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November 15, 2015 By Claire Heffron Leave a Comment Looking for activities for babies that will keep your big kids entertained too? We received copies of these books from the author for free in order to write this review, but all opinions are 100% mine. Our family welcomed a sweet new baby in October and we couldna€™t be happier with our crew of little boys (this new little guy makes 3!).
Ita€™s been awhile since wea€™ve had a baby in our house a€“ our next oldest is 5 years old a€“ so wea€™ve had some adjusting to do! Even more of a challenge, how the heck do you entertain a 5-year-old and a 6-year-old while also keeping a tiny baby happy at the same time?? Even though Ia€™m a pediatric occupational therapist and I know all about the early motor and sensory experiences babies need for healthy development, ita€™s a different ballgame A when youa€™re talking about your own kiddo (and when youa€™re sleep deprived and exhausted)!
In Begin With A Blanket: Creative Play For Infants, Rachel has put together 45 activities that are designed specifically for infants to give them exposure to strengthening, sensory experiences, visual motor skills, problem-solving, and more! Simple Play: Easy Fun For Babies offers similar creative play activities for slightly older babies who are already sitting, crawling, standing, and cruising. These collections have been an awesome way for me to engage with this newest little member of our family while providing him with what he needs to develop, grow, and flourish during these early days of his life. Most recently, on a day when the baby was super fussy, we tried the Streamer Curtain activity to see if it would distract him and calm him down. So this got me thinkinga€¦what other activities would be fun for both my big boys and the baby to do together? These simple ideas along with the creative activities in Begin With a Blanket have done more than just keep the kids occupied. Be sure to click over and check out CanDo Kiddo as well as Begin With A Blanket: Creative Play For Infants and Simple Play: Easy Fun For Babies! Jumpropeia makes beautiful, handmade jump ropes for kids - perfect for targeting bilateral coordination, motor planning, hand eye coordination, strength, endurance, and more! Keep your cardboard boxes, milk jugs, and containers handy because many of these 1 year old activities use items that you already have around the house! If you loved these 1 year old activities, hop on over to our Facebook page and tell us which one was your favorite! Here are the activities you’ll find in this session of free music activities for babies. I have worked for the past 6 years in early childhood and creative arts settings and I have a strong passion for early childhood education, music, and the developmental benefits music can promote.
My frustration over the lack of a dedicated babies music website, coupled with my passion for music and early childhood, was the inspiration for The Bubble Box. Boost your baby’s development – Music promotes brain power and communication skills that set the foundation for future learning. Make the most of your precious baby time – Babies don’t stay babies for  long – make the most of ‘baby time’ sharing music and delighting in smiles and giggles.
Individual activity videos – watch each activity “one by one” in separate videos for each activity.

