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3 years ago when Leo arrived into the world we found ourselves considering avenues we hadn't given much thought to before.
We recruited help from Leo's Granddad who has always been our go to man for financial advice, and he highly recommended that we take a look at an ISA. Now the chancellor has made an announcement in his recent budget speech in regards to changes to ISAs. Currently, you can transfer a Cash ISA into another Cash ISA or move it to a Stocks and Shares ISA. For all of the information on the New ISA, Scottish Friendly have put together a informative guide. You will also see a very helpful video below on the new ISA just have a watch of this short clip as it explains everything in a easy to follow format (using everyday words!). What I love about saving Leo's money for his future, is that he is going to have the money readily available to him when he comes of age. The day will come when Leo is very thankful that we saved up all of those pennies for him, when he is all grown up and taking the world by storm. At 3 years old your favourite story book is The Three Little Pigs, although the very first time you heard it you told me how the wolf scared you. At 3 years old your speech is coming on all of the time, and just last night you were so excited about your birthday today and you informed me that you would like a baby crocodile!
You ran around the house until gone 9pm, and your excitement was there for everyone to see.
In the year since you turned 2 we have both come so far, we have made changes and moved forward with our lives.
Turning 3 is such a big milestone, those baby days are so far behind us now that it feels like it was a lifetime ago. Growing up you have many life aspirations, it's natural and it is always good to set ourselves goals. As I got older my life aspirations changed, and by the time I was around the age of 10 I was adamant that I was going to become a vet. During my later school days I decided I would like to be a journalist, I loved to write and this seemed like a fantastic idea. Over the last year I have been scouring the internet looking for that one job that could give me the break I long for.

About The Course This is a Continuing Professional Development workshop addressing birth trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the impact a traumatic birth and subsequent mental health problems can have on the postnatal period.
About The Workshop: Baby Led Potty Training is a Continuing Professional Development course which focuses on how to apply natural infant hygiene principles to newborn care.
About The Course ‘Managing Behaviour – 4-11’ course is a Continuing Professional Development course focusing on the expected behaviour of children aged 4-11, and the strategies that can be used to manage behaviour in this age group. About The Course ‘Learning Through Play’ is a Continuing Professional Development course looking deeper in the role of play in children’s learning and how childcarers and parents can promote this. In those early days when friends and family were bestowing our beautiful boy with gifts and treats, we were inundated with a very generous sum of money for Leo. It will be possible for new subscriptions to be split in any proportion between a New Cash ISA and New Stocks and Shares ISA - currently, investments into a Cash ISA are limited to a maximum of £5,940. If you already have an Cash or Stocks and Shares ISA, you won't be able to open a New ISA of the same type from 1 July. From 1 July this will automatically convert into a New ISA meaning your allowance will increase to £15,000. These days you anticipate how the wolf will huff and puff in order to eat the Three Little Pigs.
This truly is the first year that you have grasped the fact that something exciting was about to happen.
I told you how the birthday fairy would only come once you had gone to bed and succumbed to sleep. Those toddler days are now fading away in the rear view mirror, and you are now officially a little boy. To this day I don't know why I didn't pursue this more, as looking back it still seems like a desirable career choice. I have read job description after job description, and hoped that the next one would be the one for me. You simply have to enter the job position you are looking for, and it will bring up a search result of everything that matches that criteria. Therefore, the investor will have more choice on where to put their money; invest it all in a New Cash ISA, split it however you want between a New Cash ISA and New Stocks and Shares ISA or invest the full subscription amount in a New Stocks and Shares ISA. Instead, your existing ISA will turn into a New ISA and your annual limit will automatically increase to £15,000.

However, with an existing Stocks and Shares ISA, you can only transfer it into another Stocks and Shares ISA. You were so excited that even when I got you to bed to read you your story, you hopped back up again when you heard Auntie Alice returning home. I told you that when you awoke in the morning that she would have been and sprinkled her magic everywhere just for you. At 2 years old you took on your very first rollercoaster and loved it so much we had to do it again and again.
A little boy who this time next year will be turning four and starting school in the September. This years birthday theme is of course Cars, so keep your eyes peeled for that much coveted Lightning McQueen Cake! Right now though I am still trying to find my dream job, I have ideas and in the perfect world I would be working from home. I may not have found my dream position just yet but I do however have a meeting with a local company this Thursday to discuss their social media requirements.
Certification: The students  will receive certificate of attendance at the end of the course.
However, from 1 July 2014, the New ISA will also enable you to transfer your savings from New Stocks and Shares ISAs to New Cash ISAs as you wish. You got up and said 'Want to see Aiya!', because even though you can say Alice as clear as day these days, Aiya has kind of stuck around as her nick name. You ran down the stairs with your bear book, you wanted to show her how you could count the trains, boats and bikes on the inside of the book. I am truly excited to attend this meeting and think it will be great work experience for my CV, who know this could be the break I am looking for! You did just that and you counted the 4 bikes and the 3 trains all the while looking increasingly proud of yourself.

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