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They don’t work for every child and finding the perfect one will take some time, but when you do find that one thing that motivates them, watch out! You will spend countless hours sitting on the floor of the bathroom, willing and begging your child to tinkle. Below are some ways in which children and teens with Aspergers and HFA can organize and prioritize daily activities and tasks. Computer calendars can have important dates stored on them, or reminders about when to complete a certain chore.
Hand-held voice recorders can be a useful auditory reminder of tasks, work, events or deadlines.
Either they are girl products (we have three boys) or they are too young or too old for our kids, you just can’t accept everything that comes your way. He is still a long way from being fully potty trained, but he is a bit more independent in the bathroom. Her youngest is autistic so she is passionate about advocating for children and families on the spectrum. We thought the same she would go in pull ups but after 2 years of trying one day it clicked and she went on her own.
This free event features five stages of live music along Denver’s 16th Street Mall on Memorial Day weekend.

Enjoy a tour of the Four Mile House Museum – a Denver Landmark, panning for gold, and meeting our many farm-animals! At first, parents may need to have a lot of involvement introducing the techniques and helping their child to get used to using them.
Lists: Lists, both written and pictorial, can help children with Aspergers in the same way as color coding. Praise progress, but don't go overboard: The self-satisfaction children will feel will be a more powerful motivator. Set expectations: Be clear, in a kind way, that you expect your children to work on these skills and that you'll be there to help along the way. Task boxes, envelopes and files: Children can store work or belongings in set places, so that they aren't misplaced or forgotten. Visual supports: Using pictures, written lists, calendars and real objects can all be good ways of helping Aspergers kids to understand what is going to happen – and when! Start thinking in questions: Though you might not realize it, every time you take on a task, you ask yourself questions and then answer them with thoughts and actions. With the built in step and handles, he feels secure and steady while navigating his way to the seat. If they don’t go, count to 20 out loud while telling them when you reach 20 they can get off the pot.

She attends more concerts than is humanly possible and takes some pretty amazingly blurry photos of said shows to prove she was there.
Maybe homework would get done faster, there would be more play time, and there would be less nagging about chores. Over time, most children and teens with Aspergers will be able to use the strategies independently (although some may always need a certain degree of support). So, work together to come up with questions that need to be asked so the chosen task can be completed.
I have felt fear of kids ridiculing her for going to school with pull ups this upcoming school year.
I have also wondered if they even allow kids who are not potty trained to go to regular classes?

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