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Yes, I know boys eventually pee standing up but I'm so NOT ready for the aiming mess that will inevitably follow that & I don't have the "right parts" to show him exactly how to do it. Anyway, I read a lot of blogs, articles, books on "how to potty train boys" since I only had girl experience before.
My intention was for each row to be for a day (I didn't put days of the week because I didn't know if I'd actually start on a Sunday - in reality we started mid-week and it probably would have confused him to put stickers half way down on the chart at the beginning).
I started those first 4 days with taking him to the potty every hour (during the day) asking him to "try" to pee or poo. On day 6, he started telling ME that he felt pee or poo coming (for example, he'd run up to me and yell "MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY PEE PEE COMING!"). Yesterday was the end of the first week and he kept the SAME pants dry ALL day (naptime included)! As if I couldn't be any prouder of him, he FINALLY told me yesterday afternoon that he felt POO coming!
This morning, I got the best "potty training present" yet when he woke me up to tell me he had to pee and his pullup was still DRY! Army Wife & Mom of 4 (infant-11 yrs) interested in household, cleaning, education & children's products! MOMentarily Distracted by Virginia (Ginny) Daniel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. You know, there are always those stages about the kids that all parents say, oh I miss that, they're growing so fast and blah, blah, blah. The beginning was the hardest; planning a 3 day weekend to stay at home doing this was super hard for me, nothing to look up to really, except for the fact that she would be done with diapers.
Derek and Adrian were out on Friday for work and school, so it was easy to focus on Maya and then on Saturday and Sunday Derek took Adrian out for long periods of time, so it was mostly Maya and me at home, which made it easy, I concentrated on her and as you know, I had my potty training checklist, so lots of activities prepared, fun different ways to drink liquids and lots of prizes. She loved them all but her most favorite was doing crafts with glue, she used up the whole glue bottle I had!
We watched TV, we baked cookies, she played with play dough, she did puzzles, she did tons of different crafts and she colored too. She was busy crafting or coloring and all of sudden she started peeing, I immediately grabbed her and carried her to the toilet while she was still going!
By the end of day 3 she was actually asking to go a lot more than she needed to, sometimes she would ask like 3 times in a row and nothing came out, but she made sure to ask: Mami, are you going to give me a surprise? She does feel bigger and says it, she says she isn't a baby anymore, that she is a big girl and she feels proud.
The priceless moments were the ones where I could see her so excited after going sucessfully, I loved that and then seeing her do her little dance before she needs to go, I can recognize it instantly! After her potty training we feel she has developed in other ways, she talks more clearly, she acts differently and for some reason she just looks bigger. Igual que paso con el entrenamiento de ir al bano en 3 dias de Adrian, yo estoy impresionada.
El comienzo fue lo mas dificil; tener que planear un fin de semana de 3 dias para quedarme en la casa con ella haciendo esto no era algo que me gustaba poner en el calendario, lo unico que me animaba era el hecho de que no tuviera que cambiar mas panales y Mayita ya estaba grande como para eso, que pena!!
Derek y Adrian no estuvieron en la casa el viernes porque estaban en el trabajo y en colegio respectivamente, asi que fue facil enfocarme en Maya nada mas y luego el sabado y el domingo Derek se llevo a Adri por un buen tiempo, eso me ayudo mucho, yo estaba pendiente de ella todo el tiempo y como ya saben, tenia mi lista y todo preparado ya con muchas actividades, premios y diferentes maneras de tomar liquidos.
A ella le encanto todo y la actividad que mas le gusto fue la de usar la pega, me uso todo el pote de pega que tenia! Vimos tele, hicimos galletas, jugo con plastilina, armo rompecabezas, hizo bastantes manualidades y coloreo tambien. Ella empezo a hacer sus actividades muy ocupadita cuando de repente se hizo pipi ahi mismo, yo inmediatamente la agarraba y la llevaba tal cual a la poceta mientra que el pipi seguia saliendo!! Al final del tercer dia ya estaba hasta pidiendo ir mas de lo que necesitaba, algunas veces pedia como 3 veces una detras de otra y nada hacia, pero mientras estabamos en el bano me preguntaba: Mami, me vas a dar un premio? El entrenamiento durante la noche fue un poquito mas dificil, pero le hice un diagrama (igualito al de Adrian!): Leer un libro, ir al bano, cepillarse los dientes, ir a la cama y amanecer con la cama sequita.
