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Since children learn with routines and association, giving them medicine droppers with water early on will make giving them medicine later easier. When the time comes for baby 2, there are definitely things that Tim and I plan on doing differently, and almost all of  the tips on babies we would now share have to do with calming down about different matters. We’ll also take advantage of the young infant stage of life and go out to eat together more, instead of being petrified that someone might breathe on our child and staying in. I recently had the opportunity to read a great book, How to Have Your Second Child First, by Kerry Colburn and Rob Sorensen.
One of the points that gets made in the book is that, unless your baby has super sensitive skin (and admittedly, some do), using a special detergent like Dreft is completely unnecessary. All has put out a Free & Clear detergent (containing no dyes, perfumes or preservatives), and a coupon for the product is included with the book. Win it!: One lucky Stuff Parents Need reader is going to get a little help in the way of 2 coupons for free All Free Clear Detergent as well as a copy of  How to Have Your Second Child First, filled with baby advice for new moms and dads.
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Disclosure: I received complimentary products from MomSelect and All in order to facilitate my review. With my second child we panicked less over things like Her cough sounds different and took her too the Dr less than our firt one. But now we know a little bit more about the kinds of crud that babies just pick up (especially daycare babies) and we know that a virus simply has to run its course. There’s a precious period of time (and it ends right around 4 months) when babies are remarkably easy to take out and about.
I think I washed Darah’s clothes separately for about a week, and then I realized that it was driving me crazy. If you are a blogger (your blog needs to have posts that have been written in the past 3 months, please) add my button to your blog and leave a url where I can see it! The opinions expressed here are strictly my own.Affiliate links may be included at no cost to you.
With my daughter, I was worried about every peep she made but I think if I have #2, I'll relax more!
I got one late for my first child and it really helped her sleep peacefully at night without waking herself up.

If you are currently expecting your first, or if you have a newborn at home, this might be a really good read for you. I also had the opportunity to try out the detergent, and I’m finding that it works just as effectively as my other detergents. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to their email notification before the prize is forfeited and a new winner is selected. I try to keep a gentle detergent on hand and I just wash everyone’s laundry with that. But she did bring up a lot of issues that I have dealt with as a new parent, and that I had to learn from experience not to be so uptight about.

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