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So your baby is approaching four months old, and you’re busy looking out for those 4 month old milestones. By the time your little one gets to four months old, you won’t be able to stop them from smiling and laughing! When it comes to eating and the diet, a typical four month old baby would have developed leaps and bounds compared to the three month mark. Now, while all these changes will certainly be thrilling to parents, nothing is quite as thrilling as hearing your baby say “dada” or “baba” for the first time!
The four month stage of your baby’s life promises to be filled with excitement and new experiences with your little one. Don’t think too much about your excitement, however, because you’re just like many other parents who excitedly look forward to their baby doing something new every day! Just about everything will thrill them, mainly because they’re learning more and more about their environment. Babies at this age usually spend more time holding up their own body weight on their legs and test their limits before slumping back down onto their butts!
A four month old baby typically pushes out the first tooth by this stage, which is a very important memory and milestone for the parents!

Well, a typical baby at this age should weigh anywhere between 11 and 18 pounds, based on the pediatricians’ estimates. Four month old babies are notorious for spitting out such words and many parents end up crying when they hear them. You are guaranteed to enjoy this phase as your baby explores its abilities and displays eagerness to get out into the world! Parents often take photographs of their baby smiling with the little tooth standing out in the vacant gums. In fact, mothers and fathers vie to claim the title of Parent Whose Name The Baby Called First!
I have a wonderful, bright, spacious, and cheery preschool room, and the best part is I never have to leave my own daughters or my home to teach. I have felt really blessed to have my own preschool the past three years, to have been able to teach my own children, and to have been able to have taught so many children that are dear to my heart who feel like an extension of my own family.At the beginning of each month I send home a newsletter with my preschoolers that helps bridge the school and home connection. I absolutely LOVE children's literature and for me I can't have enough children's books in my own personal library.
One thing I might start doing is highlighting a few books that we love at home.Those of you who work with children or have children know that you have to be flexible when it comes to your schedule.

Sometimes I end up reading all of the books listed on the newsletter, and other times I will notice that my students are interested in a certain subject matter or author so I wander away from my reading list to follow their interests.You will notice that I like to have one or two more themes each month. We are learning about what animals are found on a farm, what farmers do on a farm, what kind of of food is harvested on a farm, and what the animals homes look like on a farm.
My two classes were fortunate to learn a little about farms when we went on a wonderful field trip this past October.
And then at the end of each month I reflect upon the areas where I feel my students are thriving and where I feel they might need a little extra help and I adjust my plans for the next month.So, I thought that I would start sharing my Newsletters with you to help give you some ideas whether you teach preschool, you homeschool, you are a grandparent that watches your grandchildren, you have a day care, etc. Hopefully I will have a chance to go back to the beginning of this school year and share my past newsletters if you are interested.CLICK HERE to download my January Newsletter.What are you focusing on this month in your learning setting?
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