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Every child develops in their own unique way, so while you can predict the sequence of key milestones, it is impossible to tell when they will arrive. Toddlers are confident in their physical skills, but they may not have the control to know when to stop and test limits on physical activities. Toddlers are starting to learn about relationships and developing a sense of empathy, but they may not yet be ready for sharing or controlling their impulses as they interact with others. Each child develops at their own pace so just because they are not at the developmental stage that is the same as others around them does not mean that there is necessarily something wrong. If you employ a child care provider, talk to them about what kind of food and drinks they serve and how much exercise the children get.
Allowing your child to play with others will teach them how to make friends and how to socialize properly.
You will need to remove hazards such as sharp objects which could make your home unsafe, but still encourage your child to move around and explore. Do not push toilet training before your child is ready, but watch for signs that your child could be understanding their body and its needs more effectively. By Brittany Dixon 52 Comments Our experience potty training a two year old, complete with what worked and what didn’t. At 4 days in, I’m hardly a seasoned veteran, but before I forget what the beginning was like, I wanted to share our experience with potty training at two and a half years old. The Lead Up: We’ve been thinking about potty training for a while and why we chose to wait until I was 35 weeks pregnant?
Second, I would either pull the pull up or diaper down the child's legs, the comfort of the diaper is still there, but the child actually urinates in the toilet.
A behavior chart for urinating in the toilet may be helpful as well with an agreed upon prize for 5 days of urinating in the toilet.
Gross Motor Development for School AgeA school age child’s physical development has increased considerably at this point. A child’s environment and unique experiences will also have a significant impact on when they reach specific milestones. Toddlers have difficulty understanding the difference between things that are real or imaginary, which means they will appreciate make-believe play.

They will enjoy playing with other children and mimicking adults as they learn how to better use these skills.
If you find that there are warning signs that your child is missing developmental cues you can always speak to your doctor about your concerns. If they cannot climb onto low furniture or stairs without difficulty or seem less active than children around them. Do not allow your child to go unsupervised when they are around water which could pose a drowning risk. Encourage indoor and outdoor activities which are open-minded and encourage your child to explore activities such as dress-up or making a fort out of cardboard boxes.
They may not be ready to share or take turns so do not be discouraged if this poses a challenge. Reciting rhymes, singing songs or making up your own stories are also fun activities that spur development. Start teaching them what is involved in using the toilet and offer praise when they seem to understand that they need to use the bathroom. Give them simple tasks such as assembling sandwiches or tossing a salad will make them feel like they are taking part. There won’t be any shots of Hailey on the potty (too personal in my opinion) and I’ll use the language we use (tee-tee, potty and poopie – yes, go ahead and cringe, I still do). Personally I prefer the Minnie Mouse because I don’t have to clean it out, but I wanted her to have options. This occurs as a toddler has a better grasp of the rules of the language, through increased vocabulary and learning new skills.
Apart from the physical development, toddlers at 2-3 years focus on learning more about themselves.
They should learn how to perform activities like jump, kick a ball or climb stairs if they have not already. If your child throws frequent tantrums and does not speak clearly enough to let their caregiver know they need something, or do not appear to be trying to use words this is also a sign of difficulty. Rather than making a production out of it, offer bites to taste and avoid giving them excessive attention for bad behavior.

Respond to things your child says by rephrasing questions to start encouraging proper grammar.
If you start this process too early it could lengthen the time it takes for your child to learn the concept.
This is also a great way to start teaching math skills like measurements or time as well as how to follow a sequence of instructions. About a week before tackling it, we started talking to Hailey about using the big girl potty like mommy.
If the child is comfortable urinating in a diaper, first I would teach him to urinate sitting down and I would have him sit on toilet in diaper or pull-up to urinate. They are becoming increasingly familiar with the concept of conversation and through play and social interactions it strengthens and improves their verbal skills. Watch to see if your child does not seem interested in interacting with adults or other children and appears to be in their own world much of the time or if they appear to lack the ability to feed themselves. Watch when they are feeding themselves to ensure they will not choke and remove broken toys or small objects within their reach which pose a similar hazard. Limit television time and activities on electronic devices to 1-2 hours a day and do not allow these devices in the bedroom. In doing this she’d get to wear her BIG GIRL undies (this is a BIG deal and we talked it up majorly). In particular toddlers will enjoy mixing with other children their own age, even though at times they can't always understand each other. This time can be frustrating, but also quite exciting as your child starts to develop the emotional, social and thinking skills they need to make sense of the world.
It is important to remember that these children are still babies and need plenty of guidance from their caregivers as well.

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