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Due to the technology boom of the 2000s this generation has grown up with an abundance of technologies that occupy their everyday lives. The first computer models weighed 25 pounds; now, computers can vary from average desktops to touchscreen laptops. Technology has also helped the learning experience by making learning easier and knowledge more accessible.
Homework help for students and alternative ways of explaining a lesson is something else that’s changed the high school experience for the better.
Only time can tell just how this technological advancement of the 2000s will affect this generation compared to those of the ‘90s in the long term. Design Editor Katelyn Liston joined Girls Varsity Soccer for a day to find out what it takes to build a team.
Although temperatures dropped, preparation for the SHS Girls’ Track season has begun at the school’s stadium.

Our Purpose:The Seminole Newspaper is a student-run publication designed to intrigue, inform, and entertain the student body of Seminole High School. If you were born in the 1990's (particularly the early 90s, or the late 80s as I'm so often reminded) then hopefully this blog will bring back some memories and you'll be able to relate to some of the stuff on here. Yes-butno by Christine Chen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Sign up for an email subscription today!LAST OF ‘90S KIDS GRADUTATERebecca Wood‘90s student enjoys her old hand held games, while the 2000 student shows off the benefits of her iphone.
The main difference between these two generations of students is the type of technology available to them in each time period. Nowadays, new school policies about phone usage are being made, something that wasn’t an issue a couple of years ago.
Until then, Seminole students continue to enjoy being the first generation to experience the heavy influence of technology on their high school experience.

The editorials published are the opinions of the writers and not necessarily the opinion of the staff or the administration of the school. Smart phones are common today and have all the essentials: internet access, camera, texting, and talking. Rather than communicating in person, students opt for texting and talking on social media websites.

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