Ella se siente grande y lo dice, ella me dice, mami, no soy una bebe porque no tengo panales, soy una nina grande y lo dice con orgullo. Los momentos que me gusta mas recordar de todo esto fueron cuando estaba super emocionada de que hizo en la poceta y su expresion era increible y despues de verla que tiene ganas y empezaba a bailar! The Big Kid Academy is an online tool that has a world-class library of potty training tips and advice from parenting experts, medical professionals and best of all, parents who have been there.
The moment I enrolled the twins in the Big Kid Academy, I started scouring the site for helpful tips and tricks to get us started.

Aside from the whole testing it out as a hat, they seemed pretty excited about wearing their big boy pants and sitting on the potty. This looks like the face of a boy who is ready to master this whole potty training business and thanks to the Big Kid Academy, mama is ready too! I’m babysitting a 2 year old boy that I started potty training back in August he did so great an in a month was in regular undies but now after almost 4 months he has suddenly quit caring an just pees everywhere. Just reading these comments makes me wonder if we are trying too hard to potty train simply because we’re tired of changing diapers.
My son just turned 2, but everytime I go to use the bathroom he sits on his potty fully clothed. I say "hard-core" because we had put him on a baby potty and even on the big potty with the seat before and he went, but we didn't push it because he wasn't really all that interested. The doctors have also told us he is "gifted" with his "boy bits" so the baby potty never really worked for us because that LITTLE lip they put on to keep boys from peeing on the floor wasn't big enough.
He likes it because he got to pick it out at the store - it has Disney Cars characters on it.
To me, I didn't think it should really be any different, but I know boys & girls learn differently so I did my research. I also took him after each meal & before nap & bedtimes - regardless of how long it had been since the last time he "tried" or actually went.
I pray this success continues in the coming weeks because it would be REALLY nice to only have 2 in diapers when our new little boy comes in just 6 short weeks! She did start telling me she had to go potty because she noticed she got the prizes and she even started asking for certain prizes, she would say: Mami, I'll wait here for the prize but don't give me more lollipops, or don't give me more stickers!
I started getting worried that I didn't have enough surprises to give her and what would happen if I didn't give her one? I made a night routine chart for her (same as Adrian's!): Reading a book, going potty, brushing her teeth, going to be and keeping the bed dry.
We make sure not to give her much liquids a couple of hours before bed and it is getting better, I think that right now she wets her bed 1 day of the week only, not bad. Si empezo a decirme mas que queria ir al bano porque noto lo de los premios, hasta empezo a pedirme ciertos premios, me decia: Mami, yo me quedo aqui y espero por el premio pero no me des mas chupetas o calcomanias!
Durante esos 3 dias tuvo solo un dia en el que no mojo la cama y de ahi en adelante ha mojado la cama bastantes veces pero poco a poco ya menos y se despierta y me avisa que esta mojada al menos. Tratamos de no darle mucho liquido como 2 horas antes de su hora de dormir y eso ayuda, en estos dias podria decir que todavia moja la cama como una vez a la semana lo cual esta nada mal.
Creciendo cada dia.ReplyDeleteMarixsa5:56 PMTres dias suena intenso pero tal vez no lo es si estan listos! Not only have they been fascinated by the toilet itself, but they have started letting us know that they are actually going, which is another sign that our potty training days are upon us.
First thing I checked out was the 10 signs Of Readiness, to see just how ready they really were.
He’ll still go on the potty when I put him on there which I do a lot to prevent this but he still will just go an pee somewhere. We bought a potty seat and showed my son how it sat on the toliet and we let him sit on it while it was on the floor.
I like it because it has a larger lip on the front to keep the pee going where it needs to be & not on my bathroom floor! I figure we'll figure it out sitting down first and if he gets that down well enough, we can try standing up when we are out in public (since public potties are just gross).
I'll eventually be creating a Disney Princess one for our little girl when she's ready to start using the potty and will add a link here when that EVENTUALLY happens (she's only 14 months old right now so it'll be a little while yet). Days 2 & 3 it was a "full pee" that soaked his underwear & pants, but on day 4, he caught himself "mid-pee" and finished on the potty so just his underwear got a LITTLE wet. Starting on day 5, I began asking if he felt pee or poo coming and he would answer "yes" or "not yet".
