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In this first installment, I’d like to help out friends who are sympathetic to the Gay Agenda, but who are not, themselves, active agents or support staff. If, at any point, you find yourself bristling and wanting to say, “but that’s not what I mean at all!” take a deep breath. Issues: Not thinking about whether someone conforms to the heterosexual standard is a luxury. How This Comes Across: “I’m perfectly comfortable in my world and generally oblivious that other people aren’t. Issues: Most of us who are, or who love, queer people are acutely aware that there are at least 76 countries where it is illegal to be gay.
Alternatives: It is highly likely that the person talking to you has a working knowledge of gender and sexuality discrimination. Issues: It doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, because it doesn’t affect you, and because you are seeing one tiny sliver in isolation.
How This Comes Across: “I am completely incapable of conceptualizing what it is like to be in your situation, but, beyond this, I resent the fact that I am being asked to try.
Alternatives: If you find it exhausting to have a friend describe a little of what they experience, imagine what it is like to deal with it as an endless, unpredictable onslaught that you have to stay braced against. Cerys has gone through a genetics phase (undergrad years), a biological anthropology phase (grad school years) and a Pilates & yoga teaching phase (mum years).
When they bully others I think they consider it policing, but when others merely exist on the same plane as they do, they feel bullied. I'm 50, I'm gay, and I was once a confused, mixed up, hormones-raging male teen, shamefully hiding my truth. Instead, I tucked my desires, along with everything else, back into my Fruit of the Looms, fully believing no other gay kids existed in my isolated, faith-based boarding high school. Based on all the evidence before me, I'd convinced myself I was the only freak of nature for miles around the hills of Arkansas. If you suspect, or know that your child is gay, trust me: they're feeling the same way I did.
Instead of carrying a load of "are they, or aren't they" on your shoulder, instead create a safe space where your actions and words show gay kids that no assumptions are being made.
Gay kids may not yet be capable of explaining who they are and why they feel the way they do. Jacob Rudolph, a high school student in New Jersey, comes out as LGBT during a school assembly in January.
The United States clearly intends to check China by taking advantage of Hanoi's maritime disputes with Beijing, according to Chinese analysts. They were speaking on Monday as the US extended an olive branch to Vietnam by lifting a decades-old arms embargo.
Washington is attempting to draw Vietnam into its circle of influence in politics, security and economic affairs through US President Barack Obama's first visit to the country, they said.
His visit comes 41 years after the end of the Vietnam War, and he is the third US president to visit the country since ties were restored in 1995. At a state luncheon in Hanoi, Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang toasted Obama's first visit to the country as the "arrival of a warm spring after a cold winter".
The two nations also reaffirmed efforts to ratify and implement the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a 12-nation trade pact that has struggled to gain traction in the US Congress during an election year.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said on Monday that China hopes the developing ties between the US and Vietnam will be conducive to regional peace and stability. Fan Jishe, a researcher of US strategies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the situation demonstrates Washington's firmness in advancing its Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy. Su Hao, a professor of Asia-Pacific studies at China Foreign Affairs University, said it is obvious that the US aims to contain China by taking advantage of Hanoi's territorial disputes with Beijing. Su said Obama's visit offers an opportunity for the two countries to promote their relations based on certain common interests, such as countering China.
US President Barack Obama attends a news conference with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang at the Presidential Palace Compound in Hanoi on Monday. Li appointed the Wuhan Iron & Steel Group Co as a pilot SOE to reduce excess capacity and transfer redundant workers to other posts with financial and policy support from the central and local governments. The company has four subsidiaries with an annual production capacity of nearly 40 million metric tons of iron and steel, ranking fourth around the world. SOEs administered by the central government in the coal, iron and steel sectors are due to cut 10 percent of production capacity this year, according to an executive meeting of the State Council presided over by Li on May 18.
Last year, the company spent 10 billion yuan ($1.53 billion) to cover expenses for employees, incurring a loss of more than 10 billion yuan, according to the company's report.
Li said the central government will support the SOE's restructuring, which will receive preferential policies and financial support as a pilot project. A total of 100 billion yuan has been allocated to remove excess capacity and transfer workers who are not needed in such enterprises. Zhang Chunxiao, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Governance, said China's industrial chains can now accommodate workers who are transferred from industries that are plagued by excess capacity amid economic restructuring.
Li also encouraged manufacturers to further improve efficiency and increase quality with a "craftsman's spirit" when he visited the Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co in Shiyan, Hubei province, which produces 80,000 heavy trucks annually. Zhang said the "craftsman's spirit" integrates labor and technologies, which will boost products made in China from a low-end industrial structure to a high-end one.
Li also saw innovations by high-tech companies at the Optics Valley Exhibition Center in the Donghu Lake High-technology Zone. When Wang Hui submitted a job application to a government office in Wuhan, Hubei province, he did not expect to be interviewed by a panel consisting solely of internet company managers.
No officials from the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, also known as the Optics Valley of China, which oversees the office, attended the interview. Wang applied for a job in the government office for the development of the Internet Plus industry, whose roles include drawing up development plans and policies for the industry and supporting companies and major projects. He said he was more surprised by the fact that the office engaged companies related to the concept of Internet Plus to determine its major tasks. Last year, China announced the Internet Plus initiative to enable more businesses to take advantage of the internet.
Optics Valley authorities did not plan initially to assign decision-making to internet companies, but they later decided that the office should not be ruled by government and that companies should play key roles.
In 1985, the area that later became the valley was just a street housing more than 100 privately owned companies. In 1988, when the country was forging ahead with reform and opening-up, the Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone was established in a city renowned for steel production that started as early as 1890. The zone developed into a State-level base for the optical industry in 2001, when traditional industry witnessed the first round of massive nationwide layoffs. After the 2008 global financial crisis and the drop in global demand for China's primary and secondary industry products, the zone's importance was further boosted in 2009 when it became the second innovation demonstration zone in China.
