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Learn greetings and all kinds of vocabulary from animals to clothing to forms of transporation in Spanish. Provides students with a quick and easy reference to the rules, exceptions and uses of the present tense.
Provides students with a quick and easy reference to the rules and exceptions of the simple past tense (el preterito, el imperfecto). The Spanish Future Tense app is designed for students learning the Spanish language, specifically the future tense.
Includes over 300 verbs built into the app with the imperative conjugation and the English translation.

This Spanish subjunctive grammar guide is designed for MEDIUM to ADVANCED Spanish students who are looking for a subjunctive reference guide available at the touch of a finger. These are some of the popularly rated and most downloaded Spanish app we found in Play Store. Your learning process will be synchronized with Busuu website and the app also contains audio visual learning techniques. All the Spanish words and phrases are repeated by a native Spanish speaker for you to repeat.
Memorize the words and then play small games based on them, to review how much you have learnt.

So, here we are with some of the best Android apps which helps you in learning Spanish on your phone anywhere, anytime. Hear and learn how to pronounce Spanish words, which are divided in to three categories: basics, travel, and fun and then learn easily.

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