smooth shopping trip and proud kids because they have found all the items on their list.
Tell me about kids and supermarkets and I spontaneously think of the durex commercial with the dad and his boy screaming over a bag of candies. I’ve already shared some of my personal experiences, but let’s talk some more about how to deal with you toddler once you are at the supermarket.
Say no without saying “No”: Over time I’ve developed a couple of tactics that help me convince my toddlers not to buy the precious stuff they hold in their hands without getting into a tantrum. Be prepared to say “Yes” sometimes, at least once: I mostly let them choose one thing by themselves, at best a product I wanted to buy anyway.

Put something in their hands: If you want to avoid them running all around the shop, it helps to put them something in their hands. Influence the choice if needed: Let’s say their cookies are in the trolley and they come with some bag of candy and look at me with their begging eyes. Get them involved: You want to avoid them getting bored, but besides that, toddlers just love it if they can help you out and feel part of the club. These 7 tricks have had a great impact on my personal shopping experiences, but of course you might need to adjust according to your personal situation and the character of your toddlers. I still remember the time when – call it a clear lack of experience – I went to the shop with my two toddlers. I still do some normal shopping tough, but I kind of take it as a rule that I will never go on a shopping trip while being outnumbered by toddlers below the age of 5. Make your shopping list in advance: I do not recommend dragging your toddler along through all the alleys trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. Do not go shopping with a hungry toddler: Besides the fact that your toddler will want to buy the whole shop, you risk arriving at the till with half eaten stuff. It helps if you know the shop: If you don’t plan to buy cookies, it helps if you don’t accidentally pass the cookie alley.
Sure, there are many more things you could do and prepare, but I consider these to be the basic three that make me survive our supermarket trips. If you’re looking for some mess free painting ideas for kids, try  marble painting for kids. This is how I thought of doing some marble painting for kids: My kids love to paint, and I love it to see them paint, but what a mess you sometimes get! I’ve successfully tried and wrote about some other painting ideas for kids using paint brushes that get very close to a mess-free painting experience. A box and some tape:For the box I used a big cereal box (but any big, wide cardboard box would do) I used some tape to make sure it stays closed, and then cut out  one of the the wider sides. Sheets of paper, paint and marbles: I put a piece of paper inside, sprayed some paint on the paper and added some marbles in the box.
By moving the cardboard box, the marbles start to roll through the paint leaving lots of paint marks on the paper.
To continue the fun with marble painting for kids, once a sheet of paper was painted, I took it out and replaced it with a new sheet. Victoria got so excited that she just had to add “one more” marble to the game – again and again- so we ended up with quite an army of marbles in the box (this taught me that next time we do marble painting for kids I’ll make sure that only few marbles are available). About a year ago, in search for the right toys for our toy webshop, I discovered these cool brushes that have since become my favorite painting tools.
They are called squeeze-‘n-brush and they are at the same time a brush and a paint container. Painting with these is really as simple as: open the brush, squeeze it, paint and close it again … and to repeat this over and over again with different colors. Or I could tell you about the hours they spend hiding and running away from the crocodiles in the house.
If your children’s behavior problems have you feeling overwhelmed and not knowing what to do first, start with these 10 tips for better behavior. As it was late, dark and cold I wasn’t ready to send the kids out, so I decided to get the snow inside. Just throw in whatever toys you have laying around and which can stand some snow and water. I then put the box on a table Elena couldn’t reach and waited for it to be discovered in the morning.
Then all of a sudden I heard Elena and Lukas getting into a fight and I remembered about the rice box. The kids loved it and it proved to be a great baby activity too, so I felt some urge to do a new one. I dumped the rice in a transparent box and then mixed in some decorative stuff to discover.
However Victoria insisted to have a door to her tunnel, so we connected back the door-piece with Makedo(great for connecting cardboard).
And to make it more fun for the kids I stuck 6 stocking pants through the roof of the middle box.
Earlier today she came to me, looked me in the eyes and asked “Daddy, when do babies die?” “Babies normally don’t die,” I answered.
Last week they went on a school trip and I happened to know from the teacher that she slept on the way back. A little girl that still enjoys a fatherly hug or a story read to her at bedtime or who accepts a kiss as the best medicine in the world.
I simply took two big cardboard boxes (one for Lukas and one for Victoria), cut out a door and some windows and let the kids decorate it by themselves. This is how I did our felt Christmas tree for kids which was also a great Christmas craft activity for the kids. To have it symmetrical, I folded it in two, drew the shape of a Christmas tree and cut it out. So even my smallest, Elena (1 year) was busy putting the balls on the lower part of the felt Christmas tree. You might remember our previous Christmas tree, but now we went for something easier to do.