It now covers 518 square kilometers, and its mission is to lead change for innovation-driven development. Dan Changchun, deputy director of the valley, said, "We focus on optical work, but more important, enhancing the concept of a valley." Dan added that more efforts will be made to create an environment that is favorable for innovation and business startups. With the world's largest number of students receiving higher education - 1.18 million - Wuhan gives Optics Valley the edge to host more than 30,000 companies, including about 100 Fortune 500 firms. Last year, corporate revenue in Optics Valley reached 1 trillion yuan ($153 billion), a year-on-year increase of 18 percent. Workers inspect integrated circuits used for fiber optics communications at a FiberHome Technologies Group factory in the Optics Valley of China in Wuhan, Hubei province, on April 12. Two lions were killed after they severely mauled a man who stripped naked and entered their enclosure in an apparent suicide attempt, authorities said. Director Alejandra Montalba of Santiago's Metropolitan Zoo said the venue was crowded with visitors when the incident happened on Saturday.
The 20-year-old man broke into the enclosure, removed his clothes and jumped into the middle, horrifying other visitors who witnessed the attack.
Metropolitan Park director Mauricio Fabry said an apparent suicide note was found in the man's clothing. Su Chengfen has spent all his life fishing in the reef-filled South China Sea, guided by a handwritten book more than 600 years old that depicts routes to various remote islands from Hainan province. The former fishing vessel captain, who lives in the town of Tanmen, cherishes the book, wrapping it in layers of paper even though at 81 it is impossible for him to return to the sea. He has always known it is precious, as it contains detailed information handed down over the generations, but at first he had not realized its true significance. Specialists say the information the book contains is undeniable proof of China's sovereignty over Huangyan Island. Zhou wrote An Arcane Book About the South China Sea, the first book in China studying genglubu, a term used for various editions of ancient handwritten books recording sailing routes in the South China Sea. Gao Zhiguo, director of the China Institute for Marine Development Strategy, who used to serve as a judge on the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea, said, "One book on genglubu beats a thousand words.
The book is not easy to understand or decipher, as it uses archaic words and ancient expressions for directions. Fu Shibao, an officer at the border police station in Tanmen, said there used to be at least 1,000 such books in the seafaring town. Zhou, who has studied genglubu for 26 years with his wife, said that a book provided by former sea captain Peng Zhengkai records 17 routes to the Xisha Islands and more than 200 routes to the Nansha Islands. Fishermen in ancient times named 136 islands and reefs in the books for China, much earlier than they were named by other countries, Zhou said. He said the routes, along with China's historical documents, archaeological discoveries and accounts from old seafarers and fishermen show that "waters around the Dongsha, Xisha, Zhongsha and Nansha islands had become fixed fishing grounds for Chinese fishermen in the Ming Dynasty".
When I arrived in Beijing in December 2002, I was keen to get out and about in the Chinese capital and find out what the city had to offer. One of the places which some of my new colleagues recommended I pay a visit to was Wangfujing Street, in the heart of the capital. At the time it was regarded as Beijing's premier shopping street, lined with department stores, arcades and many interesting places to browse and pick up souvenirs.
I am a keen amateur historian, with a particular interest in social and urban history, as I believe it's important to know about where you live and work, about its development and how this has affected the people.
Wangfujing Street, which could be described as Beijing's Oxford Street, has had a long history, with commercial activities taking place there as far back as the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).
Indeed, it remains rich with historical connotations, as it is said to be home to around 280 famous brands, including the Shengxifu hat store, Tongshenghe shoe shop and the Wuyutai tea house, as well the photo studio which took the first formal portraits of the leaders of New China, Beijing Department Store, and the New China Children's Store, modeled on the Detsky Mir (Children's World) department store in Moscow, and founded in 1956 by Soong Ching-ling, widow of Sun Yat-sen, the leader of China's 1911 revolution which marked the end of the feudal era.
So you can imagine my surprise when I found that I had something in common with that famous Beijing street - the name. In 1912, Morrison became a political adviser to Yuan Shikai, the first president of the Republic of China, and in 1919 he accompanied the Chinese delegation to the Paris Peace Conference which resulted in the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.
Morrison played a key, and for a foreigner, a virtually unique role at a very important point in modern Chinese history and in the young republic's efforts to establish its identity in the international community.
Item from May 24, 1996, in China Daily: Four Chinese students celebrate their return to Beijing from London yesterday. Liu Xin, a Nanjing University student, flew back to Beijing yesterday with the first prize in the event. As China aims to play a bigger role in international affairs, the government has made teaching English in primary schools one of its priorities. Twelve years later, China Daily started organizing the 21st Century Cup, a national English speaking competition. In 2014, the State Council, China's Cabinet, released proposed reforms to the national college entrance exam. The proposals will be tested in Shanghai and Zhejiang province, but the reforms won't be expanded across the country until 2017.
At the invitation of President Xi Jinping, Indian President Pranab Mukherjee will pay a four-day state visit to China from today.
The Energy, Resources and Sustainable Development Conference of Boao Forum for Asia and the Astana Economic Forum will be held from today till Thursday in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan. New Oriental School, China's largest private education institution that prepares students for foreign college entrance exams such as the GRE and SAT, will release today its annual report on Chinese studying abroad. Through integration, traditional and new media can grow with new impetus in China and South Korea, Liu Qibao, head of publicity for the CPC Central Committee, said in Seoul on Monday.
