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When I let him get up, he dashes to the kitchen and attempts to throw away the potty-training chart. Sure enough, Dave didn't place Max on the potty seat quite right and there's pee all over the floor, which Dave is cleaning up with window cleaner as Sabrina cries pitifully. I am not going to tell you how many Samoas I consumed because someday, when I run for president, someone will use it against me. I just gave him a glass of chocolate milk because I realize he's not getting enough liquids.

Max grabs my hand, pulls me over to the doodie ice-cream timer and points; I forgot to set it. The floor isn't nearly as clean as I thought, although you would only be aware of that if you came to our house and sat on the bathroom floor which most guests do not do. Dave takes Sabrina to gymnastics and hip-hop class, and I ask him to keep her out all afternoon; it'll be easier if it's just me and Max. I could program a sentence into his speech app but I know he could say the word (or some semblance of it) if he wants to; he just doesn't want to.

One of Max's speech therapists knows an expert who helps potty-train kids with special needs. That was key for us.ReplyDeleteErica LApril 2, 2012 at 1:35 PMYay to both of you for a good start and keeping it up!!

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