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A side note for boys: We started with sitting down and when they became potty pros, they started going standing up.
Plan in advance when you will potty train so you can spend time talking about it to him and plan your schedule to be at home for a few days (the more, the better). We have a few potty books, but a couple TV shows seemed to get him more excited about trying. Special Agent Oso takes on mission Potty Royale and helps a preschooler learn to go potty in last half of the episode. The second half of this Dinosaur Train episode is about poop and is appropriately named Dinosaur Poop! Show him that the diapers aren’t on the changing table anymore because he gets to wear his new big boy underwear — or be naked, which is a big incentive for some!
I know some people have their little one give their diapers away to a baby or throw them out, but I held onto mine for naps and nighttime. Some kids stay dry during sleep time after getting the hang of potty training, but most kids still have nighttime accidents. You could also get rid of diapers and advertise new pull-ups, which are a a bit less diaper-like (but FYI they’re also not as absorbent for 12 hours overnight). Make up a little jingle or steal one from one of the shows to get her excited about heading to the bathroom.
Finally, all those times you were followed into the bathroom pay off, as now he’s had plenty of examples! You can give a little treat (something like a sticker or piece of candy) after he goes each time. I also gave him a treat when he sat down but didn’t have to go, just to encourage him to continue sitting on the potty. You might have to get a little more creative on day two or three when he’s losing interest or getting frustrated.
When you turn the timer off, just go ahead and reset it for another 30 minutes so you don’t forget. You can give her more water throughout the day than normal so she’ll have to go potty more frequently in order to get the hang of it. It will take some time for him to recognize the urge to go to the bathroom and get to the toilet in time.
I also learned that my son didn’t want to be asked right after waking up if he had to potty.

Try not to make it seem like sitting in the bathroom waiting for him to poop is the last thing you want to be doing.
Ask her often if she has to go, or if it has been awhile, just take her to the potty anyway.
While potty training can be frustrating and time consuming we all know the results are great.. Only 3 pounds per Personalised Reward Charts to help children improve their behaviour or learn potty training.
Encourage your child in successful potty training with these printable potty training charts. Successful bathroom training sessions made by your help out, I managed to potty train my son. And after days of cleaning everything we own, including both couch covers and rug, I threw in the towel and put the diaper back on.
The padded training seat works well especially if your child is small, so he doesn’t feel like he will fall in.
Talk about how she gets to wear big girl underwear, use toilet paper, wash her hands, and flush. My suggestion is to watch or at least listen to the show when it’s on so you can sing the jingles or interact with him if he tries to recreate one of the scenarios. Then maybe offer something a little bigger for number two, like a cookie or small toy, because this is a bigger struggle.
Switch treats, offer a different prize, allow him to watch his favorite show, or offer to do an activity he loves after he goes.
The first day, set the timer and take her the the bathroom every 30 minutes, whether she says she has to go or not. After all, he’s been able to go whenever and wherever he wanted in his handy dandy diaper since he was born. Bring a plastic bag, wipes, underwear, change of clothes, and even another pair of shoes (where the stream comes to a stop and puddles!). He went poo poo in the potty by himself! But then did another poo beside the potty — almost made it. He got the hang of going potty on the fourth day and we’re only using diapers for nighttime.

Potty training is a steep learning curve for your child, and our potty training reward charts are a great place to start.
Print out and use this colorful chart and stickers to help motivate your child when potty training. I guess everyone has to do it, so if a dinosaur can get my son talking about going poopy, I’m ok with that. Hallelujah! It can be tedious, but the timer works because he’ll get plenty of practice and you’ll both feel encouraged with fewer accidents!
Two of the potty accidents were at the very end of the day, like he was losing steam as he got tired.
Potty training is difficult for both parents and child, and free potty training charts can offer much-needed motivation during the training process. This might sound a bit dramatic, but I was relieved I had done it when he had accidents in those spaces! Reward charts for potty training such as a potty training sticker chart can help your child succeed with potty. It’s on Amazon (season 2, episode 2), but it looks like that episode is no longer available on Netflix. Don’t get visibly angry with your child, instead build her up to go in the potty next time.
Tons of free printable potty training charts for kids with all their favorite characters: Dora, Boots, Diego, Superman, Bratz, Barbie and many others.
Everyone told me that the second child is easier because the older one can help and be an example. Do not compare your experience to your friend’s who potty trained her daughter at 18 months.
You can ask if she has any more pee pee and encourage her to get on the potty after an accident anyway.

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