She did have one night of those 3 days that she didn't wet the bed and then after that she has been wetting the bed a lot, but I refuse to use pull-ups or anything else, it goes against this training. The problem is that she loves to come to our bed sometimes at the middle of the night so we are trying to change that, I try and take her to the bathroom as soon as she comes or I try to take her back to her bed again and have succeeded little by little because she already peed twice in our bed after the training and only the second time we were prepared with some improvised liners but it didn't work not as well.
La lleve al menos como 3 veces asi antes de que ella empezara a agarrar la idea y decirme que queria ir. Pero no me gusta ponerle panales de entrenamiento ni nada porque va en contra de todo este entrenamiento.

El problema es que a veces le gusta ir a la medianoche a nuestra cama y ya se ha hecho 2 veces, la segunda ya teniamos varias toallas preparadas pero no fueron suficientes entonces poco a poco la estado acostumbrando a llevarla al bano de inmediato cuando viene a nosotros o regresarla a su cama, cosa que no ha sido nada facil pero si hemos progresado. Mi tecnica es mas como 3 semanas, pero al cumplir los 2 anos, que es cuando los he visto mas interesados, primero a mi nino, luego a la nina.
Well nothing in life is but why can this baby come with an instruction mannuel or something? The first couple of time that my son sat on it while it was on the potty he got a reward, but then we told him that he has to go pee on the potty like Mommy and Daddy.
I'm hoping that little princess will get some use out of it in the not-too-distant future so I'm hanging onto it.
By day 4 we had also phased out getting a sticker for just sitting on the potty - he now only got them when he went pee or poo.
Proud and happy because we don't have anymore diapers around the house and it was done basically in 3 days!
Now that he is two, we try to sit on the potty everynight and when he goes he gets a reward. Everything was ok, slowly I didn't give her more prizes after that weekend, I didn't even say no, I just diverted her attention to something else and she forgot about it (sometimes!). Claro, orgullosa eso si, porque no tenemos que lidiar con mas panales y lo hicimos en 3 dias! Until you get pregnant, or get old, but that’s another story, ha!) But in the middle of training a tiny tot how to use the pot, it can really feel like an eternity and success is far away.
His mom has even said he has quit getting up at night to go potty an has had to go back tobpull ups at night.
No me acordaba como habia pasado esa transicion con Adrian en cuanto a los premios pero a la final todo salio bien, poquito a poco ella me seguia preguntando y yo me hice la loca varias veces y le cambiaba el tema y a ella se le olvidaba (a veces!).
I did buy him some big boy underwear to wear aroung the house, if he pees in them he knows what it feels like to be wet, as opposed to his diaper. My good friend Christina had recommended it and it worked very well with both of her kids, so, having no other ideas and knowing I wanted him potty trained before he was three, I jumped on it. My husband and I BOTH got the flu on day two, which prolonged the three-day process into a five-day process.
For a few weeks, things were pretty good, but because I’m not terribly consistent with anything, he started slipping and I was finding puddles all over the house (thank goodness most of our house was hardwoods!). Otherwise, he’d never tell me he needed to go and would go on the floor or in his pants. It drove me totally batty because I was literally cleaning pee up off the carpet all day long.I had remembered reading to never punish your child at the beginning of the process for having accidents, and I totally agreed. We did it with Grayson until he totally lost interest once he started crawling, but from four to nine months he was going on the potty and his diapers were mostly dry! He even started having accidents on the upholstery, so I knew I had to do something.My mom recommend using a chart, and really encouraged me to stick with it. I was going the other direction before and it was so negative, punitive, and just no fun at all. She is a mama to three precious and energetic little boys and wife to a university professor who loves to sing, dance ballet and ballroom, and live simply and naturally. Kyle is in underpants, but is sent for a potty break all the time, and he has never pooped anywhere but in his pants. We conquered the poop during the 3 day potty training where he wore no diapers for 3 days and we literally went no where for those days and did intense potty training.
But, by day 2, he was pooping on the potty just fine because I would catch him starting to go, then run him over to the potty.
He’s younger than most boys, but I think he can do it, and I just want to get it out of the way before #2! I think younger is always better- they really start to get set in their ways after 2 years old.

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