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The Simple and Effective Summer Infant Step-By-Step Potty Trainer and Step StoolSummer Infant Step-By-Step Potty Trainer and Step Stool helps your child to build confidence and encourages the habit of using a clean potty.
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Here's what you need to know to protect those pearly whites and help give your child a lifetime of healthy habits. Sign up to get the best NJ events, festivals, concerts and activities for families delivered to your inbox. Look for signs of readiness such as: verbal communication, imitates you on the toilet – or shows interest in going potty on the toilet, stays dry for long stretches of time (usually 2-3 hours). External signs of readiness include: squatting, crossing legs (as to try to hold it in), grabbing the diapers, retreating to a corner or a hidden place in the house.
The purpose of potty training is to teach your child to recognize the connection between feeling the urge to go and then ultimately going. Underwear or Trainers?This is the million dollar question among parents when taking on the potty training challenge. True training pants are not diapers and are designed to contain accidents but are not typically waterproof (only more absorbent than standard underwear).
I completely agree with the bare bum training, it is very visual and helps with the laundry pile. Overnight, my children were overnight trained about 12-14 months after there were completely potty trained. Really let your kids guide this, for my children, starting at 12 months, I would set them on the toilet before baths and in the morning. We are still in diapers at night and it’s been over a year since she has been trained during the day. My 19 month old is dry at night, this has been the main sign of readiness with several of my kids (boys too, she's the youngest of 6).
For those who's kids have been dry during the day, I would recommend trying to figure out WHEN at night your child is wetting.
My daughter is almost 30 months and we’ve been trying to work on potty training since before she turned 2 years old. Approaching nighttime training is definitely trickier for most parents as opposed to daytime training.
Kelly: Answering your question, I think every child is different… Many kids will revert with the birth of a sibling, but my oldest was the opposite!!
It did took us until the birth of my third daughter (13 months later) to train her for the nights…. Yes, some children do revert or have multiple accidents when a new sibling is introduced but not all. There are experts on the subject that actually asks parents to postpone the training if the mother is about to gift birth.
Anelys – I love when you have the time to post your comments (you are one hard working webdesigning mama)! Personally, I was incredibly overwhelmed at the thought of potty training at first because I am a huge neat-freak and I thought there was no way I could handle accidents all over the place.
It was good that I just waited until she was absolutely ready because she essentially trained herself. In the end, my daughter was more than 6 months older than my son when she was potty trained.

If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same but our site will automatically receive a small commission. The potty became a fixture in our bathroom at least a couple of months before we began training in earnest. When Monday came, we dressed him in the superhero underwear he’d picked out and a pair of elastic-waist pants and sent him to daycare. Don’t feel pressured into potty training your darling son at 18 months because your neighbor’s daughter was potty trained by that age. Some children prefer their own potty chair; others like to use the big toilet like mom and dad. I personally employed the bare bottom approach in the initial stage – as the child becomes more aware of their body and their elimination needs when there’s nothing on their bums. Once you’ve taught your little one to recognize their body’s signals – you must decide whether they should wear standard underwear or some form of trainers; this is entirely up to you and what your little one will respond best to.
Therefore, it’s highly recommended not to tackle nighttime training until after your child has mastered daytime dryness. I tried doing part time EC with her had a little success early on but she just doesn’t want to sit on the potty. We started training her at 2 as she was showing signs of being ready, but she continued having accidents, so we decided to put her in diapers again thinking that she simply wasnt here (and I still think she just wasnt ready)… Exactly a week after my middle girl was born (my oldest was 2 and half), she actually asked us not to put her a diaper anymore.
I know I am going to refer back to this post when Riley is going thru that stage (won’t be for awhile)! She refused to go near the potty or the toilet for months and went through some regression after her little brother was born (they’re 20 months apart). I have one that is 4 and still a heavy wetter and a 2 year old that is still not trained even during the day. Every girls and boys ages from 2 – 5 years need potty stool to be able to reach the toilet. Boon Potty Bench : A Modern Training ToiletThe Boon Potty Bench features two enclosed spaces for side storage that can be used to keep potty training supplies.
Any earlier than that, these moms said, kids are not really ready; but after 3, the moms warned, your kid will likely become obstinate and refuse to use anything but a diaper.
We read books about using it, let our son sit on it, and all that good stuff so that he was well prepared. My daughter had the first two covered, and, like Meatloaf says, two out of three ain’t bad, so I forged ahead, even though she hardly ever stayed dry for 2+ hours. Once he starts peeing with no diaper to catch it, you want to be able to pop him on that potty right away. I had discussed the plan with his teachers beforehand so that they were prepared and knew to take him to the bathroom every two hours.
Like any kid, he had some accidents here and there, but they were definitely the exception, not the norm. Cloth diapered children will usually potty train faster than their disposable diapered counterparts (especially those who wear cotton diapers as the wetness is more significant than diapers with stay dry liners – such as pocket diapers).
Every child is different; some recognize their body’s elimination signals while other children do not recognize them for a long time. It’s difficult for our little ones to unlearn their previous potty habits; before it was completely acceptable to go potty in their pants. This is easiest in warm weather as you can let your child run around in a long t-shirt and nothing else.

Some trainers have no waterproof barrier – but are made with a thicker cotton than standard underwear while others do include a waterproof barrier such as the Imse Vimse Training Pants; other trainers are nearly identical to pocket diapers except they utilize side snaps or sewn sides and can easily be pulled up and down (these are usually best for overnight purposes) such as the Bumwear Pull Up Training Pants.
I used “pull-ups” on my youngest daughter for trips outside the home just so I wouldn’t have to deal with any potential accidents (which always seem to occur at the most inopportune time). There’s no need to be afraid of falling or parents need to lift them up to the toilet.
Looking back, this was my big mistake; she just had to go too often for the training to take. If your child prefers the standard toilet – consider (temporarily) decorating the bathroom to accommodate their interests.
If accidents occur far too frequently – then take a break and try again later as your child may not be ready just yet. If they have an accident – they immediately feel it and recognize their body’s signals faster when bare bottomed. He would watch me clean the diapers in the toilet, and realized that that is where the waste should go. I used to teach 2 years olds, and the requirement for them to pass to the 3 year old class was to be POTTY TRAINED!!!
No idea what made her change her mind… But she asks for a diaper to poop and will hold it if I say no.
This product doesn’t necessary be used only for the toilet, you can also use this for the sink. So with my son, when he was about 2 ½, I started making a point to check his diaper every two hours and note how often it was dry. Of course, this is also a bit frustrating for clean-freak parents like me – it was pretty hard to mentally tolerate the idea of accidents on the carpet (hardwood floors are more potty training friendly). He is now completely day trained, but still uses a Fuzzi Bunz at night – he is no where near ready for night training yet. I have tried all kinds of stuffings from prefolds to inserts and I am still waking up wet 2 out of 5 nights. When he was regularly dry after two hours, I exchanged the diapers for pull-ups and had him sit on the potty every time he had a dry diaper—and he often went. One of great things about this potty stool is that it has removable sides for easy storage when not in use. That meant he had already experienced many potty successes before we started training in earnest.
I never asked, just led him to the potty (read tips on how to pull off this feat without major protest here), every two hours or so in the beginning, and then, eventually, when he started initiating more, only when it had been a suspiciously long time since he’d last used it (and, of course, always before leaving the house!). I thought the Happy Heinies were the best rated for overnight, but should I try another brand or something else all together? When he started going in the potty more often than not, I told him that soon, like his sister, he wasn’t going to need pull-ups anymore.

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