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First, though, I want to talk about why literacy is so important to me. Everyone has causes that stir great passion in them.
What else can you think of that brings people of all walks of life together more than an amazing book? To most people, Eeyore seems like a grumpy, depressed donkey that seriously needs a good dose of meds.
Of course, you can’t talk about Winnie the Pooh without mentioning this most famous Pooh quote! Charlotte’s Web taught me a tremendous lesson about finding friendship in the most unlikely places. Reading has taken me on many journeys throughout my life and taught me so many valuable lessons. Charlie and the Chocolate factory has many lessons including not being greedy, not being a glutton etc. The book i remember the most is The Little Prince and the drawing of the python that has just eaten an elephant. I think children’s books are still my favorite although I also enjoy reading chapter books along with my middle school student.
This section has been written for parents, carers and professionals who work with children for example teachers, nursery staff, Early Years staff, and Health Visitors. These are specific activities which will help develop your child’s language, speech and communication skills. Your Speech and Language Therapist may have recommended you try a specific activity with your child to help them achieve their targets.
These tips and advice sheets have been written to help you support your child’s communication skills. Children love their bedrooms, it is the place where they play, sleep and entertain their friends, real and imaginary. Chalkboard paint can also be an amazing feature in a child’s bedroom, giving them an entire wall space on which to draw – and this can help stop them from creating a masterpiece with kokis on the walls in the living room! Creating storage space in your child’s room is very important for creating a neat-ish (they are young after all) and fairly orderly space. A small table next to their bed with a nightlight will create a cosy atmosphere for nightmare-free nights, and a low, easy-to-access bookshelf that will work fantastically for storing books and other toys that need to be on hand. If you’re going to redecorate, put on your DIY hat and pop down to your nearest Jack’s Paint & Hardware store to create your little one’s mini-paradise. Hospitals around the country seem to be focusing their attentions on attracting wealthy patients.
Having a lot of money also increases the comfort the patient will feel during their hospital stay. Wealthy patients are regularly subjected to more testing, even though all of the testing being performed may not be necessary. Doctors treating high profile patients may be thinking about their reputation, distracting them from doing all of the right things for a patient.
While having money may guarantee a more comfortable hospital stay, there is no guarantee that it will lead to better medical care. Richer people tend to have better access to medical care…it is one of the reasons that wealthier people tend live longer. It seems that more and more kids these days are addicted to their tablets (no judgement here) and are no longer picking up those hardcover books that you have so many of (grrr). Thanks to our friends at FarFaria, they are giving away a 6 month subscriptions to 3 of my lucky readers!!!
You hear the same thing from parents who are sleeping through the night as well as from the ones that aren’t.
If you are wondering who to invite over for Taco Tuesdays you can find a complete guide to having a Dragon Taco party.
You’ll find the ins and outs of dragon hosting and learn about some serious shortcomings to hosting Dragons.