He said Beijing and Seoul should boost media cooperation based on deep cultural connections, to enhance understanding and relations on an individual level. He made the remarks at the China-South Korea Media High-Level Dialogue, an annual forum for journalists from the two countries that was first held in 2009. This year, representatives from nearly 30 media outlets, including China's People's Daily, Xinhua and China Daily, and South Korea's Chosun Ilbo, Yonhap and KBS, attended the forum and signed six agreements on media cooperation. Liu and South Korean Deputy Prime Minister Lee Joon-sik gave speeches at the opening ceremony. He emphasized that despite a surge in the number of new media groups and internet-based news outlets, traditional media still have the advantage of being essential providers and communicators of authoritative information. He also called for mutual trust between media and pragmatic cooperation on the use and management of new media, noting that the huge number of smartphone users in China and South Korea had made mobile devices an essential platform for dissemination of news and information.
Zhou Zongmin, deputy editor-in-chief of Xinhua News Agency, said the media had played an important role in the development of bilateral relations, adding that it is the historical mission of the two countries' media to consolidate that relationship. Lee Sun-geun, president of Infomax, a financial news subsidiary of Yonhap, said the media of South Korea and China should work to minimize any misunderstandings and friction between their peoples.
Wang Junsheng, a researcher of the National Institute of International Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the exchanges in the media sector between China and South Korea contributed greatly to the rapid development of their bilateral relations in recent years.
Liu Qibao (left), head of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, and South Korean Deputy Prime Minister Lee Joon-sik attend the China-South Korea Media High-Level Dialogue in Seoul on Monday. When I landed in Seoul in 1994 to cover the first-ever visit by a Chinese premier to the Republic of Korea, the two countries had established diplomatic ties just two years previously.
The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and the warmth of kimchi, or spiced cabbage, has always warmed my soul as well as my body.
The annual Sino-ROK media dialogue held on Monday in Seoul helped me quickly review what has been happening to the two countries, especially in cultural exchanges. In his speech, Sun Yusheng, vice-president of China Central Television, mentioned the huge phenomenon that was Descendants of the Sun. Chinese TV series have also picked up a huge following in the Republic of Korea, especially those that reflect traditional culture.
Sun was upbeat when he addressed the huge potential of visual products jointly made by CCTV and its partners in the ROK.
Monday's meeting was the eighth round of the annual dialogue, hosted by one of the countries every second year.
Beijing and Washington are scheduled to begin a new round of military maritime dialogue a week after an encounter between military aircraft over the South China Sea - a move analysts said will help the two countries manage their differences in the region. Analysts also said China should discuss Washington's reconnaissance over the South China Sea and demand that the United States rein in its intrusive behavior. The next Military Maritime Consultative Agreement talks are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday in Hawaii, Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, told a news briefing on Thursday. The meeting stems from an arrangement under a procedure of consultation that China and the US launched in 1998 to ensure bilateral maritime military security.
On May 19, the Foreign Ministry confirmed that two days earlier, two Chinese military aircraft followed and monitored a US Navy EP-3 plane that was conducting reconnaissance close to Hainan Island. Among other interaction and dialogue, Beijing confirmed it has accepted Washington's invitation to take part in the Rim of the Pacific Exercise this year, and high-level diplomats of the two countries held the Strategic Security Dialogue in Washington on Thursday.
Teng Jianqun, director of the Department for American Studies of the China Institute of International Studies, said bilateral competition and cooperation have strengthened in the fields of security and trade. The coming talks are "a very necessary channel" for the two countries to step out of what he called "a security dilemma" in the region, Teng said.
The business sector is encouraged to invest in high technology under a new blueprint on the nation's innovation strategy, Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang said on Monday.
The central government, in the Outline of the National Strategy of Innovation-Driven Development released on Thursday, defined the goals for China's scientific power through 2050. During a news conference held by the State Council Information Office, Wan said companies are taking an increasingly active part in research and development.
The newly published outline will reform management systems to provide a more favorable environment for boosting scientific innovation, said Wang Zhigang, vice-minister of science and technology. Earlier this year, China granted researchers at public research institutes a greater share of the benefits from commercializing the technologies they developed. As an example of a barrier to technology transfer, Wan cited a startup company that developed a waterproof power plug.
President Barack Obama's trip to Vietnam and his announcement on Monday that the US would lift its arms embargo against the country is widely seen as a move aimed at China. While some argue that Washington is attempting to draw Vietnam into its circle of influence in politics, security and economic affairs through Obama's first visit to the country, they also believe that Vietnam will remain cautious and reserved toward the US.
Obama, who started a three-day visit to Vietnam on Monday, announced the removal of the weapons embargo at a news conference.

US State Department Deputy Spokesman Mark Toner repeated on Monday what Obama said in Vietnam, stating that the lifting of the arms embargo is not based on any kind of effort to apply pressure on China or send a message.
Toner said the US supports close relations between China and Vietnam and all of its neighbors. But the analysts said Vietnam will not side with the US without reservations, given its interdependency with China in terms of trade and economic affairs. China is considering deploying an advanced rescue ship that could carry drones and underwater robots to the Nansha Islands this year to help ships in trouble, including foreign ones. Chen Xingguang, political commissar of the ship Nanhaijiu 118, under the Ministry of Transport's South China Sea Rescue Bureau, told China Daily of the plans. Wang Wensong, captain of the Nanhaijiu 118, said the ship proposed for the mission might be bigger than his 3,700-ton vessel and will be equipped with advanced rescue facilities.
The bureau was involved in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, which disappeared more than two years ago on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. He said the bureau has 31 ships and four helicopters to cover rescue work in the South China Sea. The South China Sea boasts one of the world's busiest shipping routes, with about 40 percent of global cargoes shipped annually passing through these waters. Zhang Zengxiang, deputy head of the Shipping Division at the Maritime Affairs Bureau in Sansha, Hainan province, said the proposed base station will help with rescue work in the southern South China Sea.