To get the most out of your music experience for baby you might like to select our instrument pack, which includes a range of instruments to use during the music sessions. Blowing bubbles is one of the world’s oldest and most popular activities for young children.
Give a young child a balloon and they will play with it for a lot longer than most fancy toys. When our kids start to toddle, it seems easier to find activities, but what about activities for one year olds… and infants?  My baby daughter and I talk, we smile, we sing, and we play, but I never quite know what else to do with this little person. My 6 month old daughter was presented with the cookie tin of different colored and textured scrunchies. She immediately grabbed a few and tried to “eat” them (which is what I expected would happen).  She would pull them away and look at what she had been munching on and then she would put them right back to her mouth. I put scrunchies on her wrists and ankles, and she had a good time flailing her arms and trying to get them off of her feet.  When she was unable to pull them off her feet, she simply brought her mouth down to them! Here at Kids Activities Blog, we are a little obsessed with playing with baby!  Here are some recent articles about activities that are mom and kid tested. You and your tot can go on a texture hunt, make a book of different textures to explore (via Bloesum Kids), use the lid to a box to create a sensory version of hide-n-seek with family photos (via Inspiration Surrounds), enjoy a washrag maze (via Lilla A), or match textures as you feel them inside balloons (via Tutus and Turtles). Toys don’t have to be fancy for toddlers to enjoy them!  Some of my infants favorites are created with items found around the house. We made I-Spy shaking bottles, Imagination Tree added glitter to her oil and water bottles, over at Pre-school Play they have a smorgasbord of bottle ideas including one where they added marbles to shampoo, Southern Thomas added colorful items to plain water to create a collection of visual effects and Cluck, Cluck Sew made a bottle-free discovery bag for her kids to play with. A trip to the toy store with your toddler in tow isn’t necessary when you can upcycle what you already have at home. One of our most popular DIY creations is our toddler clipping toy – sure to entertain! There are other ways to create toddler toys from everyday objects.  Counting Coconuts made blocks from tree branches, mix pipe-cleaners and a sifter and you have toddler poking fun (via The Imagination Tree), an old cereal tub or a large tin can when decorated becomes a drum (via No Time for Flashcards) and help your tot practice fine motor skills with pom-poms and a tupperware tub (via Engaging Toddler Activities).
Toddlers are about the process, not the end product, so crafting with a one year old is an experience all its own.
Have dried out markers and maybe a tot like mine who likes to color on herself?  This blogger made watercolors out of her old markers. A Rachel Coleya€™s got you covered with her two awesome books a€“ and wea€™ve added some of our own ideas too! A Once the dust settled with my husband going back to work and all of the visitors dying down, I have to admita€¦I couldna€™t quite remember what to do with a little tiny baby all day long! A Rachel is a fellow pediatric occupational therapist whose passion and experience is with infants and toddlers.
A They love having a whole collection of activity ideas that they can choose from and they love helping me gather the simple materials and getting things set up for what they call a€?baby play timea€?. A My 5-year-old was excited to help, cutting the streamers for me and ripping off pieces of tape to hang them.
A Rachela€™s books inspired me to create a little list that the boys could choose from whenever we had a few minutes of downtime with the baby.

A Having the big kids lie down and talkie sing A to the baby at their level makes things more fun for everyone!
A They love running around the house, gathering the towel, washcloth, and soap and helping me get the baby tub ready. A Why not whip up a few cool sensory bottles with the big kids that they can use to entertain the baby? A Theya€™ve helped resolve some of the mom guilt Ia€™ve been feeling about spending all of my time tending to the babya€™s needs a€“ telling my other boys a€?not nowa€? over and over when they ask me to play.
A What are your favorite play activities to keep kids and babies of all ages happy and entertained? She began her career with a bachelor's degree in magazine journalism but quickly changed course to pursue graduate studies in occupational therapy. Try these free music activities with your baby and if you have a great time doing them check out the full set (Sessions 1-4).
I’ll show you how to share music with your baby, at around half the cost of traditional classes!
Otherwise you can use your own instruments or grab whatever you have from around the house (utensils from the kitchen can make great instruments).
The wonder, awe and stimulation that bubbles provide, represent an exciting way to encourage your baby’s curiosity and learning. Before becoming a mom, Amy was an elementary school teacher and has a Master's in Literacy Education and a Reading Specialist certificate. A She blogs over at CanDo Kiddo where she offers tips, tools and resources about what babies need to grow healthy and strong in the first crucial months of life. A She also offers simple explanations for each activity, describing how it contributes to healthy development.
A Baby Graya€™s only calm, happy moments of the day were when he was lying under the colorful streamers. When she's not busy saving her cats from the kids and trying to figure out what's for dinner, she can be found crafting and playing the day away with her family.
This is taken from Session 3 of my Music Activities for Babies program here at The Bubble Box. A He looked at them quietly for several minutes and then was happily surprised when the streamers moved as he batted his hands and kicked his feet!
She is a mom to three funny, noisy boys and relies on yoga, good food, and time outside to bring her back to center.

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