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7 month old Marcos Miguel Pano Colon (left) was shot dead by gang members next to his parents last week.
The  baby boy was carried by his 24-year-old father, Juan Alberto Pano Ramos, and his 17-year-old mother, Alba Isabel Colon, when their assailants opened fire on them in the city of Pinotepa Nacional on Friday evening. According to Daily Mail, the Police have arrested four people in connection with the murders. About UsRhodiesWorld is an Online Magazine website that seeks to inform, entertain, educate and inspire her visitors. Amongst other services, RhodiesWorld can help advertise your products and services at reasonable rates.
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Cuddled in the safety of his father's arms, bath-time complete, the baby clings on tightly - the perfect picture of an adoring papa with his newborn son.
But the picture takes on a darker significance now, for it would be in these arms that this child would die just seven months later - a moment captured in another, horrifying image. For this is Miguel Pano, the baby whose violent end at the hands of faceless assassins has shocked Mexico.
Miguel became one of the youngest ever victims of the country's brutal gangland war, caught up in the assassination of his parents on Mexico’s Pacific Coast on Friday. Shot dead outside a supermarket, when police arrived just moments afterwards, they would find the tiny child, blood soaking through his baby grow, cradled by his dead father Alberto Pano, 24, killed alongside his wife Alba Colon, 17, at the entrance to Vig’s convenience store on the dangerous outskirts of town.
And there was nothing anyone could do to save them from the wrath of the rival gang in the Oaxaca state town of Pinotepa, just a 90-minute drive from the tourist hotspot of Acapulco. Tributes have flooded in for the family, with many of Alberto's friends changing their profile pictures to the image of his murdered infant son overset with the Mexican flag.
It was to El Isis that Alberto was talking moments before his death: just 24, the young man was already known in the area as one of the gangster's low level drug dealers, brought in to work for him from Acapulco.
But Alfredo, who is said to have sold marijuana, cocaine, crystal meth and heroin alongside his tasty treats, was small fish to fry. And it seems whoever ordered the killing wasn't intending to give him any chance to escape. However, Ribera continued, 'the fact that another rival gang member could be despatched at the same time will have been a bonus for the killers’ in an area where the gunshots of warring cartels regularly sends people running for their lives. Drug dealer: Alfredo (far left), the father of Miguel, was believed to have been targeted by a rival gang in the in the Oaxaca state town of Pinotepa.
But the murder of Miguel and his family was particularly shocking, even in a town which has buried so many already.

Demands for justice to be served have flooded social media, where pictures of the little blood-covered boy have been shared thousands of times.
Some have compared him to Alan Kurdi, initially called Aylan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy whose body washed up on a Turkish beach - another young boy killed because of the decisions of adults intent on making money any way they can.
As yet, no arrests have been made following the killing, despite countrywide pressure on the local police force after pictures of slain baby Miguel went viral on social media. A New Mexico man has been charged with murdering his 9-year-old stepson, who was found beaten to death months after placing a desperate 911 call. The child, Omaree Varela, called 911 from his Albuquerque home six months before his death, hoping to alert authorities to what investigators are now saying were drug-addicted, abusive parents, KOAT first reported. As a dispatcher traces the call to the home, Omaree's parents can be heard telling the boy to stop crying over bruises he has. The tirade continues as Casaus threatens to beat the boy and says that the child's own brother can't stand him. Eight months prior to the phone call, a teacher had notified the Children, Youth and Families Department (CYFD) of possible abuse of the child when he was found to have cuts and bruises on his body.
Officers Gil Vigil and Scott McMurrough with the Albuquerque Police Department went out to the residence after the boy's 911 call, but made several errors that day that may have led to the child's eventual death, Chief Allen Banks told KOAT. In video taken from a lapel camera by the officers, and published by the New York Daily News, the parents suggest the call was meant for neighbors who were drunk and loud. Despite the dispatcher telling the officers that they should listen to the disturbing phone call before arriving, the officers never did. Six months later in December 2013, Varela was found dead, allegedly stomped and beaten to death.
The Albuquerque Journal reported that in the last 13 years, Varela-Casaus had been arrested more than 20 times on charges including possession of methamphetamine and prostitution. Last Wednesday, Steve Casaus was arrested on drug charges during an undercover police operation.
Along with the drug charges, District Attorney Kari Brandenburg is now charging Casaus with six counts of child abuse leading to the death of his stepson.
Randy Taylor, 48, has been arrested for abduction by force in connection with the disappearance of Alexis Murphy. Anyone with information concerning the whereabouts of Alexis Murphy should contact the Nelson County Sheriff's Office at 434-263-7050. The Trans-Border Institute at the University of San Diego, which analyses crime in the country, says that from 2006-2012, the total number of homicides in the country could have been as high as 125,000. The scene was littered with 18 .38 calibre shells, thought to have been shot by three separate assassins, each armed with a six-round revolver. In the chilling audio, Varela's mother, Synthia Varela-Casaus, and the boy's stepfather, Steve Casaus, can be heard hurling verbal abuse at the child, unaware that a 911 dispatcher is listening in.

According to police logs, the officers said they were questioning the parents for two hours, but the lapel camera shows that the officers were there for only 15 minutes.
A 30-page autopsy report detailed the boy's injuries, and said he lost about 25 percent of his blood volume through internal bleeding.
Casaus and his 22-year-old daughter, Monique Casaus, were allegedly trying to buy unknown drugs and brought the woman's 3-year-old daughter along. 6, 2013, authorities found Alexis Murphy's white 2003 Nissan Maxima in the parking lot of a movie theater in Albemarle County, just north of Charlottesville. Authorities have yet to comment on what evidence they have linking Taylor to the teens disappearance. Three people-- Walters, 21, Stephanie Lopez, 19, and her twin brother Steven Lopez, 19, drink through the evening.
The location is approximately 39 miles from the Lovingston gas station where she was last seen. According to court documents, Andy Walters and Steven Lopez admitted to playing with Stephanie and Walters's 5-month old daughter, Brianna. Police records show that Walters and Lopez threw the child into the air, causing her to hit her head on the ceiling 3 times, then dropped her twice on the floor.
Stephanie Lopez asked about the bruises on Brianna, and according to court documents, Walters admitted that he and Steven Lopez "played a little rough with her". Walters changed the diaper and took a baby wipe, wrapped it around his index finger and inserted it into brianna's anus.
The complaint also states Andy Walters admitted he bit Brianna on several occasions, but he told Dona Ana County Sheriff's Deputies he is not not the only family member to bite Brianna. Walters also told authorites that Stephanie Lopez pinched and threw Brianna out of frustration. During his interview with Sheriff's Deputies, Steven Lopez admitted to having sex with Brianna Lopez.
11:10 am, Friday July 19th, five month old Brianna Lopez dies at Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces.
Autopsy results show Brianna Lopez had 11 bite marks on her body, broken ribs, skull fractures, bleeding of the optic nerves and brain swelling.

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