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It is a lil kids 6V battery powered ATV that is available in three colors: pink, red and yellow.
It is a 6V battery powered sports car with big battery motor that is a perfect gift for your kids. Drivers have to make their own cars, as we decided some time ago that no one should be able to just fork over money and buy a CycleKart. Hot rod red frame, nubby black tires and easy-grip steering wheel make the Hape Driver a primo choice for a cool ride. This big CAT dump and construction truck is made by Mega Bloks and is a toy truck that has 3 in 1 play styles. Further More here are some more advantages of this ride on toy truck for toddlers age 1 to 3. This truck is very good for helping toddlers transition from crawling, to walking, to riding!
So if it was not for these drawbacks and problems with its realistic truck sounds and building blocks, the 3-in-1 Ride On Dump Truck should make a excellent toy truck and a gift for any small child.
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Okay, unless you have been living under a rock you are very familiar with the movie frozen. This is a really cool concept because you having the building aspect, but they are also squeezable and soft. Okay this one is more for a girl than a boy, but I have caught my son playing with my daughters old doll houses on numerous occasions so you never know! This one requires a little more work from the parent, but it offers a lot of fun for the child. Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out this list of top ten best gift ideas for your 2-4 year old boy or girl.
In the collection below I've gathered some colourful construction toys which can give lots of fun and inspire a creative play for the kids. I used to love seeing the ads in print when I lived near Portland; they have such a fun spirit to them.
Toddlers will have a blast scooping up toy bricks and small toys, dumping them out of the dump bed, and driving a big toy truck like this for the very first time. Whether or not construction sounds are a part of your daily life, the toy’s realistic noises can grow a little tiresome. That’s the story of this big Dump Construction Ride On Toy Truck For Toddlers 1 To 3 Year Old. Hasbro Tonka Ricochet Tricksters Remote Control Vehicles 7 Gift Ideas For Kids Below US $30! It starts young, I have a 1.5 year old at home that loves to build with just about anything he can get his hands on. With these you assemble gear type blocks, they have pegs in them so you can insert a handle. What a great way for your child to flex their imagination and learn to play without electronics or television.

The scooters are nice because it really helps teach your child balance and coordination which are important to develop at this age.
I hope that this list has made your life a little easier and gave you some selection on what to get your child for this Christmas or holiday season.
New Brake Design - a new brake design allows for greater speed-control on hills, easy to use and effective..
The full drop through also minimizes the height added by the Sidewinders, which makes it easier to push. Perfectly built for little bodies, this construction 3-in-1 Ride-On Toy Dump Truck is the right height for kids who still spend much of their time crawling and playing on the floor. Thankfully, the truck toy doesn’t have to be turned on to be played with and comes completely assembled.
Welcome to my toys site, where I provide realistic reviews to help you select the best toys for your kids. Have no fear, this is why I compiled a list of the top ten best gift ideas ages 2-4 year old boy and girl 2014. They are over sized to make it easy for them to see and attach to relative blocks to build actual structures and use their imagination.
I am getting some of these for my child this year for Christmas but haven’t had the opportuniy to use them  yet. These blocks are shaped geometrically so can form together to make some really cool structures. I found out that there are several companies that make tablets designed for kids around the 2-4 age group. I take my 1.5 year old son to my 6 year olds basketball practice and it drives him mad not being able to get out there and play.
Play doh has many creative sets that include molds and different ways to play with the play doh.
My children absolutely loved to dress up and engross themselves in whatever world their large imagination wanted to take them. This will force you to take some time out of your day to sit down and spend some time with your child. My daughter used to sit for hours and play with her dolls, dressing them up and organizing the furniture in their home. They love getting around on wheels and are getting development out of it, it’s a win for everyone!
The great thing is, they enjoy riding in them but they also like putting dolls or action figures inside them and pushing them around as well. This will provide you updates with our latest videos and updates to what new fact pages we create!
While this dump truck is too heavy for children to pick up, its design is compact enough for parents to move it with one hand from one room to the next, or quickly pack it in the back seat of the car. I have done research for many many hours for my own kids, which has made it possible for me to help others by compiling this list. It really begins to make sense and they can start to actually create some pretty cool stuff.

They come in classic colors or have a set that has more pink in it to appeal to a little girl. You will find something for your 2-4  year old boy and girl 2014.  Click the photo below to see all the sets that are available! It’s a great idea because it promotes some critical thinking and the payoff is huge for your child when all their gears turn! It’s fun to put your structure together and see it stay in place by the magnet technology. Some of them are legitimate tablets while others are simplified versions of tablets made specifically with child designed apps and features. You can get many different colors for a very low price making this an affordable and fun gift. Everyone is a little guilty of getting overly busy and spending less time than they should with their child. I promised myself that I would get my children these vehicles since I always wanted one but never got one as a kid. It can be difficult finding that perfect gift for your child, but there are many things out there that you probably either forgot about or never knew existed. The great thing is, they make building sets that are specifically designed for kids of these ages.
I actually decided to write up a small guide that helps parents decide which tablet best fits their child’s needs and learning level.
Play doh helps your child use cognitive thinking combined with flexing their artistic creativity. Whether its their favorite character or maybe even something they have not seen before, there is something out there for your child.
This gives you a great excuse to sit down and really have some fun with your child, everyone wins with a board game. Click the link below so you can see what’s out there and what you think your child would enjoy! Some customers have complained that front of the truck is too low to the floor to give a smooth ride on carpet with a child sitting on the toy or in garden grass lawns. My daughter wants to dress up as any of the Frozen characters making dress up clothes a great Christmas gift ideas. But they love to do it, and it’s great for giving your child some positive reinforcement! A couple that come to mind are shoots and ladders, hi ho cherry-o, candyland and many many more. Click below to see what play doh set’s are available as a great Christmas gift idea for a 2-4 year old boy or girl in 2014. Click the link below to see some great board games for a 2-4 year old boy and girl in 2014.

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