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The subject SAP has been prepped for potty training, the time  has come to set up the Arsenal of equipment needed to potty train! I knew she would go through those trainers quick so thought I would get some padded undies to accompany her training.  These were absorbent enough for a pee and perfect for around the house pantsless the first few days! Finally, as a reward for dry undies for a few days SAP got official Underwear!  She got Hello Kitty and Princess panties we got at Target and she loves them, and oh  my do they make her bum so tiny and small compared to how fluffy it usually is! So that’s the Arsenal for Operation Potty Train, that is what we started out with!  Stay tuned to hear how the first week went for us, the unexpected, and how we dealt with it!

For those brave parents who want to ditch the diapers and start potty training at infancy this is the potty for you. This small, light weight potty chair can easily fit under an infant, and still be big enough for a 2 year old! Baby Bjorn Little Potty Chair - Green is also a great portable potty chair for leaving in the car or at Grandma's house, because it is light weight and easy to pack away! PLUS, this thing is a “bench”, so it will work out well as a step stool for little guy when he outgrows it as a potty!

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