The fog briefly clears one morning as you are wiping something off your child, when you realize Babies-R-Us vomited all over your house.
A family close to ours had their child six weeks prior to our son being born and over time I developed Rule #2 - Make friends with a family who child is two months older than yours.
Think of all the books that we read with our kids that we also loved as children ourselves. If we don’t believe in ourselves, we set ourselves up for failure right from the start. To me, though, he was actually curiously insightful and-dare I say it- oddly optimistic in his pessimism. Christopher Robin said this to Pooh when he (Christopher) was starting school and wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with Pooh Bear.
Where, aside from the magical world of a children’s book, can a little girl, a rat, a pig and a spider be united by such a common goal.
I taught language arts before I had my kids and I loved passing on that love of reading to my students. I think the list of great reasons to read to your children is pretty much as limitless as the number of children’s books out there! It has taught me that it’s important not to lose our creative thinking when we grow up. I was collecting children’s books for my son before we even found out I was pregnant and his collection now is outrageous. The information about typical patterns of development is designed to help you decide which activities are best for your child.
Whether you’re sprucing up your tot’s room, or preparing a nursery for your impending new arrival, we have some great DIY tips and painting advice to help you turn their room into their favourite part of the house! Chat with your little one, if they are old enough, and find out which colours they would like to feature in their room. Get creative in your little one’s room, perhaps painting a blue sky with sponged-on fluffy white clouds on their ceiling. If you are stencilling on murals or using the sponging technique, this is something that they can easily be taught. They generally have more specialists and doctors coordinating their treatment than those of lesser means. This can be due to patients uneducated in the medical profession demanding tests that they read about in the news or that were suggested to them by other people. There are generally multiple doctors treating a single patient, which can sometimes interfere with medical decision-making and lead to diagnostic delays and mistakes. Now you can bring those fan favourites (Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Rapunzel and so many more) along with other great, fun stories to that tablet of theirs (or yours). However, if you love the app as much as I do, you can subscribe for $3.99 a month and can read as many books as you want! Any host or hostess worth their salt will find this book useful for navigating the world of dragon parties.
When I was a child, I lived in a development where there weren’t many kids around during the week. Eeyore felt alone a lot of the time, and while that is sad, he did teach much about self-sufficiency! Through his simple rhymes, I learned about how important it is to protect the planet (The Lorax), be a little silly sometimes (Fox in Sox), try new things (Green Eggs and Ham) and not let strangers in the house (Cat in the Hat).
I am so grateful to the teachers who taught me to read, to my grandparents and mom for encouraging me to read anything I wanted and to all the amazing authors out there who continue to give me new journeys on which to embark!
The Beatrix Potter stories are almost all about lessons, but definitely lessons of a different time. Varying shades of blue work well in a little boy’s room, and you can even get creative with masking tape and paint strips of navy blue to emulate a nautical theme. If your little one wants to gaze at the stars, you can paint them a beautiful night’s sky with black paint dotted with stars using our Glow-in-the-Dark paint. There are various other ways to get creative with painting techniques, from sponging and colour washing to cool stencils and wall art.

If you’re up to using your DIY skills, you can even buy some wood and build a special box just for your tot; something beautiful and handy to perhaps pass down to their own kids. And you can simply paint another layer over it if their Van Gogh attempts land up looking more like a skewed Picasso.
High thread count linens, marble in the bathrooms, and concierge service have been added to hundreds of hospitals located near to wealthy enclaves.
Their security becomes the highest priority, even if it inconveniences other patients at the hospital. Patients can relax in the soaring ninth floor atrium surrounded by a waterfall, a grand piano and the image of a giant orchid. Even when it is not an emergency situation and doctors have the time to think clearly, they still make mistakes when dealing with celebrities and high net worth individuals. For fear of alienating the patient, the medical teams perform the tests, add them to the bill, and keep their mouths shut.
There is also an increased risk of the medical team not following established protocols for fear of the patient’s discomfort. You can choose whether you want to read it yourself or if you want the book read to you and your ready to go. When my photos are tagged on Pinterest, the logo allows users to find the original content and explore the rest of QuirkyDad. The day we came home, we quickly packed up the infant Onesies and moved up to the next size. A second high chair here, baby swing over there and piles of clothes that you could swear your child only wore for a day.
Harry Potter, for example, was beloved by both the young and old, the rich and poor, all races and ethnic groups. While I do love my TV, very few shows resonate across all walks of life the way Harry Potter did.
The above quote taught me that figuring stuff out for yourself is often much better than letting someone figure it out for you!
Reading, and the love of reading, has instilled in me a passion, a fire, and a sense of wonderment and imagination second to none. I encourage reading at home more than any other activity, but sadly I know it’s not happening. Sometimes all a room needs to be transformed is a new lick of paint; and this transformation is only enhanced if you bring new life to the bedroom’s furniture with paint. Ordinary patients of the Lenox Hill Hospital complained of having their movements restricted and coping with increased security when Jay-Z (real name Shawn Carter) and Beyonce Knowles arrived at the hospital for the birth of their daughter.
Fame can mean star-struck doctors and nurses, leading to important things being overlooked. As far as year-round residents went, there were only a few kids and they were all much older. If you are painting for a nursery you don’t need to be gender-specific in your colour choices. Don’t forget to include a snug reading corner in their room, with a comfy sofa or bean bags. The trend lately is to make use of cool colours in the form of whites, pale blues and greens, yellows and even grey, complemented with splashes of colour in your decor.
A really amazing book can even bridge the gap between generations and socio-economic groups.

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