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And so of course we will now hear the oldA "sell in May and go away" cliche in marketsA a lot more often. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
Before reviewing Terrible Advice I would like to offer any chaps who might be reading this piece some excellent advice of my own.
Frank Oz, best remembered for his work on the Muppet Show, directs a crisp, merciless production of this artfully plotted and perceptive comedy and there are terrific performances. Of course we want to inspire our clients, our students, and our mentees to pursue their dreams. This belongs right up there with a€?you can have it all.a€? You cana€™t be anyone you want to be, nor can you have it all.
Those who say this a€” especially to women a€” typically have an unusually fortuitous career and life story to tell, and ita€™s from this perch that they preach to the more earth-bound. Herea€™s what we really should be saying: You cana€™t be anyone you want to be, but you can beA more of who you already are. The number of self-help gurus and motivational speakers who say this with a straight face is astounding. So, whata€™s the major disconnection between all this passion and the money thata€™s not following? This is why we repeatedly emphasize the following in our workshops and blog posts: instead of focusing on passion, look at what you are naturally good at, what comes to you relatively easily, what energizes you, what others recognize you for, and what youa€™ve been rewarded and promoted for. Look at your current job situation: what are the tasks that engage and energize you versus the ones that shut you down? Anyone who wants to hire you, network with you, work with you, or date you will google you.
There is a meaningful difference between how the market performs from a seasonal perspective in secular bull or secular bear markets. Bakula brings both loucheness and a persuasive edge of desperation to the womanising Jake, and Nyman, who bears a comic resemblance to a garden gnome, achieves Woody Allenish heights of solipsistic neuroticism as Stinky.

Our garden and our path must have the occasional unicorn and rainbow to make us believe in beautiful things. I do one key thing all day, and that is encouraging my clients a€” especially my graduate student clients a€” to put forth their very best efforts.
Popular career books like to peddle it, too, probably because ita€™s a lovely idea and one that sells. Ita€™s a long road of trying things out, identifying what youa€™re naturally good at, andA being willing to work at a passionA through classes and taking on additional responsibilities wherever you can, such as through volunteering or pro bono work. You may find that, even in your new passion, things may not hold for long because a€?everywhere you go, there you are.a€? If I tell you the number of clients that come to us post burn-out from the a€?passion carousel,a€? youa€™d be surprised. They can easily find what you share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Many people find work they love, can sustain it, and make a decent living out of it, while also contributing to their families, friends, and community. Average gains and the percent of positive cases have been higher in secular bulls than in secular bears (even if they are still lower than in the November through April period). In particular don’t take your wife if your marriage is going through a rocky patch or, should you be a single, a hot prospect you are hoping to impress with your love of theatre. You may overhear me say things like a€?if something is worth doing, ita€™s worth overdoing.a€? I was never one for moderation, and still struggle to stay within the designated zone. They will identify a list of careers where you would most likely succeed based on your strengths.
Wea€™re being disingenuous if we attribute it all to hard work, since an incredible amount of natural talent played a part, but luck especially had huge influence.
But Ia€™m not going to tell the fish who cana€™t climb trees that maybe they should just work harder at it. No matter how much you love a thing, ita€™s not a livelihood unless and until you can sell it.
You have to be talented at some aspect of it a€” teaching it, writing about it a€” in order to make a living.

You dona€™t have to curate content as perfectly as we do for our clients, but, at the very least, make sure that your post, pins, likes, and tweets are fairly innocuous.
The key is to get toA know yourself well, embrace your natural strengths, and slowly but surely move in the direction of matching these to correlated lines of work. I worry that good, well-meaning folks, and especially our youth, are being told things that are simply untrue and dona€™t stand up to any objective scrutinya€”things that create impossible expectations, are incredibly misleading, and essentially lead people down the garden path full of unicorns and rainbows.
Scientists who study the huge acclaim of hits likeA "Harry Potter"A or how certain people become overnight successes share that the processes involved are highly unpredictable, and dona€™t necessarily have a bearing on the quality of the product or the effort expended.
The sum total of this package is what makes you unique and what will allow you to make unique contributions to this world. Ita€™s not that the success isna€™t deserved, but that ita€™s wildly out of proportion with any objective measure of quality. This is what you have going for youa€”not being anyone you want to be, but developing who you alreadyA are.
Well, there are a myriad reasons: a lack of education or training, inevitable circumstances, planned or unexpected constraints, and unforeseen events, such as poor health or a prolonged recession.
It is as graphic and filthily funny as you can imagine, and I regret to report, exactly the kind of stuff men do talk about. In the opening scene he advises his old pal Stinky to ditch all three women in his life, a fact not entirely unrelated to the fact that he has developed a passion for one of them himself. Stinky is extremely slow to catch on, but when he does, he reveals subtle and malevolent depths when it comes to proffering bad advice of his own.

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