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In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up to win tickets tomorrow for Bluegrass for Babies! We like to focus our potty training method on staying dry, not the actual act of using the toilet.
If you are just starting the potty training process then take a look at our 3 Day Potty Training method. When preparing for Maya's bootcamp I got excited buying her little treats and rewards, and the idea of a visual checklist came to my mind, so I wanted to share the potty training checklist I made with you, it's just eye candy! I'll come back later with more details of how it all went (3 days at home with Maya, no going out!!) and more pictures of Maya during the weekend.
Este fin de semana que paso finalmente le hice el entrenamiento para ir al bano a Maya, por fin!! Cuando me estaba preparando para el bootcamp de Maya me emocione comprandole premios y sopresitas y tuve la idea de hacer una lista visual de todas las cosas que iba a tener preparadas asi que aqui la comprato con ustedes. After our experience potty training Madeline I promised myself if I ever had to potty train another child I would totally let them hold the reins on their potty training experience.
Somehow in the last month or so I did a total 180 and started scheming to get Delaney potty trained now, even though she had yet to say she was ready to be exclusive with underwear.
So we dove into a blend of the 3 Day Potty Training e-book and other tidbits from knowledgeable friends and internet searches. Have you potty trained your kids in quick fashion or was your approach more of a slow and steady vibe? Take 10 With Tricia ™ is my place to unload about parenthood (mommying), relationships, recipes, events, giveaways, my favorite products, and crazy things my kids say (that probably only I will find amusing). I can say that I have successfully potty trained our second son, Mason, with this same method. You would think that it would be the other way around, but the entire process is difficult and stressful. Potty training is a hard task to learn so I like to make sure that I am setting my children up for success. Frugal Fanatic is her place to share practical ways to save money, make money and tips for everyday life.

I read the first one that you posted when you potty trained your oldest and took tips from it to potty train my son! I wish I could include everything (specially the activities we did) but I'm content with what the checklist has, it's just fun to look at, and if you decide to follow the same method, you can look at this checklist that will help you! I got this potty training method a long time ago when potty training Adrian, I love it and believe in it, it inspired me to make this checklist and share it again here.
La verdad no puedo creer que ya no va a tener panales, ya hasta pena me daba verla tan grande y con panal pero no importa, igual se los cuento porque seguro hay otras mamas como yo que tienen hijos de 3 anos con panal tambien. Me gustaria poder incluir todo (especialmente todas las acitividades que hicimos) pero no cabe, en todo caso me gusta como quedo, es divertido de ver y si hacen ese metodo alguna vez, que se los recomiendo muchisimo, ya tienen una guia! Adquiri este metodo desde que ensene a Adrian a ir al bano, me gusta mucho y me inspiro a hacer esta lista y por eso lo quise compartir. I planned to wait until our child straight up told me “yo, Mom what’s with these diapers you keep putting on me? Spending several days from beginning to end right at Delaney’s side shined a big bright light on how much I fill my days with things other than one-on-one time with her.
As the mom to two young girls, Catherine spends a good deal of her time feeding her family, cleaning up after feeding her family and planning the next meal she will feed her family.
Find out how you can make money shopping online or how to start a blog to start earning cash from home now! I let Delaney pick out underwear covered in Elmo and Frozen characters, bought some treats, cleared a few days on the calendar, and set a date to get this kid out of diapers. A friend and a Luke teamed up to take over school pick-up duties and I was totally free to focus completely on the plan we had in place.
Or in our case the potty training version of a white flag; a flower patterned Honest Company Diaper. Here’s what my failed attempt at potty training Delaney in 3 (but really 6) days taught me. We run any number of errands, I clean, pay bills, and do all that stuff that needs done because it’s oh-so-important. Sometimes my job is to direct my children as I see fit and sometimes my job is to see what direction would suit them the best.

With this in mind we’ll be doing a much gentler and slower approach when she is ready. When she isn't feeding people, cleaning, running errands or volunteering in her daughter's school, she enjoys running, reading, writing, and cooking for fun. I had put off potty training Mason because in the past I thought he was ready when in fact he was not.
After all, anyone who’s done any reading online knows you can potty train your child in 3 days or less.
We even had an additional 2 days built-in over the weekend and most of Monday before I would have to head out to get Madeline from school. But really in the last week nothing burned down, grew mold, or fell apart because I wasn’t right on top of it.
At this point taking a step back and letting her take the lead on her own potty training is the way to go for us. I didn’t do any of those fancy potty train in 3 days plans with Maddy and Delaney is a totally different kid than Madeline, obviously this time would be totally different right? Pero tengo que seguir tus pasos, si te ha funcionado tan bien dos veces, esta mas que probado.Gracias por esta entrada, por las fotos y las recomendaciones. I knew the job would be tough, and trying but I didn’t really doubt that if we followed all the steps in place we would succeed in having a fully potty trained kiddo. Shortly into my tenure as a mom I realized motherhood - quite frankly - is a jungle and I was going to need to keep evolving to survive. We like to focus on our children telling us when they need to go, but sometimes that just does not happen. Te recomiendo mucho el bootcamp, de verdad que es un esfuerzo no matter what (para uno como madre!!) pero al dedicarle los 3 dias siento que le quita a uno un peso de encima, despues siguen algunos accidentes pero ya loa agarra, hazlo hazlo Pati!!

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