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This one was chosen for its cute factor.  A relatively simple do-it-yourself costume idea, and probably not something your 2+ year old will consent to, so get it done the first or second Halloween. This is one of the many store-bought options you can find out there.  So whether you choose the Tootsie roll or some other childhood candy favorite, a store-bought option like this is still a great idea. Hopefully no one takes offense at this, because I like it simply because of how adorable the baby is.  The glasses are the hardest thing to find for this costume, but it is otherwise simple. Another playful and great store-bought option for you.  Coupled with the basket of eggs, I really like this one for the photo idea possibilities. How creative is this one?!  For the little babies who would be much better off in a stroller for a Halloween party or trick-or-treating, this is a great idea.  No real costume needed, just the stroller add-on to make it look like the popular smart phone.
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The baby doesn’t want to be in it at all…how could a parent or anyone find this funny! The San Rafael Public Library is pleased to present storytime programs for babies and preschoolers. Toddler Storytime is for children from birth to 3 years of age, accompanied by a parent or caregiver. We’re gonna have to find a pot big enough for our 19 month-old, but this photo idea is a must for the costume. The programs are planned to maximize the experience of children at each developmental level.
This action-packed storytime features stories, songs, fingerplays, puppets, flannelboard stories and Mother Goose.

Longer picture books, fingerplays and stories using flannel boards and puppets are presented. We encourage you to follow the age guidelines for each program and to familiarize yourself with our Storytime Etiquette Guidelines. Children under 3 years benefit from sitting beside their parent or caregiver; adults help the young child follow the stories, stay focused and participate in the songs and fingerplays.
I hope you all gain an education of some kind in your pathetic little lives especially KitVonRetard!

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