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All you BikeAdvice readers were the first to know about this as we busted this wildly speculative story of Yamaha R15 getting a Version 3 with 1 PS power increment and blaa blaa blaa…with the help of exclusive brochure scans and cleared that there is NO VERSION 3 for now! In an official Press Release, Yamaha has confirmed the launch of new colour options for their flagship R15.
Yamaha has also revealed the prices of all these new color variants and has informed that the sales have already begun at dealerships across India. At first glimpse it may appear that Yamaha may have reduced the prices, however, we believe this is not the case. Yamaha confirms that the bike will continue to be powered by the same liquid cooled 4 stroke SOHC 4 Valve 149.8cc engine capable of churning out (same) 17PS at 8500 rpm and 15Nm at 7500 rpm.
Keeping aside everything else and frankly speaking, barring the grid gold, all the other colours look deliciously tasty. Please, before readers lose credibility and take potshots…go slow on your speculative drive. We were at it and on 19th we busted that there is NO R15 V3 for the time being with the help of xclusive brochure scans and its just new colours when others were predicting tons of changes.. If only new colours and sticker jobs could help, every manufacturer in India would have done just that. When my dad left my mum for another woman, he suggested they didn't inform my two brothers and me. Dad figured that because the three of us were now independent adults, small matters like breaking up our family, airing the dirty laundry, selling the family home and fighting over who kept the baby photos were a private matter between him and mum. The idea that adult children are not affected by their parents' divorce is not a special brand of crazy reserved for my dad. The truth is, despite my devastation -- and I really was devastated -- I didn't feel entitled to grieve publicly for my parents' divorce. The second battlefront adult children are dragged into is not necessarily as dramatic, but just as putrid: the role of confidante. The moment the door closed behind my father, the boundaries of appropriate conversation between parent and child collapsed.
I expected the role reversal of parent and child to come much later in life, when mum and dad were old or dying.

I spent my time either worrying about dad night clubbing and reliving his youth, or helping mum manage the smallest details, like writing a shopping list or feeding herself. And while I was sorting out my parents' assets and playing Florence Nightingale to my mother, nobody even realized, let alone acknowledged, that I might be grieving too. Watching the family home and assets being packed up and fought over shatters your world, no matter how old you are. No matter what age you are, and what you have going on in your life, when your mum tells you "I wasted 32 years of my life," and your dad says, "I should never have married that woman," you can't help but reevaluate your memories of your childhood and question if any of it was real.
With the ever-increasing numbers of gray divorce, more adult children will be forced to wade through the debris of their broken families. Kasey Edwards is the best-selling author of 4 books 30-Something and Over It, 30-Something and The Clock is Ticking, OMG! And the update is not limited only to the cosmetics, the new CBR250R gets the same engine but with increased power output.
In comparison, the older CBR250R produced 26bhp of power at 8500 rpm and 22.9Nm of torque at 7000 rpm.
The company claims that the new 2015 CBR250R motorcycle will have an efficiency of 50.1km per liter, if driven under special test condition at 60kmph.
New 2015 Honda CBR250R is available in a choice of three colour options, all featured on this page. There has been no official word from Honda India if this new 2015 CBR250R will be launched here or not but with this launch, there are some real bright chances. They have specifically mentioned that there are no specification changes whatsoever and the new variant is the same Version 2.0. Yamaha may have not updated their site after the price reduction owing to the reduced excise duties. We were the first ones to bust the truth when others are still claiming that V3 will be launched next month, and the new colours carry all the changes and what not…!!
In fact, when my brother told his friends about our parents' split, they laughed -- such was their lack of concern and understanding. If our parents managed to stay unhappily married for over three decades, why bother to change things now?

Unlike when children are young, people don't concern themselves with the emotional, physical and financial toll of divorce on adult offspring. Rather than being shielded from much of the conflict, adult children are often conscripted to the frontlines of their parents' war. Both parents felt compelled to run down the other with intimate details about their relationship, sex life and past transgressions.
As we had talked about it earlier, the motorcycle gets the twin headlamp cluster like the CBR300 and a new body fairing. It will also be there in the special edition CBR 250R which will have the 2014 Repsol Honda livery of Marc Marquez (the 2013 MotoGP champion, who recently signed a deal to extend his stay in Honda till 2016).
The 249cc water cooled single cylinder engine now produces 29PS of power at 9000rpm and 23Nm of peak torque at 7500rpm and is mated to the same six speed constant mesh gearbox. So, in essence according to our sources, prices of the new models are a wee bit higher than the outgoing model. Even if you consciously decide not to take sides, your inaction may still be interpreted as a breach of loyalty.
Going by engineering principles, a bump in power is bound to have an impact on the fuel efficiency. The one who leaves needs to justify the decision and the one who is left needs to mull over why they were left and convince themselves -- and everybody else -- that they did not deserve it.
My parents we so engrossed in their own pain and anger they no longer had any concern for me, other than as a pawn in their own drama. Yet all of these would not prepare you for the major claim which Honda has gone on to make.

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