He also said the distance is too great for helicopters, the most efficient way to save lives at sea. Wang Wensong, the captain, said: "We will try our best to save any vessel sending distress signals in waters under our jurisdiction, no matter what country a vessel is from - even it is from a country that has territorial disputes with China, or a country without diplomatic relations with us. Beijing has promised to develop its search and rescue capabilities in the South China Sea to "provide necessary assistance" to both Chinese and foreign ships. In 2006, Wang, then first officer of the Nanhaijiu 111, worked with other Chinese rescuers to search a vast area after a typhoon, and located 22 Vietnamese fishing ships at Hanoi's request. Wang said the growing number of rescue forces in the South China Sea will help with China's Belt and Road Initiative and business worldwide. Analysts have urged Washington not to intensify regional tensions by provocative words or actions ahead of US President Barack Obama's visit to Hanoi on Monday.
Obama's tour should not harm the interests of countries in the region, as some are currently involved in maritime disputes, they said. White House officials say Washington is considering lifting restrictions on arms sales during Obama's first visit to Vietnam. However, this should not be done by harming the interests of countries in the region, Jin said. Fu Mengzi, vice-president of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said the US is "making new friends", in addition to its existing allies, to carry forward its Asia-Pacific rebalancing strategy. The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague is expected to rule soon on a unilateral arbitration case submitted by the Philippines on its territorial disputes with China in the South China Sea. Fu said that in view of this arbitration, the US should not "hype up" the situation or cause provocation in words or actions. Observers said Vietnam is not likely to side with the US, as the Asian country is trying to strike a diplomatic balance among nations including China, the US and Japan. During Obama's visit to Japan, he will attend the G7 summit on Thursday and Friday and will end his trip with a visit to Hiroshima. Jin said that with the Asia-Pacific region becoming increasingly important in global strategy, one purpose of Obama's visit to Japan is to bolster relations with its ally in the region. Regarding the trip to Hiroshima, the White House has said it is not willing to give an apology. US Trade Representative Michael Froman, who will accompany Obama on the trip, said the Trans-Pacific Partnership will open the Vietnamese market and benefit US businesses, citing the high tariffs there for vehicles and beef.
The partnership is a trade agreement among 12 Pacific Rim countries signed in February in Auckland, New Zealand, after seven years of negotiations. Froman also acknowledged challenges in Vietnam concerning child labor, intellectual property rights and the environment. He said the Obama administration is consulting with US Congressional leaders to discuss holding a vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Zhang Jianwen, spokesman for Changzhou Intermediate People's Court inA Jiangsu province, confirmed on Sunday that a public interest lawsuit has been filed with the court. The suit has been brought by the groups Friends of Nature, China Biodiversity Conservation and the Green Development Foundation. Last month, blood samples taken from students at Changzhou Foreign Language School reportedly showed abnormal readings after the students moved to the school's new campus near the former sites of the chemical plants. The nongovernmental organizations allege that the three chemical factories polluted the environment.
The NGOs submitted the indictment to the court on April 29, alleging that the factories moved out of the area after seriously polluting land in Changlong, where the plants were located, adding that the polluted areas have not been restored. Wang Wenyong, a lawyer at the foundation, said the litigation is based on surveys the three NGOs carried out after the alleged pollution occurred. After negotiations with Friends of Nature," we decided to combine efforts to bring a civil public interest lawsuit against the factories", he said. In April, the State Council made an environmental report to the National People's Congress Standing Committee, which for the first time drew the attention of a number of deputies.
Deputies Yan Yixin and Du Liming suggested that the government increase soil monitoring posts and provide a special fund to prevent soil from being damaged.
Chen Jining, minister of environmental protection, said in the ministry's annual work report in January that it is considering the Action Plan on Soil Pollution Prevention and Control, a national campaign targeting soil pollution.
Everybody thinks they have plants all figured out, but how much do we know about them, really? A new report from the UK's lofty Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew calls itself the first document to collate current knowledge on the state of the world's plants and lays out the groundwork for a massive undertaking: an inventory of the Earth's plant collection. The plan is for the study to be updated and added to (and subtracted from) annually, appropriately enough a kind of organically morphing database. Little bit in that "less than 10 percent of the Earth's vegetated surface demonstrates high sensitivity to climatic variability", the report said. More than 80 top scientists contributed to the document, and their findings suggest this project could turn into a mushrooming affair.
With an estimated 391,000 vascular plant species known to science, an average of 2,000 new ones are discovered and named each year. China, Brazil and Australia have been the top three source countries for the identification of new plants for the past 10 years, with China logging in about 150 new species annually.
Among the new finds for 2015 was a carnivore - the insect-eating Drosera magnifica, which grows to 1.5 meters tall. And gastronomes will be pleased to learn that 13 new members of the onion, garlic, scallion, shallot, leek and chives family were discovered, including five new cultivatable onions. An estimated 369,000 species of flowering plants are documented by modern science; 31,128 plant types are used for medicine (17,810 species in the pursuit of good health), human and animal food, fuel and things like textiles and construction materials.
The report also finds that 21 percent of species are threatened with extinction, mainly because habitats are being cleared for human use. It is too early to accurately judge the impact of climate change, Willis told The Associated Press, but the report finds most of the world's ecosystems have experienced a greater than 10 percent change in landcover in the past 10 years, due to changes in land use and climate change.
Item from May 23, 1996, in China Daily: Students do exercises at Shenyang Gaofengwen Soccer School, named after its founder Gao Fengwen, former national soccer team coach. According to a soccer development plan released by the Chinese Football Association in April, 50 million players will join the game and 70,000 soccer pitches will be put into service across the country by 2020. Meanwhile, the number of schools specializing in soccer will be increased from more than 8,000 to 20,000. As the country aims to fulfill its soccer power ambition, many Chinese enterprises are showing a strong interest in buying European soccer clubs to learn how to run all aspects of the game and to also generate revenue. Chinese billionaire Wang Jianlin bought a 20 percent stake in the Spanish football club Atletico Madrid in January last year, making property developer Dalian Wanda the first Chinese company to invest in a top European club.
