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What would have helped you the most in the early weeks and months of adding a child to your family through adoption or foster care?
Along those lines, a number of years ago I was very sick and needed treatments that were an all day event. Picking things up at the store, or driving children to sports practices and appointments was also mentioned as a great help. Many of you said that babysitting would have helped, even if it was just somebody being with the kids while you took a nap.
My friend, Beth, welcomed Ladybug into her family and home, and nearly completely homeschooled her for a year after Dimples came home. Friends who will take the kids and do something fun is also a huge blessing when life at home seems to be a load of work or simply tumultuous. I have to admit, I was struck by the prevailing theme of loneliness and isolation in the comments.

Several people said they wished friends would just stop by for coffee, even if the house was messy. It has been four and a half years since we brought our first adopted children home and for a long time our life needed to become very contained and small.
When you click on an Amazon link on my site and shop, I receive a small commission (regardless of what you order). If somebody had asked you, “What can I do to help?” and you were able  to answer anything at all with no shame, guilt, or concern about whether they really would want to do it, what would it have been?
I am a foster care social worker and also a friend to many adoptive families; this post is so helpful. A friend sent me over here, as it was very similar to a blog I just wrote as well on How to Be the Village.
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Others said they needed care for their new children while they gave some attention to their original crew. Our adopted children have been home for four years and it's still a very lonely place as our community has dwindled.
I am so moved and grieved by the comments once again; such a mix of beautiful moments of true community and utter loneliness.
I too have been criticized for sharing the hard parts (mainly by other adoptive parents), but these responses tell me that people are overwhelmed and lonely and they need to hear someone say something true about the struggles in adoption as well as the beauty.

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