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By clicking OK, you're confirming that your use won’t conflict with the restrictions found on the image page. Despite the fact that I’m in the bathroom what seems like all day long, my daughter somehow manages to wait until she’s off the toilet to go. Occasional accidents are unavoidable, and they occur in places like your in-laws’ house on their fancy new rug. It’s no wonder potty training is a huge milestone, and it’s rightfully more exciting for mothers. My son will be three in June and has been potty trained for 5 months now with an occasional accident but for the most part was fully potty trained. In our home, potty training goes though these tough stages where the correct parenting response seems uncertain.
During these periods when he clearly needs to poop but seems unable offer to help him get to the potty and even offer a diaper if desired.
The potty-trained child “doesn’t have to go” all morning long until it’s a 911 emergency and you’re in the middle of the grocery store with a cart full of food.

Within the last few months he started showing some signs of discomfort when needing to go #2.
It was funny I went out and bought like 5 more books online to try and encourage him and I also stayed very positive.. That sudden need to go occurs at the worst possible times—on the way out when you’re late, two minutes into a swim lesson, and when you’re bundled up for the cold. He will freeze up his whole body stiff as a board and it prevents him from even walking to the bathroom.A  Most times I would just carry him to the potty and he would then go #2 without a problem. Just the thought of an accident occurring at Target is mortifying, and an accident at my friend’s house is worse. I use Ziplocs since every other time I use the bag I forget about it and end up finding it a week later.
Within the last few days when he starts showing these signs he refuses to go when I take him to the potty and will cry.
And between cleaning up the floor, couch and carpet, there’s an insane amount of laundry to do—tons and tons of tiny stinky undies, pants, and socks.

I’m asking my potty-trainee if she has to go potty again and again and again…and again. Not only am I annoying myself—and my daughter—I typically end up talking myself into needing to use the restroom. When I potty trained my son, I carried my favorite stain and odor removal spray with me wherever we went.
Soon enough we’ll both be ready and my wash will be filled with dozens of smelly pink undies.

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