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Heartbreak and GeekSquad later, it’s getting fixed and I’m sitting at the library’s computer trying to pour my heart out and publish some articles before my 60 minutes are up.So let’s get started. My best friend visited from South Dakota this last weekend, and I was super enthusiastic to greet her and show her the dashing (*ahem*) city of Phoenix, AZ. Personally, I’m not a huge shopper so I tend to think it’s a bit boring, but we (both being animal lovers) ended up going to the Zoo her second day here. This is a bit of my review of the zoo and what I saw there.Upon entering the welcoming arches of the Phoenix, Zoo, one is greeted with many sights, smells, and opportunities to buy ‘souvenirs’.
Aye, though, I’m not one for these traps, so we scooted off to visit and view the animals in their habitats.
However, walking around this widespread educational space, I noticed that 70% of the individuals I passed (including the kids) were all overweight! Not just overweight, I’d say 40% were obese and at a point where obviously walking was not the most comfortable activity. Say, now, we’ve heard of these startling statistics online, but being outside of my ‘vegan bubble’ (which includes work, my place, and running through cars on their way home) this came at an utter shock to me! This means that pretzels with cheese, cotton candy, popcorn, soda, and ice cream bars were the staples for the day for pretty much everyone. And I saw the consequence first-hand of what this type of diet is doing.First of all – on paper, it’s clearly evident that the junk-food diet mainly adopted by Americans (and of course in other areas of the world) contributes to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and many other degenerative illnesses due to its acidity, high-protein, high-fat animal meals, and lack of high (pure) carbohydrates of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Instead of opting for nutritionally dense foods that are alkaline forming and heal the body, most everyone goes for the processed and refined food which include white flours, refined sugars, and mucus-forming chemical ‘Franken-foods’. In real life, it shows exactly the same.I was disgusted to see beautiful, young children gasping for air from just running down the sidewalk – these eyes which should be glowing, hydrated, blooming with life, and part of a giggly, smiley child instead belonged to grumpy, tired, and fatigued kids who were starting to share the same unhappy disposition as their parents. Everywhere I looked I saw parents feeding their 2-year olds soda, their toddlers cotton candy, and their pre-teens ice cream bars….and I just wondered, how can this be?!I know you’ll say that not everyone feeds their kids this way – and you’re right, but it is fact that the majority of humans now rely on processed and chemically-refined foods as their staples in life!

This way of eating is the cause of major diseases and minor illnesses and contributes to unhappiness on many levels!If you’re raising a child, then, how can this be acceptable to bring them into this world where they will constantly be at war with their body fighting genetic weaknesses and acidosis that stems from the habits you taught them in the first place? In my opinion, failure to educate self and act upon the knowledge of how to improve your own health and that of your family’s qualifies as Child Abuse. And I know, I know – parents still love their kids and this doesn’t mean they’re bad people at all – but this is the type of reality we live in.SOCIETY DOENSN’T SUPPORT YOUR HEALTH. It is up to the parents to take initiative and action to ensure that they don’t lead shorter lives than those before them, because this IS what is happening.What are some alternatives to these destructive habits that you may lead and are rubbing off on your child?1) Be an example You have to take care of yourself first and foremost, and be an example for your child. Kids LOVE fruit – and healthy snacks are just as easy to find and as cheap to make as ever! If you want to avoid unhealthy snacks at the Zoo, or whatever, be the one who takes initiative and looks out for your family. Society doesn’t have your health or your child’s in its interest – it’s more interested in propaganda (which I talk about below) and money.
They want to grow healthy, strong, and feel good about themselves – especially when bullying is rampant today.
Get them excited about healthy eating and take the time to explain why healthy eating is important.
It’s time everyone becomes reconnected with nature, as this is the future of our race and if we don’t educate and take care of them – we’re doomed. If you’re the parent whom had no second thoughts regarding what you fed your kids, then don’t be hard on yourself.
I say that this is Child Abuse in my opinion, because when I take a step back and look at what this lifestyle is doing to not only the children, but the populace in general – it frightens and infuriates me.
However, because of how society has taught us to think, shop, eat, and so on and so forth, not everyone has the ability to take that step back and really think about what is going on.

Here are some pictures -meaning I’ll upload the pictures once I fix my laptop I took when we stopped at the petting zoo.
With cute little goats (which looked like they’d rather be shot than have to be pet by another kid), a big red barn, and a lovely tractor which is fun to play on – wouldn’t you, too, think farms are nice to animals and form a disconnect between where your meat comes from?This is what I’m talking about – it’s time to get informed as a parent, individual, and consumer. The reality is that SOCIETY does not think about your best interests when it comes to health – and you have to be the one that starts looking into the truth in your life.
Contrary to what was being told inside the big red barn, most dairy farms are industrialized and are not family owned.
Its lies like these which are keeping you and the average consumer fat, sick, and nearly dead.WAKE UP, and start living the life you deserve. Eat pure, plant foods that are as close to nature and as vibrant as possible.The message here today is to take a stand for our future, yourself, and our families.
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