President Xi Jinping, an avid soccer fan, last year expressed his wishes for China to win a World Cup bid and perhaps one day win the tournament. The first World Humanitarian Summit, initiated by the United Nations to improve global humanitarian action, will take place in Istanbul today and tomorrow. The local government in Zhangbei county, Hebei province, will waive admission fees for a scenic road starting today, less than a month after the charges were introduced. China should add a HPV vaccine into its national immunization program as soon as possible to better protect women from cervical cancer, according to a top US scientist.
The call by Douglas Lowy, acting director of the US National Cancer Institute, comes 10 years after the first vaccine for the human papillomavirus received market approval in the United States. HPV, which is largely sexually transmitted, is a major cause of cervical cancer and can also result in genital warts and other serious conditions. Cases of cervical cancer have been on the rise on the mainland, according to Qiao Youlin, a professor of epidemiology at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences' Cancer Hospital in Beijing. To reverse the trend, Lowy has suggested China vaccinate women against HPV, especially those living in areas with a high rate of cervical cancer.
His institute estimates that widespread use of some HPV vaccines now on the market could prevent more than two-thirds of cervical cancer cases from occurring. According to the World Health Organization, more than 500,000 women a year worldwide are diagnosed with cervical cancer. Bernhard Schwartlander, WHO China representative, said 35 nations and regions have state-level HPV immunization programs.
One such enterprise is the Chengdu Institute of Biological Products, which is building a production facility with an annual capacity of 2.5 million doses.
About 10 vaccines have applied for approval from the China Food and Drug Administration, including domestic and foreign products. Bian Ce, an associate professor of gynecology at West China Hospital in Sichuan province, said Chinese women aged about 45 are at the highest risk of cervical cancer, although the age could drop because women are becoming sexually active at a younger age and are more likely to have multiple partners than previous generations. He said a HPV vaccine is most effective if administered before a woman has intercourse for the first time. Every year, many women travel from the Chinese mainland to Hong Kong to get vaccinated against human papillomavirus, or HPV, a major cause of cervical cancer. Jessica Cai, of Taizhou in Jiangsu province, has traveled to the city three times in the past six months to get inoculated, as the vaccine is not available on the mainland. Ong Yeu-theng, a gynecologist at a women's clinic in Central district, said she has noticed a rise in mainland clients seeking HPV vaccines in recent years.
She said awareness of this sexually transmitted disease has spread through word-of-mouth and that her clients have referred friends and relatives to her clinic for vaccinations.
A course of HPV inoculations at a private clinic costs about HK$4,500 ($580), according to the Cancer Fund, the largest cancer support organization in Hong Kong.
Patients receive three doses of the vaccine over six months, which means people like Cai need to pay for flights to the city and accommodation. Li, a hospital doctor in Heilongjiang province who did not want to be identified, said any HPV vaccine must undertake a series of clinical trials on the mainland before it can receive approval to enter the market.
Three types of vaccine are now marketed in Hong Kong: Cervarix, Gardasil and Gardasil 9, which protect against up to nine strains of the HPV.
In Hong Kong, cervical cancer was the seventh most common cancer among women in 2013, with 503 new cases and 142 deaths, according to the city health authority.
According to research led by Chen Wanqing of Beijing's National Cancer Center, the mainland had an estimated 100,000 new cases of cervical cancer last year. More than 50 experts from Asia gathered in Seoul, the South Korean capital, on Sunday for a two-day forum to analyze China's development prospects.
The East Asian Symposium of the World Forum on China Studies invited experts from China, South Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Singapore and Malaysia for four panel discussions on the nation's economic, political and social development, the rebirth of its cultural and historical values, and its global interactions. Liu Qibao, the Communist Party of China Central Committee's publicity chief, was among those in attendance. The event is sponsored by the Organizing Committee of the World Forum on China Studies and was organized by the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and Korea University's Asiatic Research Institute. Li Yang, former vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and chairman of the National Institution for Finance and Development of China, said at the opening ceremony that, after experiencing a slowdown, China's economy is gradually becoming steady and moving forward with an optimized structure, medium- to high-speed growth, improved benefit quality, a friendly environment and improved livelihoods.
Lee Jong-wha, director of Korea University's Asiatic Research Institute, talked about China's economic growth and convergence.
Mori Kazuko, emeritus professor at Waseda University in Japan, said there are around 1,500 researchers doing contemporary China studies in Japan, adding that it could be argued Japan stands at the forefront of global China studies in the fields of history and economy. Founded in 2004, the East Asian Symposium serves as a platform for distinguished scholars to explore the past, present and future of China studies. The poisonous yet tasty delicacy was ordered off the menu by health authorities in 1990, while the China Food and Drug Administration has twice sent notices reminding restaurants of the rules in recent years. However, members of the China Fisheries Association and China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association met recently to discuss allowing certified companies to sell puffer fish products. The move will be welcome news to those in the food industry, even though the ban has been largely ignored in many areas of the country, including in Shanghai and Jiangsu province, where companies have continued to sell the fish to restaurants, which in turn offer them discreetly to their diners. Sa Long, a chef who specializes in preparing puffer fish in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, said his restaurant has never stopped offering the fish due to the huge demand. According to Beijing News, about 30,000 to 50,000 metric tons of puffer fish are sold in China every year, with the output value reaching 10 billion yuan ($1.5 billion). Cai Ping, executive director of the Jiangsu office of tje Asia Puffer Fish Cultural Research Association, said his group trains thousands of chefs to process the fish every year. Bohunt School, deep in rural Hampshire, southern England, was pretty much unknown in China before August last year.