So I’ve been looking for some fun and easy crafts with (lots of) toilet paper rolls that I could do with the kids. At this point my kids did some negotiation as they could not agree: Lukas (3 years) wanted to use the yellow ornaments and Victoria (4,5 years) the purple ones for their toilet paper Christmas tree. They just need to learn to be a bit patient as all those toilet paper rolls had to dry before we could build our toilet paper Christmas tree .
From 6 months onward  the baby toys that are most appreciated by the little ones are the ones that are stimulating their desire of mobility and to practice the fine motor skills.
Babies, from newborn to about 3 months, are fascinated by the black and white contrasts on the back. First you can use the black and white parts as visual stimulation, and later on this can be used as a stacking toy. Bigger babies exercising their motor skills while stacking the pots into each other or when building a tower. Due to the magnets in all 3 totem pieces, they stick together easy which leads to less baby-frustration. One is of soft rubber and the other one of soft material, both of them very tempting to be sucked by little ones.
Now we mostly play with the blocks and Elena (14m) loves to destroy my towers and tries to build her own. It’s great to get them to know the family and exercise the names and we found that it protected the pictures very well. First providing visual stimulation with its high contrast side, and later on supporting the fine motor skills due to it’s simple puzzle parts.
Besides that they stimulate the baby’s curiosity through color, texture and noise, they are light, can be attached to the stroll and can be easily stored in the purse or bag. Here I want to tell you about how we turn shopping into a nice kids game for your toddlers or preschoolers! I picked up the idea somewhere from a pretend play game and just implemented it into real life.
Of course they can not read yet, so the trick for this kids game is that I use pictures instead of text.
You could do this in word or powerpoint, but I’m using a program called Photoscape to edit my pictures and it allows to make collages in a couple of clicks.
In the beginning I let them search the items all by themselves and they are usually very enthusiastic to find the right stuff. For Victoria (4,5) this works great as she is learning the numbers, with Lukas (almost 3) we skip the number part. Once we have all the items we go to the till and they are usually very enthusiastic to help me put all the items on the band.
If they come once again with some stuff they’d like to buy I’d explain them that they already got their cookies and they cannot have both.
Me, single adult, against two enthusiastic toddlers, in a crowded supermarket full of fun stuff, or dangerous stuff, depends on who you ask. With a collect & go system, I order the stuff I want a day ahead and go pick it up at a specified time at a close by supermarket.
Very likely your toddler will get bored and pull stuff from the shelves before you made up your mind.
If you have no choice, I suggest starting at the bread department and stuff your toddler with a baguette before you move on!
Our close by shop has its cookie department right up the front on the way to the fruits & veggies. Water splashing on the table, dirty brushes flying around, … and you consider yourself lucky if most of the paint ends up on the paper rather than on the carpet. This way we got ourselves some funny colored sheets of paper – real art work, don’t you think?

It was and so much fun that Victoria insisted we couldn’t stop until all the marble paint was over. If you didn’t   try out marble painting for kids and let me know how it went and how your kids liked it. And what I like about them is that they do not need to be cleaned! It’s basically the concept of paint in the brush. As most kids, ours have a favorite color and so the pink color was over much faster than the rest. Soon St-Nicolas will be back in town and if you haven’t realized yet let me congratulate you on your ability to ignore the loads of toy-commercials we are being bombarded with.
Keeping up the lie just didn’t seem to fit with the way me and my wife want to raise our kids. By far, the best thing you can do to improve your children’s behavior is spending time with them individually every day, giving them the positive attention and emotional connection they’re hard-wired to need.
Think of how you feel when you’re overtired – cranky, irritable, your head and stomach hurt.
Kids thrive with a routine, so set clearly defined routines for the most challenging times of the day, like mornings, after school, mealtimes and bedtimes.
For better behavior, kids need to understand that everyone needs to contribute to make a household run smoothly.
Time to retire your referee whistle – when parents step in the middle of a sibling disagreement and determine who’s at fault and dole out punishments, it actually makes things worse. Practically every parent has tried to punish or correct behavior by sending their child to “time out,” but most have found it just doesn’t work or lead to better behavior.
Kids barrage us with questions everyday, and more often than not, our answer is “no,” and kids resent it. Misbehavior is always a symptom of a deeper issue, and when we can find what causes it, we can use the right strategies to correct it. When I went to look, I found Elena sitting on the floor on a pile of rice, and Lukas carrying rice out of the box on to the floor with some hair clips. I used some glitter, shiny stars, pompoms, a small bell and other winter ornaments I found in the house (leftovers from the Xmas times …). She tried to hold it in her little hands and watched it fall like rain drops between her fingers and back into the box. Some days later I recycled the cardboard houses into a bigger cardboard construction for kids: we made a long tunnel.
