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Fasten your seat belt, push the pedal to the metal and drive your dream car and then find the parking spot! This boat parking simulator will give you a free recreational trip to stilt house villages and give you the feeling of sailing through amazing environments. You can also sit inside all of the 23 trains.I originally wrote this game for my 18 month old son. In this game you can just click to set the railway in the right direction and then click on the train to make it move.

As a captain of the boat, your challenge is to avoid hurdles, manage your speed and steering, and ultimately park the motor boat.Parking a boat can be very fun and challenging task.
While keeping in mind the physics of the water and the bobbing motion of a boat, sail and park in the indicated spots.
You get to choose between several amazing options and you can win the levels by completing your parking missions before the time runs out and without crashing your vehicle. Forget about the usual oceans, rivers, and streams; enjoy a boat ride in this unique and realistic environment!

Good Luck for this game!!Category: Racing Games Train Racing Games Related Games Stick Out BMX Racing Game. In this game avoid obstacles on your way and watch your health bar and collect the coins placed along the road.

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