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The thing is, in my experience after going through this stage with two older children, other than sleep training, potty training sucks the most.
So the idea of designating one day out of the year to celebrate the extreme challenges of motherhood may seem stupid, unnecessary, self-indulgent, or, I don’t know, forced, to some people. It hit me that most moms have extremely low hopes for their “big day” when I asked a few of my friends what they had planned for Mother’s Day. I can’t help but think that moms’ incredibly, depressingly low expectations of Mother’s Day have something to do with how little we value ourselves. I mean I loved the look on my DD’s face as I wore her pipe cleaner and bead bracelet to church. And even better is that when my DH comes home from a long day of work, and I have not made any food, I have not cleaned anything.
Today is just the day I get flowers, and stuff made from school, so I don’t really care about this day.
I don’t have any big wants because my husband and I share the household and childcare responsibilities evenly.
I was directing my comment at Melissa, but I can totally understand why you’d be confused. But I agree with you to a point: high material expectations lead to inevitable disappointment. Potty training boys potty training girls, Potty training boys and potty training girls has never been so easy thanks to this simple and effective 3 day method!.
Abc potty training – babycenter canada, A step by step guide to potty training your toddler. Potty training how to tips - potty training solved - When considering potty training, never forget that each child is unique. Potty training tips step by step potty training - pampers - Potty training is one of the major accomplishments of early childhood.
Berkeley parents network: night-time potty training, Our best solution was to buy a very large pad, and he's on his way to night potty-training himself. Ugodog indoor dog potty & house training system , Ugodog is an innovative and environmentally friendly indoor dog potty and house training system.
Potty training tips - potty training solved, You can either buy one on potty training in one day (hint: it can’t really at the bottom of the bowl or potty and not at the walls. Adele continues to dominate the Billboard charts with her record breaking album, 25, and it’s also no surprise that her smash hit, Hello, is still in heavy rotation on the airwaves. Becca’s mom and photographer, Ela Wunderli says they were inspired to create the video because Becca wouldn’t stop singing the song.
She went on to say that since the family moved to Virginia from California, she wanted to document their time living in a new state. This video begins with cute little Becca growing frustrated with her stuffed toy Wobbie and decides she doesn’t want to be Wobbie’s friend anymore. This is what happens when Me and my 3 year old daughter, Becca, are bored at home together… and we can’t get this song out of our heads! Thanksgiving is over, the leftovers are gone, the lights have been hung (thanks to an unseasonably warm weekend in the Philadelphia area), and packages are being wrapped.
It wouldn’t be Christmas season at BabyCenter without a post (probably several) about dealing with Santa.
Last year, I wrote a post asking why we lie about Santa I was disappointed to discover in the comments that parents received backlash from other parents for how they handled the situation with their own children. Sending a nasty text message to the parents of the kid that told your 12-year-old that Santa isn’t real…what does that accomplish? Should my son slip up at some point, and I get an angry phone call, I have no issue offering an apology because it was their choice to keep the Santa fantasy going.
Joey Lombardi is a technologist, wannabe chef, and a father to a very pleasant 3-year-old named Benjamin. You talk about being part of a community, but I’m not really getting that community spirit from you.
If my son should figure out the Santa hoax early I’ll do everything in my power to impress upon him the seriousness of keeping mum. So you would be mad if someone is flippant about their child telling your child that there is no Santa, but it’s okay for you to be flippant about why some parents don’t want to do the Santa myth with their children?
Probably because talking about various family Christmas traditions is a pretty innocuous seasonal discussion topic. I’m sorry but who the hell do you think you are suggesting other people who do not celebrate Christmas tell their kid Santa is real but doesn’t visit us because we celebrate different holidays?!
You believe I need to lie to my children, feed them the story as you put it, simply because you do it and don’t want my kids telling your’s the truth? I remember learning Santa is not real when I was a kid, I was very upset that my mother had been lying. Does this mean that I have to lie to my kids and tell them that Jesus, Allah, Buddah, Zeus, Freya, Brigid, and Krishna exist even though we don’t follow any of those religions, just so they don’t ruin it for other kids?
How many times have you attended a child’s birthday party, and the parents decide to get all the kids together for a group photo? It may seem odd that I would have a problem with photos of my children being posted online, considering I have a blog and various social media sites.