So when this little princess counts to 10 in 3 languages or she reasons her way out of tough situations, I can only believe she has grown to be a big girl. Yet after 5 years I seemed to have travelled much further on this raising kids journey then I could have ever believed before. Luckily lot’s of alternatives circulate out there so i decided that a felt Christmas tree for kids to decorate will be perfect for our family. Since Christmas is around the corner,  I decided with the kids that our next Christmas crafts with toilet paper rolls would be a toilet paper Christmas tree.
Later on they get interested in touching and investigating the colorful front with all it’s features and textures. Smaller babies have fun destroying the tower you build for them and laugh ecstatically when the pieces all on the floor. But I’d also remind them that the teacher from school does not allow candy in the class, so if they pick the candy, they will not get anything to school for the cookie break. So if I don’t need cookies, I smoothly make a detour through the drinks alley where there is minimal temptation. I decided to try out something easy, completely different and guess what … mess-free! Luckily I used some small paint containers; otherwise I think she would have painted the whole day!
You have probably read some of that in previous posts. What you did not read though, and I did not talk about, is all the mess and cleaning work I had afterwards.
But no problem, we unscrewed the pink container, put some of the red and white into it, steered with a long stick and we had pink again! Luckily we were both on the same page and so poor old St-Nicolas remains fantasy at our place. Yet I am always clear about the fact that St-Nicolas is not a real St-Nicolas, but just a guy dressed up like the figure as part of the celebrations.
They play for hours pretending to cook and eat with their dolls and teddy bears and they would even come and offer me part of the “food”.
But wait … that seems to me like a leading by fear approach and that doesn’t fit the way we want to raise our kids either. When they don’t have that positive attention, they will seek out attention in negative ways, and consequences and other discipline methods won’t work. It’s the same for kids, and most toddlers up to teens get far less sleep than their growing bodies need. All kids, from toddlers to teens, should have “family contributions” (not “chores!”) they do daily – this helps bring your family closer together, teaches them life skills and works to prevent the entitlement epidemic. If it seems like you have 50 or so family rules, whittle down the list to what’s most important. That’s because a time out in the corner or bedroom doesn’t teach kids how to make better choices the next time, and generally, a time out just escalates a power struggle. Think about how your kids might describe you to their friends – would they say you’re fun and lighthearted, or that you’re stressed and bossy? If Bella keeps dumping toys all over your desk, is she upset that you’ve been working all afternoon?
I first intended this  as a sensory activity for my two toddlers, but at the end decided to let my youngest check it out first. The knowledge that it might, and probably will, continue at this speed for another 15 years or so is at the same time exciting and very frightening. If I have a long shopping list, I just give them a partial list with up to 15 or 20 items on it.
But the next times it’s easy and fast as you can just build on the shopping list you have already made. You give them the power to decide, which is usually sufficient to keep things under control. Victoria was very busy loading all kinds of sweet stuff in the trolley while Lukas was just running wildly through the alleys, seemingly unaware of all the other people in the shop. From washing all the paint-brushes and containers as well as washing the paint off my kids, their clothes, the table, … Oh yes, a couple of times I fooled myself that they can be careful. If your kids are older there is a finer version called Paintastics for bigger kids (as of 5 years).
This approach seems to be somewhat exceptional tough based on the reactions I get around us when we share our view.
I don’t feel comfortable to have my children’s motivation to behave depend on getting presents.
Aim for 10-15 minutes a day per child and you’ll see measurable improvement almost immediately. Teens even need more sleep than some younger kids – so consult your family physician about the hours of sleep your kids need by age.
How can you help get dinner ready?) For younger kids, write out the order of the routine using pictures or words and let them decorate it, then hang it where they’ll see it every day.
Encourage your kids to find a resolution to the problem on their own, which will help them solve conflicts as they grow older. Determine a consequence for each rule, make it clear to kids ahead of time of both the rules and consequences, and don’t give in. If your daughter asks to go to the indoor pool in the middle of a busy weekday, try saying, “Going to the pool sounds like so much fun. Is Eli throwing a fit over having the blue plate because he really wanted to make a choice and feel independent?
As a result my shopping trip lasted way longer than expected, I somehow missed on half the items on my shopping list, yet I had loads of stuff I didn’t plan to buy in the first place. All you need for this crafts activity is a low cardboard box, some marbles, paper and fluid paint to create your own marble painting for kids space. If you have to get involved, don’t choose sides, but ask questions that will help them figure out a solution that all parties can feel good about. To make sure your consequences follow the 5 R’s of Fair & Effective Consequences, join Amy McCready for an upcoming training webinar.
Should we go tomorrow after school or on Saturday?” Of course, there will always be things that will need a big “no,” but try to redirect them to a more positive option.
It will help you keep calmer in times of stress, and your kids will notice and keep their behavior more positive, too. A well-rested kid is a well-behaved kid and can function better throughout the day, including school.

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