Now, its head teacher, Neil Strowger, is invited to conferences in China, while its students have had to get used to Chinese visitors peeking through their classroom windows.
Despite its large appeal, Strowger says the BBC series was a sitcom more than a serious documentary, arguing that it "was produced as entertainment rather than educational research". In the three-part program, five Chinese teachers taught 50 students for four weeks at Bohunt School.
Strowger says genuine educational exchanges did occur between the Chinese and English teachers during filming but were deleted in the editing process.
As a result of the exchanges, teachers at Bohunt have adopted a wider range of methods, including those used widely in China. The school has also readjusted the structure of its science department, with heads of department now overseeing the three disciplines - biology, chemistry and physics - rather than overseeing groups of students divided by age. Aside from the final examinations in the program, which the BBC presented as a competition, the school has continued to track the progress of those students who took part. The findings suggest better progress was made in biology under the Chinese method of teaching, while chemistry and physics were better in the traditional Bohunt style.
Like most schools in Britain, Bohunt uses the inquiry method, where the onus is on the student to acquire information through asking questions.
The Chinese approach on the show was for teachers to take control of lessons and explain more in a focused way, which gets the information across quicker, he says. The collaboration went both ways, too: The Chinese teachers went away with wider strategies, while Bohunt took on board things such as the importance of "teacher talk" in lessons. Juan Cole, the school's head of Chinese, adds: "It was a really interesting experiment for us to see what works and what doesn't.
Of the Chinese math lessons, she says: "The way the teacher explained it was very detailed. Scarlett Stevens, also 15, was less fond of the Chinese methods, however, especially the classroom competitiveness.
Stevens says she prefers the English way of discovery learning and finding out things for yourself rather than being told what the right answer is or what the right formula is. The Bohunt experiment came after Shanghai students had consistently ranked best in math in the Program for International Student Assessment, which is issued by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Over the past 18 months, 127 math teachers from Shanghai have shared their experiences and skills in English primary schools. China, which concentrates on establishing the basics, understands much better that young people are exposed to a number of opportunities both inside and outside school to think mathematically or to solve real-life problems in other ways, he adds.
Tim Ayres, head of biology at Bohunt School, is thinking hard about a good mix of different teaching methods.
The school's trust has signed a deal with Wenzhou Xinzhi Education Co to set up Wenzhou Bohunt International School, which is scheduled to open in 2018 and teach a Bohunt-style curriculum as well as offer GCSE and A-level examinations.
The exchanges between Bohunt and China also benefit its 1,500 students, one-fourth of whom are now learning Mandarin.
Everybody was shouting out "yuanchang jiuqiu" (home run), as a year 9 student passed the fourth base line on the Bohunt school playground during a physical education lesson involving a game of rounders, a softer version of baseball played in British schools. This PE lesson was jointly run by a Bohunt school physical education instructor and a Chinese language teacher, allowing students to play the sport and learn Mandarin at the same time.
Mandarin is taught to more than 400 students, with many using an immersion method at Bohunt School. This innovative pedagogy, known as immersion language teaching, was introduced by Bohunt School in 2010.

Immersion teaching means a group of students in Key Stage 3, normally known as Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9, are taught a third of their curriculum in the target language, which can be French, Spanish or Mandarin. As in each core subject, there is a lot of content to get through, so the immersion technique lends itself more to practical subjects with less heavy content, such as art, physical education, and personal, social and religious subjects, as well as information and communications technology, says Philip Avery, director of learning and strategy for Bohunt Trust, which runs the school.
Those in the immersion group have a more positive attitude toward learning than those outside it, Avery says. Tania Horak, a language lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire, says immersion teaching is an interesting concept and she believes it has many advantages, among them that "the main concept behind this approach is that language is being used for real-life goals of actual communication, which is often missing from other types of language classrooms". Horak's viewpoint was vividly illustrated when one of the Bohunt students realized halfway through delivering a technology workshop that her audience was primarily French-speaking and thus, because of her increased confidence through Bohunt's French immersion program, switched languages and presented the rest of the workshop in French. Juan Cole, head of Chinese at Bohunt School, says the immersion program creates an authentic environment for students to learn the language and, for example in the physical education lessons, "you learn by doing, which is exactly the same as when you learn your first language". The proof can also be found in the results of Cole's GCSE class who are taking the exam, which is aimed at 16 year-olds, three years early, with 90 percent of them predicted to get an A or A-star, well above the national average. The program, especially the inclusion of Mandarin, has received widespread acclaim through the British Council and HSBC's National Mandarin Chinese Speaking Competition, in which students from Bohunt reached the national final three years in a row. This year, Lila Marshman, 13, a Mandarin immersion program student at Bohunt, impressed the judges with her language skills and won the first prize of the beginner level section of the contest. However, even with the immersion program's recognizable successes it is nowhere close to becoming widespread around Britain. The main problem, Horak suggests, is that the effectiveness of the approach relies on the quality and commitment of the teachers. I happen to think that xe* is a pretty awesome person who ought to be treated as a full human being, and that choices in apparel, hairstyle, and personal partners are irrelevant to that reality. If you are cisgender and straight you don’t have to worry on a constant basis that people will suddenly lash out at you. Often statements of this nature come out when someone is describing an incident where they were made to feel uncomfortable because of their gender or sexuality.
Statements like this invalidate their experiences and their trust in their own perceptions. There are many ways of making people miserable that do not rise to the level of legal discrimination.
Instead of discounting their experiences try, “I hadn’t thought about that, but I can see now how it’s problematic” or just visualizing what they are experiencing and looking sympathetic.
