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Cindy Kimberly was a normal 17-year-old student making $3 an hour as a babysitter, but now thanks to a viral shout out from pop star Justin Bieber, she is one of the most popular users on Instagram and an overnight celebrity.
The Daily Mail tracked down more information about Cindy Kimberly, finding that she lives in Spain in the Costa Blanca resort of Denia. The Daily Mail also found that Kimberly has a bit of trouble in her past, including a run-in with police when she was either 15 or 16. While Justin Bieber was searching for the mystery Instagram girl, his real-life former girlfriend was stirring up some drama as well. This was already a bit of a sore subject for Justin Bieber, who expressed some frustration that One Direction’s album would end up dropping on the same exact day of his album.

It turns out that Bieber has been making other headlines for his interaction with underage girls. Just a Texan sharing pics that I've personally acquired from straight guys, mostly military men.
Selena Gomez, who had an on-again off-again relationship with Bieber for several years, has now started a new romance with One Direction singer Niall Horan. Justin Bieber’s unsolicited shout-out has brought all kinds of attention, with thousands of new followers and people leaving all kinds of messages, from compliments on her looks to some leaving spiteful messages and others defending the teen. At a concert in Toronto this week, the 21-year-old singer was interacting a bit with the crowd and acknowledging his young fans.

And in a recent comment on a fan-made Instagram account, Selena appeared to take a dig at Bieber.

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How to potty train 3 yrs old


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