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This one was chosen for its cute factor.  A relatively simple do-it-yourself costume idea, and probably not something your 2+ year old will consent to, so get it done the first or second Halloween. This is one of the many store-bought options you can find out there.  So whether you choose the Tootsie roll or some other childhood candy favorite, a store-bought option like this is still a great idea.
Hopefully no one takes offense at this, because I like it simply because of how adorable the baby is.  The glasses are the hardest thing to find for this costume, but it is otherwise simple.
Another playful and great store-bought option for you.  Coupled with the basket of eggs, I really like this one for the photo idea possibilities.
How creative is this one?!  For the little babies who would be much better off in a stroller for a Halloween party or trick-or-treating, this is a great idea.  No real costume needed, just the stroller add-on to make it look like the popular smart phone. Have another idea you can share with our readers?  Post it in the comments below or send us an email with your own photo and we can add it for our fans. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them.
These experiences got me thinking…just what else are we looking forward to for our daughter that she won’t be happy about?  Will she cry like this when she takes her first steps, or when she plays in the ocean for the first time?  Will she enjoy any of the moments that most new parents look forward too?
We didn’t actually make them, but the guidance I saw was to use food coloring and a toothpick. I was wondering if you could give me a link to make the Watermelon Fruit Basket with the baby in the stroller please?
There are also edible ink pens available – check Amazon for a range of colors, point-sizes, and costs. It’s easy to want to dote on baby to make their first Christmas extra special, but older siblings may feel a twinge of jealousy from all that attention.

Just think about the adventures your toddler or preschooler could have while you’re tending to baby with these boxed play sets. The classic game that you played growing up gets a serious upgrade that older kids will love. If you are hosting or helping out with a baby shower this summer, I thought I’d help you out by compiling some baby shower food ideas for you. And while you are planning the party, don’t forget to check out the free baby shower games I have personally used and loved! After making my list I realized we have a couple of sites in common, and I encourage you to check out their list.  There are also lots of comments left by users on other craft ideas and craft sites. There are many sites with various ideas, and I’ve provided a couple below that I liked. We’re gonna have to find a pot big enough for our 19 month-old, but this photo idea is a must for the costume.
These cupcakes add a dose of pretty to any party and pair perfectly with a cup of tea and mini sandwiches. I have made punch kind of like that with ice-cream but that don’t look like ice-cream to me, please send me directions if there is anyone out there that know.
Part nightlight, part music box, the Melody Mates pillow and blanket combo is a sweet addition to baby’s nighttime routine. Beginning as early as 10 months, your baby can ride in the SmarTrike, which transitions into four different stages as baby grows. Each Props in a Box comes with a backdrop and two separate sets of costumes, perfect for hours of imaginative play.

We are ALL about the summer birthdays here, and that means that summer baby showers are also going to be happening in large numbers in the next few months! This one should be intuitive, but wait until after you’ve made the footprint tree to add the star and trunk. The scarf-like style replaces the traditional baby bib and comes in trendy designs such as chevron and animal prints. By the time they are three, they’ll end up in a classic tricycle, primed and ready for exploring. Follow along on her blog, Momma Knows Best, as she tests out the best products for moms and babies on the market to find the ones parents can't live without.
I hope these links give you some ideas to work from as you plan a fun event for your friend who is expecting.
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