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With their imaginations gearing up for a magical childhood, 2 year olds are able to play simple pretend games and will benefit from adult guidance in their play. It's an exciting year as your two year old expands her vocabulary and starts to exercise her imagination. Sign up for Email Updates and receive fun updates on exclusive promotions and special offers! Best way to encourage your kids to love to read (later on that is) is to start reading books with them (to them) as early as possible. Following on from my blog on 3 Year Old Girl Gifts I realised that finding gifts for boys age 3 can be a little more tricky, so here’s a few great gift ideas, if you are struggling! Toy trains and cars are also highly recommended for 3 year old boys and there are so many exciting presents you can buy under this theme including garages, race tracks and train sets.
Kids’ Gardening Kits and Cooking Sets make great presents as many boys this age love to copy mummy and daddy. 3 year old boys and dinosaurs just seem to go together, so a dinosaur pillow pet is a great gift.

I loved them as a kid and wished there would be more girl building block people and pink blocks. If your little girl is one of those who keeps asking for just one more time on the slide (100 times) before leaving the playground this one is worth checking. The Little Nut brown Hare shows his dad how much he loves him in many different and fun ways and his dad shows him how much he loves him back. If you want to link to a project you can use 1 picture (collage, not the actual printable) with a proper link back.
These gifts have not only been thoroughly played with but have also kept their concentration, enthusiasm and interest. These can be used both indoors and out and will ensure children keep healthy and burn off some energy. So whether it’s helping in the kitchen or in the garden, they will love using their own gardening set or baking set.
I help connect quality toys to educational purpose, so you can give gifts that do more than just entertain.

Although you'll hear her say "no" a lot this year, she will also begin asking "why," "what," and "how" questions.
I was a bit of a tomboy but I loved pink!  Anyway building blocks are great for child's development - they are great for fine motor skills, creativity and imaginative play. They will play for hours both on their own and with their friends in their very own play tent. Most play tents are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, so can be used whatever the weather.

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