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Thanks for the creative Ideas I have a 3 year old brother and it gets hard to think of different things to do with him when I watch him!!!!! For 140-character asides on media, journalism, cars, HE, politics, cricket and Doctor Who, follow Robin on Twitter .
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If you are new here check out No Time For Flash Cards on Pinterest and join our Facebook community for more great ideas. Tape painters tape sticky side out on a window or wall and have your child stick what they find on it. So often we get wowed by the big shiny complicated things when really the basics are what kids need the most.
With her brother home from school for the summer my attempts at forcing the issue have been met with refusal.

Unless, of course, you’re raising a boy on dress-up and dolls, although that would be unorthodox.
I am going to try again in a month when her brother returns to school but in the meantime she has quiet time, earlier bedtimes and lots of simple activities like these peppered throughout the day.

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