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Pourty PottyThe Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty has a unique duct and anti-drip lip making it easier to clean than a conventional potty. Flexi-Fit Toilet TrainerThe Flexi-Fit has a unique squeeze flex action and adjustable prongs so that it fits securely to most shapes and sizes of toilet seat. We have created our very own Potty Training Reward Chart and Potty Training Diploma for boys and girls to help you along the way. You could start putting them on the potty routinely at bath time or in the morning just to see what happens for a few weeks.
Encourage your child to sit on the potty chair every couple of hours – not too often or they may become bored and never force your child to sit if they resist.
Your child is potty trained when they are able to use the potty or toilet fairly independently so they know when they want to go and are able to react by using the potty or toilet.
I was really pleased with how secure this toilet trainer feels when attached to the toilet seat and my daughter was very happy to sit on it because it doesn’t wobble about and she finds it comfortable.
The Flexi-Fit Toilet Training seat comes with two adjustable prongs which…attached perfectly and didn’t wobble we were able to take it off pretty easy too.
Download free printable reward charts and learn when to start potty training a bowel movement for toddlers or kids. Einfach einePause im schnellebigen Alltag machenohne der Zeit Beachtung zu schenkenist ein Erlebnis, das ich gerne teile. Over the years, parents have tried many different techniques including holding their babies over the toilet from an early age after meals and encouraging them go pee, using a regimented schedule of fluid intake and toilet visits or trying systems of punishments and rewards. We suggest that sensible starting ages for potty training range from 18 months to 3 years (28 months is the average age).

If they begin to associate the potty with feelings of negativity the process will take much longer than is necessary.
Don’t keep them sitting on the potty for too long, perhaps no longer than two or three minutes and stay calm if they get up and run away. Potty time could be a special time just for the two of you perhaps singing rhymes or reading a book.
Having used another toilet seat for my son 3 years ago, I definitely prefer this one because it makes your child feel so much more secure. He can now climb onto the toilet himself (by holding onto the radiator and using a step) and get down too. Now the most commonly used method is to wait until the child starts to show an interest and the parent feels up to the task. If you start the process and feel you’re not getting anywhere or there has been no improvement after a couple of days we would suggest that you stop potty training and try again in a couple of months.  Avoid potty training at the same time as any big changes in the family like a new baby or a house move. It’s a nice idea to read stories about potty training and go on a shopping trip to choose new underwear.
You could try letting your child run around with no underwear to help them understand that the nappies are going. You can see that she is comfortable on this toilet trainer and there is no chance of an accident as the front piece helps her position herself just right. This is adding to his sense of independence and I’m amazed at how far he has come in the few short weeks since I was pulling my hair out at the constant accidents.
My son enjoyed using it he always has to hold himself up over the toilet but with the Pourty he could easily sit and be comfortable.

She felt confident climbing onto a step to get to the seat by herself as the seat stayed firmly in place. Boys should always train sitting down until fully trained and having had at least one BM on the toilet. This will help with potty training bowel movements, because it will be much easier for your child to eliminate in the toilet. The toilet training seat is good for getting them used to the toilet, but often you need to be there to help them. Accidents will happen and they are part of the learning process but if there are lots of accidents and very little progress you may want to go back to diapers and leave potty training for a while. The average age for potty training bowel movements can often seem later than the potty training age for urination, which is usually around 18-24 months.
Have confidence in your own ability to judge the right time for your child and don’t feel pressurised by other people.
You can also use a potty chair in rooms other than the bathroom to make sure that your child never has too far to go once the urge takes them. This is because when children are first learning, they dona€™t always know what they need to use the bathroom for and will relax all muscles. Also, try and make sure that your child’s other carers are consistent with your approach.

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