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Ok, I know that you guys try to crank out the info with minimal editing, but did you really write “has went”?
Austell, GA – Andrew Pride has been sentenced to five years in prison after being convicted of whipping a toddler’s genitals.
On Wednesday, a jury found Pride guilty of first-degree child cruelty for repeatedly beating the 22-month-old boy who did not want to be potty trained back in August 2012. It was also revealed during the trial that Pride had  allegedly encouraged an older child to say that they were the wone responsible for beating the toddler. For a man who could whip a kid’s dick and then try to get another kid to take the blame, he got off pretty lucky.

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I think a public whipping followed by jail time would be an appropriate punishment but hey that’s just me. I suspect if a study was done of all men of this sort, we’d discover that they all have miniscule penises. Idiot, people pay to get their genitals whipped (yup my curiosity led me to a dungeon once) but does it to a kid. I am imagining that my grandmother is enduring a similar fate as the 22 month old for eternity in Hell right now. Yeah, I mean, I’ve never potty-trained a child, but it seems to me that associating the toilet with pain is the opposite of what you should do.
She might have gotten away with it while on Earth, but once she dies, she will suffer dearly for it. Whats really bad is in prison they protect child abusers, they keep them away from general population, I had a son who was in prison, & he was having me look up certain ppl to see if they were, I would tell him NO even if they were, I did not want him in more trouble doing more time! David Shepard & Cody Kage Thought Teasing A Bear Was Funny Til One Of Them Got Bit May 24, 2016Rotten Food, Roaches, No Running Water, Shit Smeared Walls, Bathtub As Toilet, Meth (again) May 24, 2016Thomas Owens Dies In A Fire The Day He Ls Due In Court For Child Abuse. Never miss a friggin' article by checking our daily RSS feed or subscribing to our daily Newsletter!

One of the most horrific stories my mom told me was when my grandmother was angry at my uncle when he was a young boy, and decided to take a hot iron to his genitals.
Even if someone had said something, nothing would have been done other than blush and look away.
Help us continue to deliver terrible news terribly by donating a few bucks to our fundraiser above, or through Paypal. However, Pride must serve 15 years on probation and have no unsupervised contact with minors. She forced my mom, who was only 2 years older than her brother, to assist in holding him down. In the end I think it worked out for the best as it was discovered I have a nasty case of pernicious anemia and it’s hereditary. In the end it was discovered that Grandma had it too, which is what probably led to the years in a chair reading the Bible as she wouldn’t have had the energy to do much else, but that was only after a stroke and she finally got some medical attention after about 30 years of not having any at all. I hope Big Bubba kicks and stomps him in HIS genitals, and leaves welts and blood on his greg, so he’ll become sterile.

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