That said, whenever I’m at an event with my children and photos are being taken, I ask whether they plan to post it online.
If for some reason I’m unable to get parental consent, I blur the faces of the other kids before uploading to any website.
This all seems pretty standard, but it’s amazing how some people just don’t get permission to post a photo of someone else’s kid. So when it comes to people taking photos of my kids, ask permission, let me know which site the photo will appear, and turn the location off.

The preschool actually did ask us for permission about photos (I said yes for training, but no if they’re going to be posted).
Other than special circumstances (like the foster child example), I fail to see the big deal about child appearing on social media. Whitney Barthel Whitney will be 21 again this October (unfortunately for the 9th or 10th time).
Most kids are reluctant to give up their diapers and most parents don’t know when or where to even begin introducing their children to the potty. It eats up huge chunks (sorry) of your day, and the process always involves several setbacks. I hate to say this, but since I’ve potty trained two other kids already, I’m tired of going through it. I strongly dislike (insert new, angry red-faced Facebook emoji here) spending my entire day in the bathroom. My daughter has only limited interest in potty training – just look at that goof ball!
There is that day that happens rarely but it happens when I just can’t stand to have to mom anymore for that day. And I get an IOU for Captain America for next week, because I don’t do crazy opening weekends even more movies I am dying to see. It’s no wonder that so many people are singing along to the catchy tune, including 3-year-old Becca Wunderli.
The video has since picked up a lot of steam on Facebook and has been shared over 150 times and has been view over seven thousand times.
It reminds me of the time my husband recorded my daughter and me dancing to Whip Nae Nae last summer. Sometimes people are going to offer bad advice (or better advice), other parents might crinkle their noses at your child’s all plant-based lunch (without knowing all the reasons why you made it), and yeah, the Santa secret might just be spoiled by a fourth grader. My son knows what or who Santa is, but we aren’t going out of our way to promote the idea in the house. And if he blabs then you can be darn sure I will be genuinely sorry, I won’t just offer some flippant apology.
And while your kid may talk about Santa all the time, it’s probably because your family makes a big deal about Santa. My cousin started talking before 2, then stopped completely and didn’t talk again until about four. We aren’t raising our kids in the 80s and 90s like we were when the Internet was in its infancy on a mass scale. I think people who purposely tell their kids there’s no Santa just because they want the credit, or to be their kids friend are selfish.
That my entire family had been in on this elaborate joke, keeping me fully believing in this fake person and story, for their own amusement.
She asked my niece what she believed and my niece admitted that she had suspected all along. Nicholas as someone who gives to YOU (which is pretty much the entire point of Santa), you’re supposed to look upon St. Every where you turn someone is snapping a selfie and posting it on sites like Instagram and Facebook. But when it comes to people taking photos of your kids, there are a few things to consider. It may sound hypocritical to some, but I like the idea of having control over how images of my kids are being used. I don’t necessarily mind kidlet being accidentally included in the background of playground pics, but the only one shoving a camera in his face is me. I actually had someone take a photo of my son at 10 months and post it to Facebook without my consent. If you allow your child to be in a play or a dance recital or the like, other parents are going to take pictures that include them and I find that reasonable.
On top of that, there’s so much pressure from society to train your children early that if your baby is walking before they’re potty trained, you feel like a failure. And other readiness signals are there: She tells me when she has to go, albeit, mostly after the act, and she is demonstrating a solid (pun intended) understanding of what the toilet is all about. Especially since our main bathroom desperately needs to be remodeled, and I’m sick of looking at the nasty tile and cabinetry I can’t wait to get rid of. So it’s really just me trying to beat the deadline of preschool starting in the fall, since she has to be potty trained to go.
My one son will tell us most of the time when he needs a change, but the other one is usually too busy to notice.
But wouldn’t it be great if you’d created a memory, a moment, an experience to reflect upon, or taken that time for yourself, rather than treated Mother’s Day like any old Sunday? Grandma is going to watch the kids and we are going out to lunch and then the new Captain America: Civil War.
I was using the diamond earrings as an example of how high expectations can lead to disappointment.
Parents spend time and effort on activities, lifestyle choices (or requirements), and projects just to have people disagree with it or tell them there are better alternatives.
