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VBAC stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, basically it means that you can have a vaginal delivery even if you’ve had a csection in the past. I’ve had several references sitting in my bookmarks for well over a year now, waiting for this post to be written! This image – click on the link, it will take you to a Pinterest image but comes from ICAN. This entry was posted in Baby Love, parenting, pregnancy and tagged baby love, parenting, pregnancy on April 13, 2015 by Suzanne Michele.
I have many friends and family members who have one child and are hoping for a VBAC with a second child down the road, you go girl! The no medication party only scares me if I end up with a csection again and that’s only because I won’t respond to the lidocaine to numb my back for a spinal!
I found loads and loads of information online, friends steered me in the direction of reputable sites to continue my research. I love the layout of the image as it gives a great visual on how with each csection risks increase, but with each VBAC risks decrease. I figure, if I can be comfortable in my own home, be able to eat and drink at my leisure, take warm baths, etc.
Now, I did not want one, nor would I have ended up with one even if I had wanted one, but my doctor was super encouraging about it. I have no guilt about his birth, I firmly believe that it was the best choice for keeping M safe. What I found out was that my OB is supportive of VBAC and has done many over his many years as an OB.

Mostly my plans are the same: skin to skin, delayed cord cutting, breastfeeding, no baby bath for 24 hours. In fact, all the OB offices in my area will attend VBAC, the practice I was with when pregnant with M is a little late to the show, but they’ve jumped on board as well. Now, if my water breaks before contractions start, well, then I’m going to the hospital. I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t brought it up I would have ended up with another c-section, so I love that your doc asked about it first!
The bottom line is 1 in 3 is not a terrible statistic, I’m not letting this get me down. It’s all good as long as I leave the hospital with my baby, everything else is just sprinkles. Not only did I feel that huge needle go in my back during a contraction because I don’t respond to lidocaine, but it nearly halted my progress.
I see a private practice OB and aside from telling me some local statistics for my local hospital and some limitations that may be in my way, he has been nothing but supportive and encouraged staying home for a good trial of labor before going to the hospital. Then it kept settling in my left leg, meaning I couldn’t move my left leg at all while my right leg was completely un-numb. And not just women who 5 years ago had success, I mean women who in the past couple weeks have been successful.

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