Even if you have perfect insight into everything that your queer friends do and don’t mind, they do not represent all experiences.
Not only was I dealing with unfortunate physical manifestations of attraction at all the wrong times (as most teen males do), mine were coming to life due to my puppy love for half the guys in high school. I was convinced I was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the only guy of 200 on campus that was constantly assaulted by "Woof, woof, he's hot" thoughts. Feet glued to the ground, they're immobilized by any truth to the possibility that there are other gay kids like them.
Instead, become their ally and let them know you've experienced similar feelings of confusion in different ways in your own life. As adults, we need to proudly own the responsibility for guiding kids, gay kids included, toward their authentic selves.
Obama has made a strategic "rebalancing" toward the Asia-Pacific region a centerpiece of his foreign policy. But when cutting excess capacity, superfluous workers must be transferred to other jobs instead of being laid off," Li told the company. Wuhan Iron & Steel will further cut the number of employees to about 30,000, which is estimated to cost it 5 billion yuan. Since then, bold concepts have been used to make the valley a key example of how China can adapt to changing economic scenarios. The valley applied for more than 16,000 patents in 2015, more than three times the number in 2010. Compiled by reporters Li Xiaokun, Zhang Yunbi and Liu Xiaoli, the articles cover a range of topics and provide an insight into what life is like on South China Sea islands. It clearly proves that generations of Chinese fishermen have worked on the island," said Zhou Weimin, a retired professor at Hainan University. He said the true value of the books was realized after friction between China and the Philippines over Huangyan Island escalated sharply in 2012. This book also contains many other details, including the weather conditions and ocean currents for every month. The Paracel Islands, for example, are named from a Portuguese word meaning "stone reef", which originally comes from the Chinese. Zhou said the ancient Chinese did not name the others because many of them are submerged or partly submerged banks. I am a firm believer in the principle that to understand where you are going, you need to understand where you have come from. It would be nice if this distant fellow member of my "clan" could be better recognized and remembered. The students participated in the English-Speaking Union International Public Speaking Competition held in London. They underlined the importance of English in the exam, and called for long-term assessment of students' English skills. It will be Mukherjee's first trip to the country as president since he took office in 2012. The theme of the event is "Connecting One Belt, One Road with the Eurasian Economic Union." The Belt and Road Initiative refers to a plan proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2013 aimed at improving cooperation with countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. Recently, several countries like France and Canada relaxed their visa policies to attract Chinese students who are seeking overseas education.
Eleven movies including the animation Monkey King: Hero is Back have been selected to hit screens in seven cities including the French capital as part of efforts to let the locals better understand the development of Chinese films. After wandering into a lane off the bustling Euljiro Avenue, I saw stacks of cabbage, the main ingredient for kimchi, being organized by women on the pavement. Different country, different season, no stacks of cabbage, but the passing of time means that we also share more things in common. The forum, themed on media cooperation to boost bilateral partnership, also confirmed the growing links. There was much to discuss, and many speakers, executives of various media outlets, either started with, or cited, hot soap operas to support their points of view.
The 16-episode soap opera, jointly invested in by both countries and debuting at the same time in China and the Republic of Korea, has achieved audience ratings that are unprecedented.
It is the first time since the innovation-driven strategy was adopted at the 18th CPC National Congress in late 2012 that such goals were outlined. Despite a number of key tasks needed to realize the goals, "I want to emphasize the importance of one point: to motivate science research personnel in technology transfer," he said. The company encountered difficulties in passing quality tests before market approval because it used a new principle not included in the government's testing standard. This will possibly be carried out in the second half of the year," Chen said, without specifying which island the ship will be based at. The main way to handle accidents in the area at present is to arrange for vessels passing by to help. According to Vietnamese media, Hanoi is paying great attention to this visit and has prepared a high-level reception for Obama.
He will visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, which marks the atomic bombing of the city on Aug 6, 1945, that helped end World War II. The US, Vietnam and Japan are part of the proposed pact, but both Japan and the US are facing an uphill battle to ratify it.
They have asked the court to order the factories to remove pollutants and to pay environmental restoration fees, according to the indictment. The first group of 96 youngsters aged 11 to 14 will receive six years of physical and cultural training at the school, which opened last Sunday and is the first privately built soccer school in China. It is aimed at encouraging more than 30 million primary and secondary school students to practice regularly.
Wan Gang, minister of science and technology, will explain the new national science strategy that maps out three major steps to promote the country's innovation-driven development.
Fifty world leaders are among representatives from 110 countries expected at the event, providing a platform to discuss ways to better meet the needs of people affected by conflicts and disasters. The focus of the weeklong meeting will be how to implement the Global Strategy on Women's, Children's and Adolescents' Health. Since May 1, visitors were charged 50 yuan ($7.6) each to travel the 132-kilometer road connecting a prairie area in Zhangbei and Chongli, a ski venue for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, in the city of Zhangjiakou.
Yet it is still not available on the Chinese mainland, which results in many women heading to Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan, where local authorities have cleared a vaccine for the market. An average of 100,000 new cases are reported each year, making it the fifth most common cancer among women, he said. Qiao said GlaxoSmithCline, the pharmaceuticals giant, has finished phase 3 clinical trials on its vaccine, which could hit the Chinese market this year.
However, Qiao added that due to high costs - about $300 a dose - "it will be hard to get (the GSC vaccine) integrated into China's national immunization program". He recommends women aged 29 and over regularly undergo tests for HPV and cervical screening to spot precancerous lesions early.
He pointed out that there are nine challenges to the country's development model and suggested the Chinese government should upgrade human resources, stimulate technological innovation and industrial upgrading, remove structural bottlenecks and rebalance sources of growth to sustain economic growth. Chinese School, which generated a heated debate in Britain and China about contrasts in the nations' teaching methods. The finale ended with tests in which the students studying the Chinese method achieved marks about 10 percent higher in math and science compared with the rest of their year group, who were taught by their regular teachers in the English manner. Math was fairly even, with students on both sides feeling happier with the different methods.
