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Lots of parents hold on to a dream that their children will one day go to university, graduate, get a great job, and go on to lead successful lives. Of course, every child and situation is different, and for some university is clearly the best or only choice. Let’s face it, in the past there was a clear delineation between university and vocational qualifications. Outside of Scotland, every UK university graduate will pay tuition fees, but not every graduate will be able to land a graduate level job. So, while graduates battle for the best jobs, there is still the fact of tuition fees to think about.
We can’t tell you what to do - whether an apprenticeship or university would be the best option. These factors are for you to work out, but we would certainly advise that you take a proper look at the options before making up your mind as to what is the best move for you and your family.
The University's standard academic year runs from September to June, divided into three terms.

25 minutes to LondonIt takes around 25 minutes to get to Kingston by train from central London. The Campus Development Plan is reshaping the University's estate, enabling us to continue to deliver quality education programmes. If your son or daughter is starting an undergraduate course, visit our parents website for advice.
Some professions require a degree to gain entry, so if this is the case with your own child’s aspirations, then university it is!
Competition for the best jobs is fierce, and as sad as it sounds many employers still see a hierarchy of universities – meaning that some graduates are seen as more desirable than those from other universities, regardless of them having the same grades. What if, instead of paying for a degree, your child could study, earn a small wage, and get work experience that was directly relevant for their desired career?
Even if you consider that repayments on student loans only begin after graduation and when your child is earning above £21,000, it is still a pretty big debt to have. Avoiding the debt and getting job-specific training with a real company could provide a better start than university.

That choice is for you, and very-much depends on your own situation and includes everything from money to prospects, and what it is that your student wants to do when they finally enter the workplace. Others may see an alternative destination, but the route often stays the same – with university being a definite part of the plan. However, for everyone else there is a choice to be made, and that is the most important thing to realise – there is a real choice. Let’s put it another way, you’d probably be quite happy to get that added to your pay-packet this month as a bonus! How about if this route also gave them a better chance of landing their dream job than paying to go to university would? So, it may be somewhat disconcerting to hear that your child doesn’t want to go to university, or even that your advice to do so may not actually be in your child’s best interests!

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