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RPI head coach Seth Appert offers his two biggest pieces of advice for parents of prospective players.
Parents play an integral role in the college hockey recruiting process - after all, every parent should play a role in the decisions their teenage children make.
With that in mind, we asked Rensselaer head coach Seth Appert for some of his best advice for parents of prospective players. Feeling anxious and sad about sending a child to college is normal and ranks high on the list of most difficult parenting moments, experts say. College Success: Advice for Parents of High School and College Students PDF can be read on any device that can open PDF files.
The  College is a safe, friendly community where children are well behaved and well mannered.

Teachers get to know you too and are always ready to listen to you - about anything you need to talk about!
At the start of your course, we will meet you at the airport and escort you back to the College. All students should carry with them a copy of the confirmation letter issued by the College.
At the end of the course, on Saturday, we also transport everyone back to the airport, help them to check in, and show them the departure gate.
For most, success means that their children graduate from college with a good job or are accepted to Graduate School. Continue to use the site as normal if you're happy with this, or find out how to manage cookies.

Please go through our Code of Conduct and our rules with your child and check that you agree with them.
London Heathrow International Airport, which is approximately 70 minutes by car from the College, and London Stansted International Airport, which is approximately 25 minutes by car from the College.
IF you must come at a different time or to a different airport, please tell us - there will be a charge for a special arrangement.
This book is for parents who want to help their children achieve the success they desire in college and beyond.

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