She says she found the Chinese teaching style enjoyable, especially when the class work became more challenging. Britain increased exchanges with Chinese teachers and schools to find out how to improve the quality of its schools. British educators say their techniques, such as spending more time on subjects and teacher-led explanation, have already had a positive effect.
To date, more than 40 British private schools have established campuses in Asia and the Middle East, as demand for a British-style education continues to rise. As the first secondary school in Britain to introduce this approach, its students were invited to teach Prime Minister David Cameron some Mandarin before he visited China a few years ago. We can be supportive in the abstract, and even helpful when faced with extremes of bias, but day to day issues that don’t affect us, personally, tend to be invisible. They are a form of denial that silences descriptions of negative experiences and makes them easier to ignore.
I’m sorry.” If you are truly surprised that there are issues, express interest and learn what they are.
The variation and level of intention are endless, but just to consider a few: The teacher who forces partner projects with peers who curl their lips at you. Her quasi-secret passion is historical costuming and she can’t look at people without imagining the era in which she would like to clothe them.
I'd rather eat my dissected frog in biology class than admit I wanted to kiss Darrell, Seth, Michael and Cory. I, on the other hand, fantasized that they were making out with me, wrapping themselves around my chest, and well, beyond that I wasn't quite sure what to expect.
Feeling hopeless and helpless, they charge full-tilt toward the wicked idea that "I'm not good enough." Left to its own accord, this thinking will take up permanent residence in their brains. Very few gay men and women ever stormed out of the closet filled with self-confidence and sporting their rainbow, "Don't Mess With Me" cape. Even the biggest supporters of gay kids learned to clean up their own diarrhea of the mouth. As a parent, I often find myself, with my own non-gay kids, doling out support and advice in retort to some flippant remark they make. Not unlike the Bubba at school who assumes Joel is gay because he wears skinny jeans, a white t-shirt, and a chartreuse cardigan, you may have seen a feminine man or masculine woman and assumed you knew they were gay. His trip will begin in Guangzhou, capital of the Guangdong province, home to the factories and offices of many Chinese and multinational companies.
This was apparent almost immediately after we left the airport, and I noticed there are more Chinese elements in the capital city. Due to my background, working with an English-language newspaper, I have often been requested to act as panel moderator. The plan also calls for training 5,000 school soccer instructors within the coming four years. The blueprint vows to make China a world powerhouse of scientific and technological innovation by 2050. The meeting will also draft a global strategy on a healthy workforce, and discuss access to essential medicines worldwide. I’d like to parse a few of the statements that I hear fairly often from well-meaning people and explain the hidden implications that make them problematic, as well as offer some alternatives. You don’t notice when romances in books and movies are heterosexual, but you will notice if they aren’t. Thankfully, you, their parent, teacher, brother, sister, grandparent can be a support system, guiding them to the (very true) belief that gay kids rock.
A simple, "That looks a little girly," or an unintentional, "Stop being such a cry baby" devastate and cause gay kids to clam up. Slow down, and listen to the gay kids in your life without snapping back with advice responses to their words. You don't have to be gay or lesbian yourself to share the moments when you finally understood that it was normal to feel what you were feeling. If you haven't come to terms with your own beliefs about homosexuality, then be honest with the gay kids in your life and let them know you're still trying to sort out how you feel about homosexuality — not how you feel about them. The Morrison in question was a fellow journalist, George Ernest Morrison (1862-1920), the Times correspondent in Peking from 1897 until 1912 and a supporter of the 1911 revolution led by Sun Yat-sen.
The choice of Guangzhou indicates that expansion of bilateral trade and investment will be a key topic on his agenda. This time, my job has been made much easier thanks to cultural proximity and common interests among the speakers. To that end I’d like to use the incredible power of my position as a mommy-blogger to advance the cause by offering this column clarifying details of The Agenda. Also, I can pretty much guarantee that when you look at someone who challenges gender norms you make a mental note of it.
The flip side of being lucky to be in one place is the knowledge that there are many places we cannot go without great risk. If you are straight, and you have a partner, imagine that many people think it is awful for the two of you to be together (if you don’t have to imagine that, you can stop reading, you don’t need this guide.) Would you put that person in danger by traveling with them?
I did nothing further to sort out what was happening to me, except wage a solo battle with the demons in my head. However, before you do that, you need some tools at your disposal to make them feel loved, accepted and appreciated for the beautiful gift they are to the world. Thinking before we speak in the presence of gay kids, or kids you suspect might be gay, is a subtle nudge that shows you are a safe confidant. Like other kids, gay kids are extremely sensitive, even if they seem tough and try to take care of themselves.
Whether they come right out and tell you, "I'm gay", or they play denial dodgeball, your best approach is to empathize with them, validate their feelings and reassure them they're not the only gay kids in their school, social circles, church, city, state, etc. Finally, reassure them that you care, you love them, and you'll do everything in your power help them in their struggle.
It's wonderful to be at the ready with advice, just be sure that's truly what's needed at the time. Reach out to organizations like the Gay Straight Alliance, PFLAG, Trevor Project, and get educated about gay kids and the dangers they face. Part of the legal and cultural battles for the rights of all people is the backlash against anyone who is perceived as part of a “deviant”, and therefore threatening, group.
Every form you have to fill out for standardized tests, school registration, or gym clothes that makes you choose a gender.
Honesty, when delivered from a place of compassion, signals to gay kids that you're an adult with integrity. Would you spend twice as much on hotels to get two rooms so that no one would know that you were a couple?

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