Your kids may stumble upon something that gives Ole Kris Kringle away and that’s okay. Just the other day another blogger was being outright racist and not only did he not apologize, he actually went on to say he was right.
I would have just been happy to get gifts every year, regardless of whether or not my parents told me they came from Santa. Are you some fat Archie Bunker on your dirty chair lamenting us on the “magic” of Christmas being stolen by the heathens of society??

Since when is getting your kid to believe in Santa part of the “rules” of Christmas?
Then, my sister told her that Santa is the spirit of giving and now that my niece knew, she could play Santa, too.
There’s many, many other ways people have celebrated Christmas wonderfully for thousands of years without it. Until adoption was finalized, we were not allowed to have pictures of her anywhere on social media.
Most recently an aunt shared a pic of my newborn onto her own timeline & I was like, WTF? Fortunately, potty training doesn’t have to be difficult and you can potty train your child in just 3 days.
He knows how to pull his pants and diaper down, and I let it be his decision if he wants to go or not.
But honestly, I think the hard thing is saying that *this* day over any other day is Mother’s Day.
On the other hand, if I have no expectations, a card, flowers and dinner make an awesome Mother’s Day gift. Whether recording them on our YouTube channel or writing about our adventures at my Weather Anchor Mama blog, we’re creating amazing memories that will last a lifetime. You simply tell you kid Santa totally is real, but he doesn’t visit you because you celebrate a different holiday.
If you read all of my comments on that post (or even on any post) you might find that they’re not the overwhelming negative force you think they are. If my kid lets it slip that Santa is not real and your kid gets upset, that’s on you for lying in the first place. So I highly doubt other kids go around telling kids that Santa doesn’t exist, at least not until they are older. An entity for which you have no evidence and which you were simply indoctrinated as a child to believe? He did give alms to many people even secretly, so as not to embarrass them, was a great bishop of the early church and died in 343 AD. You can say that Santa Claus does the same thing, but the much purpose of the communion of saints (in addition to intercessory prayers) is to hold up examples of Heaven worthy behavior.
Nowadays, the GPS tracking may be on, which allows for everyone to see exactly where the image was taken. If I decide to take pictures of my daughter with her friends, I always ask the parent’s permission before posting the pictures.
Also, our bathroom is tiny, so having to sit in there with both of them is going to suck a lot. No pressure, no force, no big efforts or bribes (can you say, headache?)…totally his decision. Whether you’re a single mom, a military mom, a mom in a same-sex couple, a mom of multiples, a mom of a newborn, a teenager, or an adopted child, you are a mom. And like other parents, I will also tell him not to tell other kids and let them figure it out for themselves.
I think they have agreed to disagree and don’t let this difference interfere with their relationship. For example, even though I’m opposed to what the author of that post was talking about (mostly just the racism) I still took the time to wish another commenter a happy Thanksgiving- even though I myself do not celebrate that holiday for various reasons. Of course, for someone who is offended if you question the existence of santa, what can you expect. I know that realistically anyone of my FB friends can copy my photos, but I like to think Ihave some sort of control! And whenever it was on, she would just belt it out (no shame whatsoever.) So of course I had to document it!” she told BabyCenter. She felt the need to inform the group of this (why if it’s no big deal?) and then she says she has twins. I reference my cousin who didn’t speak for two years then one day decided out of the blue to start again. He was actually initiating conversations with both adults and other children, he was not doing that 3-4 months ago. He (like so many others) decided I was the perfect person to start talking to, at random, totally unprompted. My three year old has lost phone privileges for uploading selfies to his aunts Facebook page and Facetimeing people when told it was too late to be making phone calls.
Now I have a 3 year old with a speech delay and he’s still talking a LOT about Santa already. I’m not lying, it broke my heart for a very long time to see him struggle with trying to find his words. He deserves a little magic before he grows up and realizes we live in a world where people blow each other up for no good reason. If I weren’t telling my kid about Santa, I would not take him to a party like this and trust him.
I just wanted to post a few things that worked for us thay I haven’t seen around the web. My sister did it for some time, but we’re not sure how long exactly, because I was only 2 when she was born and therefore unreliable with dates.

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